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Thoughts on Robert Pattinson as Batman

May 18, 2019 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Robert Pattinson Batman

There is nothing like a good casting to drive the internet into a frenzy. I wish the world wide web existed in 1966 because I can only imagine the reaction Cesar Romero got when he was cast as Batman’s Joker and refused to shave his mustache. “You mean he’s going to paint over it? What a square! Let’s start a petition.”

Here we are again as Variety is saying Robert Pattinson is in negotiations to star in The Batman in Matt Reeves’ version of the superhero. Let’s remind ourselves that this is currently a rumor and based on “sources” close to the project. These same “sources” go on to say that it’s not yet a done deal but expect it to be announced “shortly”.

Warner Bros. had no comment.

Pattinson as Batman. Reaction was as you’d expect.

In case you hadn’t heard, Pattinson was in a movie franchise called Twilight. It did really well at the theaters but outside it’s fanbase, is ridiculed still today. Because of this intense dislike, any actor or actress attached to it has a hurdle to overcome.

Pattinson has starred in a number of movies since, many of them independent films, picking up critical acclaim for his acting. Even so, as soon as the 33-year old actor was announced to be Bruce Wayne, the majority of posts said in some form…”The Twilight guy???”

How many times do we go through this dance?

Michael Keaton as Batman.
Jack Nicholson as Joker.
Heath Ledger as Joker.
Ben Affleck as Batman.
Jennifer Garner as Elektra…OK forget that one.

We know the clock is ticking on this movie as pre-production on the Warner Bros.-DC Comics project is expected to start this summer. So if Pattinson is their choice, why not wait to see how he does. Looking at some of his work, some of you might be in for a surprise as Wayne/Batman is well within his wheelhouse.

My personal belief is most people react negatively to casting because the studio didn’t go with who THEY wanted them to cast. As in, “How dare they pick someone else when I can totally imagine the actor and/or actress that I want to be the ultimate, perfect choice?!?!”

The big concern should be getting The Batman on track as it has had a bumpy ride to get here. Reeves, who directed the last two Planet of the Ape” sequels, took over directing from Ben Affleck back in January 2017. Affleck and Warner split after Justice League, opening things up for Reeves to pick his own Batman.

With Pattinson putting on the cape and cowl, how soon will we get rumors of Kristen Stewart playing Catwoman?