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South Park 22.09 Review – “Unfulfilled”

December 6, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
South Park - Unfulfilled
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South Park 22.09 Review – “Unfulfilled”  

You can tell Matt and Trey miss doing serial episodes. For the second time this season, we’re getting a two-parter. And for the second time this season, the first part delivered.

If you had “Something Wal Mart Comes This Way” vibes from this episode, you probably weren’t alone. The premise is similar. A large corporation is ruining America. The only difference is, we all love Amazon and we all hate Wal Mart. But…they’re really not that different. One just allows us to shop in our Cheeto stained white t-shirts. And the other is Amazon.

Jeff Bezos made an appearance in tribute to the Talosian from Star Trek. No one does celebrity parodies like South Park and they delivered once again with their portrayal of Bezos. I could barely catch what he was saying as I was too busy laughing at his appearance. While it may have been a nod to Star Trek, they made him look like Snoke from Star Wars. And that is one ugly character. The only difference is, more people care about Bezos being an evil figure than anyone ever cared about Snoke.

And hey, Goobacks aren’t back to TAKE ER JOBS, but mutant mall workers are alive and well. Some of them even survived Black Friday. The bit was largely the same as “Goobacks” — every company can find cheap labor somewhere — except this time, the boys didn’t want to work. They just wanted someone to make sure their Amazon orders didn’t take 4 to 6 weeks.

Now, let’s talk about Josh. I have so many questions about Josh. Can you truly go anywhere if you pay for shipping? That might have been the funniest line all season. Josh is either a commentary on Alexa or a larger commentary on people boxing themselves in and not being open to other ideas. Given that this episode relates to communism, Josh being a marxist isn’t out of the question. I have a feeling Josh is going to play a big role next week.

The episode was pretty straightforward in what Matt and Trey were trying to accomplish. It was a direct shot at Amazon and how they treat workers, but also how we all rely on Amazon for practically everything nowadays. It’s an episode that is going to hold up because it’s impossible to see Amazon going under, or changing, anytime soon.

We got plenty of callbacks in this episode. Mr. Slave and Wayne made appearances, Raisin’s girls were around, SoDoSoPa has been burnt down and there was a Kim Kardashian mention even though she’s dead. Even the music was a callback to a previous episode where Butters was sold to Paris Hilton. Matt and Trey have filled this season with nostalgia and it’s paid off in a big way.

There are a lot of ways they can go with next week’s episode. Will the drones return? What will happen with bike parade? Can Josh get into a fight?

These are all questions that need answers. And not signed contracts.

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Another strong episode this week with some obvious, yet still biting, lines and plenty of laughs. The last two parter started strong and then ended with a whimper, but I have higher hopes for next week. I think Matt and Trey know they underdelivered on the ManBearPig two parter and will make up for it next week. No matter the cost.