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DC FanDome: Justice League Trailer Revealed For Four-Part Snyder Cut On HBO Max

August 22, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Justice League Snyder Cut

The trailer for Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League was revealed at DC FanDome, along with the news that the film will be a four-part presentation. Snyder unveiled the trailer during his panel at FanDome, and you can see it below. The trailer is full of Snyder’s signature style, from lots of slow-motion shots to the use of “Hallelujah,” famously used in that polarizing sex scene from Watchman, as the trailer’s score. It also gives our first look at a ton of new footage, including a full-on look at Darkseid and Snyder’s vision of Steppenwolf as well as Superman (Henry Cavill) in his black suit.

Snyder revealed during the panel that his cut of the film will be shown on HBO Max in four one-hour parts, and will be bundled together after the four parts air so that they can be watched in a singular experience. He also noted that for people overseas who don’t have HBO Max, they are working on a distribution method though nothing is ready for an announcement yet on that front.

The film event is set to hit HBO Max in early 2021 and reportedly cost over $30 million to put together on top of the original production budget.