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A Walking Dead Pregancy May Spell Trouble For a Main Character

February 11, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Walking Dead Season 9-2

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sunday’s Walking Dead as well as the comic book.

One of the main characters from Walking Dead revealed a pregnancy this week, which may not be good for her lifespan. During tonight’s episode, Rosita revealed that she is pregnant with Siddiq’s kid after a fling with him. And if the comic book holds enough sway over where the current TV arc is going, that’s not a good sign for Christian Serratos’ character.

Pregnancy has never been good for characters on this show, with Lori Grimes dying while giving birth and Maggie leaving show after a lengthy pregnancy (albeit one that had nothing to do with her departure). But with Rosita, it’s more than just precedence that fans should be looking to as a sign of her shelf life possibly coming due.

In the Robert Kirkman comic series, Rosita also gets pregnant with Siddiq’s child, specifically while she’s in a relationship with Eugene. (In the show, she’s with Gabriel.) She never gives birth however because during Alexandria’s harvest festival, the Whisperers lay seige to the place and kidnap Rosita and Ezekiel among others. They are all decapitated, with their heads put on stakes to mark the Whisperers’ territory.

Showrunner Angela Kang has already said that the Harvest Festival will be featured in the final half of the season, noting, “That’s a story that we see play out over the course of the back half.” There’s no guarantee of course that the story will play out in the same way, and it’s entirely possible other characters fall to Alpha and the Whisperers instead of Rosita. However, so far things are playing out as the original story depicted.

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