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David Sandberg Explains Why Black Adam Isn’t in Shazam!

March 26, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Director David Sandberg spoke with Uproxx for a new interview discussing Shazam taking a more fun approach, Black Adam not appearing and more. Highlights are below:

On not referring to Shazam as Captain Marvel in the movie: “Captain Marvel of Marvel is so established, and especially with another movie coming out almost the same month as us, it’s just like, let’s just go down the path of Shazam. Because that’s the more unique name as well…It was never really on the table. We never really talked about it.”

On the film having a more “fun” approach: “I mean, it was just a more fun character. That’s what sets him apart…if you look at his origins, there’s some goofy stuff happening in those old comic books. So, it’s always been more natural, I think, for him to be more fun. But there’s been more serious versions of him as well. But not serious in like a brooding way, just more sort of earnest. If you look at the Alex Ross version of Shazam, which is just more serious in an earnest way, rather than a brooding way.”

On why they went with Doctor Sivana as the villain and not Black Adam: “Well, before I came onboard, that was a plan, a path we were going down, but I think they found that it became too much for one movie. Because you really need to set up Black Adam, and to do that, it felt like you need to give Shazam his origin story in a full story before you go down that path, or it’s just going to get too much for one movie.:

On the difficulty of having an adult playing someone who is supposed to be fourteen: “Well, what we saw in about a hundred or so auditions we did, before we found Zachary Levi, was that when a lot of adults try to play kids, they sort of dumb themselves down or lower the IQ. But that’s not the key. I think the key is what Zach has, which he has that enthusiasm and excitement about the world. That’s something that sort of disappears when we become depressed adults. As soon as I saw the self-tape he had done, I thought this is the guy. He feels like an enthusiastic kid.”

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