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Which Celebrity Makes Your Cameo Wishlist?

February 1, 2021 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
WWE The Undertaker Cameo

Timing is everything and this was especially true when the pandemic hit and people turned to Cameo to connect with their favorite (or affordable) celebrity on Cameo. In case you don’t know, Cameo is an online platform that connects users to celebrities who sell personalized videos that range from $5 and $1,000.

How popular is it? Customers spent over $100 million last year buying video shout outs from their favorite public figures as the coronavirus lockdowns kept people at home. “Looking back at it, obviously we weren’t expecting to enter a world of social distancing, but in many ways this is kind of the perfect product for an era where every meet and greet, fan convention, and Comic-Con is cancelled,” Cameo CEO Steven Galanis told Refinery29 in April. “This is a way for the talent to have a Comic-Con in the palm of their hands.”

The pop culture selection is wide, and sometimes questionable, with people like former Mexican president, Vincente Fox, TV Host Jerry Springer, and NFL Quarterback Drew Brees to Cobra Kai actor Martin Kove, U.S. Women’s Soccer Legend, Mia Hamm, and Grammy Award Winning Singer Dionne Warwick. 

It’s a bit of fun for the average person but a number of celebrities are making serious money with Cameo. Not too long ago, on The New York Times’ Sway podcast, Galanis revealed who the highest-earning user is…and it’s not who you might suspect. 

With a platform that offers Floyd Mayweather, Chris Tucker, and Ric Flair, the one who stands on top is none other than…Brian Baumgartner, otherwise known as Kevin from The Office, who did over $1 million in bookings on the app in 2020.

Galanis said that Brian’s general “persona” contributed to why he ended up Cameo’s highest earner: “He really takes a lot of pride in his craftsmanship of the videos. And I do think the quality of the cameo is something that is really important to people.”

“And he just is somebody that really takes it seriously and does a great job. He’s reliable. He turns them around quickly. And the content is really funny.”

Not only has Cameo become a new way to earn money, some are using it to connect and inspire. Again, from celebs you might not expect. 

On Jan. 3, TikTok user Alana (@shhlana) posted a TikTok saying, “Guys, I think I’m going to have to come out to my parents soon.” She followed it up with, “But hear me out. What if I got Lindsay Lohan to tell my parents? She’s on Cameo right now. And wouldn’t that be iconic?”

Yes, Lohan did do a Cameo for Alana, but she didn’t think it would be right to come out for her.

Instead, Lohan offered Alana words of advice: “Hi, Alana, it’s Lindsay Lohan. I know that you are about to take a very big step in telling your parents who you truly are and what you want them to accept of you — and I think you should do it yourself. I think that coming from you, you’ll feel a lot of power and strength. And it’s important that you are who you truly are, and that you love yourself and that you can live by that and tell your parents that.”

Of course the video went viral and received lots of coverage on E! and People but that’s beside the point. Cameo is changing the rules. 

I put this out there to you. Have you sent or received a Cameo? Who makes your wish list? Share below!

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