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Zachary Levi On The Inconvenience of His Shazam! Costume: ‘At Least Deadpool Had Zippers’

March 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Shazam Zachary Levi

Like many actors who play superheroes, Shazam!’s Zachary Levi has one major gripe with doing so: not being able to go to the bathroom in costume. Levi spoke with Cinema Blend for an interview and discussed the issues with acting in a superhero suit.

“It’s what everybody says, it’s the inconvenience of when you need to go to the bathroom,” Levi said when asked about the suit. “Yeah, because in order for it to look great, you have to have it kind of be seamless. You can’t have a bunch of zippers and things everywhere, unless you’re like Deadpool, I guess. He had a bunch of zippers.”

Levi added that there were some other issues, noting, “It’s just the overall kind of uncomfortability sometimes of wearing essentially a massive spandex adult size onesie. It’s super tight, it becomes kind of like a second skin, I would overheat in it. I would freeze in it. The electronics in it would be a dance sometimes. But all of that, whatever, I’ll take all of that times ten if I get to do this again. If I get to be the guy to wear the suit, I’ll take the lumps, I’ll do it.”

Shazam! opens on April 5th.

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