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Emma Fuhrmann On Whether Cassie Lang Will Become a Superhero in the MCU

July 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Emma Fuhrmann Cassie Lang

Emma Fuhrmann is the new Cassie Lang as of Avengers: Endgame, and she’s weighed in the possibility of Cassie suiting up in a future film. Fuhrmann played the older, post-Snap Cassie in Endgame, having aged five years in the time following Thanos’ decimation of the population while her dad Scott (aka Ant-Man) was trapped in the Quantum Realm. Speaking with, Fuhrmann discussed the research she did for the role and whether she may take on the superhero identities that Cassie does in the comics.

On researching the role: “I know that when I was researching Cassie, I found out about her arcs through the comics, about her heart, and how she gets chem particles and all of that. Actually last year, I went to a comic book store and bought some comics that Cassie’s in with Ant-Man and Young Avengers, and so I actually do have some comics.”

On the possibility of Cassie becoming Stinger or Stature in the MCU: “I can’t say, you know. They’re [Marvel] very secretive, but from my research, I know that in the comics Cassie becomes Stature and Stinger in Young Avengers and that would be very cool.”