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Warner Bros. Preparing to Ramp Up DC Slate Again With Green Lantern Corps, Flash, Batgirl, More

November 26, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Green Lantern Corps

Following the success of Joker, Warner Bros. is looking to ramp up their DC Films projects again that includes their gestating Green Lantern Corps and The Flash films. Variety has a report on Warner Bros. and DC Films’ latest efforts following the $1 billion-plus worldwide performance of Joker, which combined with the success of Aquaman has given the studio’s comic book properties a new footing.

According to the report, Wanrer Bros. and DC are feeling buoyed by Joker’s record performance as well and have high hopes for Wonder Woman 1984 as well as Birds of Prey, which is performing well with test audiences after some reshoots. Birds of Prey is expected to be an R-rated film, described by the report as a “more humorous [than Joker], spirited, girl gang adventure, albeit not one for younger children.” The studio expects that to be a hit when it releases in February, with the change in fortunes attributed by many inside the studio to Walter Hamada, DC Films’ president who took over in 2018, working with Warner Bros. film boss Toby Emmerich. The two are said to have established a clear vision that is less cluttered by multiple voices muddying the waters. Emmerich has made fixing DC Films’ problems a key priority.

With the studio optimistic about its next few films, it’s turning its attention to some of its languishing properties. This includes Batman, who is coming back to the big screen in The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, as well as Superman. The site says that Warner Bros. execs have been meeting with several high-profile talent including JJ Abrams and Michael B. Jordan, the latter of whom pitched his vision for the character. It was noted though that Jordan isn’t ready to commit, particularly since his upcoming schedule is full and production on any potential Superman film wouldn’t likely happen for a couple of years. Sources tell the outlet that a Superman film won’t likely release before 2023 given the lack of director or script.

The stuio is also keeping Green Lantern Corps a priority despite the lack of reported movement as of late. Geoff Johns is set to deliver a script for the film by the end of the year, which may be presented to Abrams and his Bad Robot production company to see if they would be interested in producing. Johns is also partnering with Greg Berlanti on a Green Lantern TV show, and there’s a belief that this relationship could lead to Berlanti’s involvement in a feature film.

Warner Bros. and DC are also proceeding with their standalone Flash film starring Ezra Miller, who played the role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Christina Hodson is writing that screenplay, then will move on to write Batgirl. Production on The Flash won’t likely begin until 2021 due to Miller’s commitments to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Work on Aquaman spin-off The Trench as well as a direct sequel are still moving ahead, with hopes to film Aquaman 2 in early 2021.