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South Park 22.07 Review – “Nobody Got Cereal?”

November 15, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
South Park - 'Nobody Got Cereal'
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South Park 22.07 Review – “Nobody Got Cereal?”  

How you feel about “Nobody Got Cereal?” Will likely depend on how you feel about the ending. On one hand, it was pretty anti-climatic. After an outstanding fight scene between Satan and ManBearPig that resulted in the death of Satan — but does Satan really die? — the end was…there. No epic battle. No master plan that traps and sends ManBearPig back to Imagination Land. Just….a negotiation. A negotiation that showed we’re a greedy generation who has no problem passing the buck to the generation after us.

It was so underwhelming that it was almost perfect.

I’ve seen theories that Matt and Trey were focused on climate change with the message they were sending. Maybe. Personally, I believe they were focused on just about everything. As a society, we’re not just refusing to give up the things we love in order to protect the Earth. We’re refusing to give up the things we love for literally everything. We all want instant gratification and to keep doing the things we’re doing. We’re not worried about what happens five years for now. Hell, we’re not worried about what happens five minutes from now. We already forgot what happened five minutes ago.

The “Should We Worry Yet?” Seminars continued with the theme of being on the nose. No matter what’s happening around us, we’re not worried just yet. Maybe the next mass shooting will have us actively trying to do something instead of playing dominoes on our PS4.

The episode, and in hindsight the first part, were 100 percent on the nose. Perhaps too on the nose for some people. I’ve praised recent episode of South Park for not getting overly preachy and even though this two-parter had an agenda that wasn’t so obvious in the first episode, I still didn’t find it preachy. It was, just, correct.

It’s an episode where, five years from now when ManBearPig returns, will probably still hold weight. Unless we just give up our Red Dead Redemption 2 and soy sauce. Another video game will come along next week (Have we all forgotten about Spider-Man?) and you can put other things on your rice. But we demand our RDR2 and soy sauce because it’s what we love right now.

As far as laughs go, there were enough of them to go around. Everyone snuck in some one-liners and Grandpa discussing his sexual activities was the kind of uncomfortable moment that was grossly funny.

In the end, I’ve decided the episode was good and the two-parter was satisfying. Could it have been better? Yes. After last week, Matt and Trey had a chance to write an epic double shot or trilogy. Instead, the underwhelming ending hurt my overall enjoyment. It doesn’t mean the ending didn’t work. It just means that for an episode that was all about instant satisfaction, the ending didn’t leave me satisfied.

And no. We did not get cereal.

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As a story, everything Matt and Trey did over the last two weeks worked. I can't complain with the cohesiveness of the story, the laughs it brought me, or the nostalgia. But as far as reaching a peak and leaving me feeling like I just watched a classic, it wasn't there.