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Hailee Steinfeld Downplays Hawkeye Role, Says It’s Not ‘Necessarily Happening’

November 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Hailee Steinfeld Kate Bishop Hawkeye

Hailee Steinfeld is casting a bit of doubt on reports that she will be joining Jeremy Renner in the Hawkeye Disney+ series. The Pitch Perfect and Bumblebee star spoke with RadioTimes promoting her new AppleTV series Dickinson and hinted that she may not be taking on the role of Kate Bishop after all.

“That’s not something that’s necessarily happening,” Steinfeld told the site when asked if she was preparing for the series. “We’re going to wait and find out, I guess.”

Steinfeld was reportedly offered the role of Kate in the series, which would see the two Hawkeyes paired up. The RadioTimes report suggests that her commitment to Dickinson may preclude her from doing the Marvel series.

When asked if her time on Dickinson, would prepare her for another series role, Steinfeld said, “I think generally speaking, this sort of experience has prepared me for working in this sort of space. So whatever opportunity might present itself in this space, I do think I will be able to tackle it, now that I’ve had some experience under my belt. Working on Dickinson I very quickly caught on to the differences of film and television, just in the way that you shoot, the way that things are written on the fly. I guess that happens in film, just with revisions, but you know what you’re making. You have the script. And with TV, directors are constantly changing. In film, you would take an entire day to shoot one scene, while on TV you’re filming an entire episode in a week, basically. Which is insane. So, it definitely is a different approach. I think, sort of trying to treat it as if it’s a five-hour movie versus episodically, where each episode is its own story, beginning-middle-to-end, that was kind of a mindset I would go back-and-forth between.”

Hawkeye is currently set to premiere in late 2021, with Jonathan Igla (Mad Men) set to write.