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FunKon 2021 Preview Day & Loungefly Fashion Night Recap

August 5, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
FunKon 2021 Funko

On Wednesday, August 4, collectible company Funko will begin its FunKon 2021 event. In the past, Funko has been holding virtual FunKon events during the pandemic to sell some hot-ticket, limited edition exclusive items. This year’s edition of FunKon will be virtual but also have a live, ticketed version where fans will be able to attend at the Funko Hollywood store. Earlier this week, the folks at Funk invited us to get a look at a special press preview for this year’s FunKon at the Hollywood location, along with a closer look at this year’s special exclusives and a special appearance by actor Joe Manganiello.

FunKon 2021 Press Preview

If you’ve never been to the Funko Hollywood store, it’s worth a stop for the sights and the photo opportunities alone. The Funko Hollywood store is 44,000 square feet, and my understanding is that it’s bigger than Funko’s only other dedicated store location in Everett, Washington. What I really enjoy about Funko Hollywood is that it’s like a store that basically looks like an amusement part. Each section of the store is a different-themed world. You have your Marvel and DC Comics areas. There’s a supernatural and horror area. There’s a video games and anime area, a Star Wars area, and there’s also a classic TV and cartoons area. It’s almost like a big playground that kids, adults, and families can enjoy alike. It’s also the perfect location for this year’s FunKon.

Now, obviously, the main attraction for any FunKon is the exclusive Funko collectibles that will be available. I was able to get an up close and personal look at the new exclusives for this year’s event. Now, the great thing about Funko Hollywood is that the store also carries its own exclusive Hollywood-themed items that exclusive to the store. It’s also another way you can get some physical online exclusives if you missed the online sale. Granted, it also sometimes meaning having to brave incredibly long lines outside the store to get in. Here’s a look at some photos I snapped for the exclusive collectible lineup for this year, which includes assorted Funko Pop! Vinyls, Funko Sodas, and some designer Loungefly bags:

The three I’m most fixated on buying this year are the G.I. Joe – Cobra B.A.T., the Transformers Shockwave (a shared Target exclusive), and The Rocketeer. I did manage to secure a random online lottery slot, so I am hoping to score a few items for friends as well, such as the Jumbo Galactus with Silver Surfer.

Now, I think another great thing Funko has done with their product lineup is diversification. Beyond the Funko Pop collectibles, Funko has actually put together a solid board and analog gaming team. There was a nice setup to check out some of the new gaming setup for Funko at the press preview. It looks like the games team has put together some fun products for a very broad age set.

For a more D&D-centric crowd, there’s a game based on the cinematic classic, The Goonies. If you like classic Hasbro games like Don’t Break the ice, there’s a Disney Mad Tea Party game based on Alice in Wonderland, where you have to try and stack up as many weighted tea cups as possible. There’s also the Disney Mickey and the Beanstalk game. Some of these look like a great way to get the kids into board games. Overall, it impresses me that Funko is doing lots of interesting ideas for the gaming space beyond just the Funkoverse board game. Some of these experiences bring me back to the old Hasbro and Milton Bradley games I played as a kid.

Additionally, actor Joe Manganiello was the day’s surprise guest, and he took part in a panel with Funko CEO Brian Mariotti. Manganiello shared a lot about his passion for Dungeons & Dragons and getting back into it as an adult, and also getting to work with Wizards of the Coast to incorporate his own created gaming character, Arkhan the Cruel, into an official, canonized gaming module for the tabletop series. It looks like he also managed to secure one of the FunKon 2021 exclusive Xanathar Pop Vinyls, which I have to say, looks awesome.

Loungefly Fashion Night

Loungefly is Funko’s fashion and lifesyle brand the company started in 2017. Loungefly is more the designer bag and apparel space of Funko, focusing on vegan-friendly, fan-forward brand intricately designs backpacks, wallets, totes and
crossbody bags to collectible enamel pins and other small accessories, like keychains, bag straps and lanyards. Following the press preview day, I returned to Funko Hollywood sore for the Loungefly Fashion Night in the evening.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Stefanie Keenan

This year’s fashion show featured a look at Loungefly’s latest 2021 licensed collaborations, including bags and apparel based on the Disney Princess Castle and Disney Villains Series, Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Horror Fandom, and more. Loungefly showcased their newest products in a runway style fashion show hosted by Krystina Arielle. The Princess and the Frog star Anika Noni Rose (the voice of Tiana) headlined this year’s show, displaying a new bag inspired by the film.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Stefanie Keenan

Overall, I had a good experience getting an early preview for this year’s live FunKon 2021. The event and festivities will be running at the Funko store on Hollywood Blvd. from August 4 to August 6. To those who are going or able to get an online lottery slot, good hunting, and I hope you get the exclusives you want. Also, remember to check my exclusive, one-on-one interview with Funko CEO Brian Mariotti.