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John Cena Talks Peacemaker’s Evolution In His Series, Hopes to Be in Fast 10

January 11, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Peacemaker John Cena Image Credit: HBO Max/DC Entertament

John Cena returns to the role of Peacemaker this week in the HBO Max series, and the actor/WWE star discussed the role as well as his Fast 10 prospects in a new interview. Cena appeared on GMA to promote the series, which arrives on HBO Max on January 13th. You can see some highlights below:

On if he always has the Peacemaker costume hanging in his closet ready to go: “No is the safe answer; yes is the probable answer. I love being able to play a superhero and the the new show Peacemaker goes to a lot of weird and interesting places. So I’m just having fun with this while I have it.”

On the character evolving in the series: “I think that’s a lot of intrigue to the series. We’ve been very strongly reviewed, and people are really excited to see Peacemaker on HBO Max and I think it’s because of those questions. What will the future be for Peacemaker? Does this guy have a chance? He is truly a misunderstood monster, and I think as a viewer we enjoy going on those journeys. So as you can seem, his team is really apprehensive about him and it really makes for some crazy moments for the whole series.”

On if he’ll be in Fast and Furious 10: “I’ll change my peace sign to crossing my fingers. I can tell you this, you probably won’t see me in Fast 10 dressed like this, but i really hope you see me in Fast 10. I know they’re gearing up for production, and I would love nothing more than to return to the franchise, I’m a big fan myself.”

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