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411’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 2.10.09

February 10, 2009 | Posted by Michael Bauer

Welcome to the ECW on Sci-Fi! As always, I am Michael Bauer, your 411 ECW Re-capper.

411 Wrestling is hiring an Alternate ECW Recapper! Unlike my recaps, this is not meant to be a strict play by play. Past examples of what we are looking for can be seen if you look at The Palace of Wisdom that Wilcox did for a few weeks. You can always check The Dope on Smackdown or any other recap that isn’t done live for other examples of what has been done in the past. Please send all samples to [email protected] It may seem like a small piece of 411mania, but all staff members get to participate in Roundtables all over the 411mania site, vote in the Wrestler of the Week, and get invited to join in on some of the most read articles on 411mania. Plus it is a ton of fun!

Now to the ECW Recap…

We open with a video package covering the last two weeks between Finlay and Jack Swagger, ending with Jack Swagger’s first loss in ECW.

We cut straight to Jack Swagger coming out to the ring… as he drops his ECW Title coming down the aisle. He has no cocky smile this week, but he has a microphone. He calls himself a victim of embarrassment by Finlay and now he is forced to defend his ECW title against Finlay at No way Out. He calls that unfair, being the victim, but he will take care of Finlay. He will take care of the real problem tonight and calls out Hornswoggle… AND OUT COMES CHRISTIAN!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! The crowd is actually on their feet and the theme music freaking rocks. Matt Striker says that Christian has unfinished business in the WWE and Swagger is unimpressed. Swagger wonders what Christian is doing. Christian says that it is obvious that he is interrupting Swagger to save his life. Christian says that he will electrocute himself by spiting on the microphone. He then stutters with a Suffering Succotash. HA! Christian is on his game tonight. He says that he came back to ECW because he wants the ECW Title and he issues a challenge to the winner of Finlay and Swagger for the title. Swagger says that Christian left for years because he couldn’t hack it his first time around. Swagger says Christian will not remake his name at his expense and that he is no threat to him. Christian waffles Swagger with his microphone and takes his leave.

Back from the break and we see a replay of the end of the last segment. Swagger is pissed and tells Teddy Long about it. Teddy then says Swagger can’t have the night off since he is facing Christian tonight.

Tommy Dreamer vs. The Miz (with John Morrison)

We start with Tommy Dreamer in the ring and we get highlights of Tommy getting beat down by The Miz and Morrison last week. The bell rings and Tommy dives right at Miz and starts punching away. Miz rolls out of the ring, Dreamer follows, and Miz gets tripped going back into the ring. Miz kicks Dreamer into the guardrail, but leaps into the same spot as Dreamer dodges an axe handle off the ring apron. Dreamer gets a two count, but Miz starts punching away on Dreamer. Miz with a chin lock applied, but dreamer reverses with a back suplex. Dreamer with punches to the gut, but Miz clubs away before running into a clothesline. Miz thrown into the corner and Dreamer hits a bulldog. Miz whipped off the ropes and Dreamer hits a spinebuster for a two count. Miz reverses an Irish Whip, but Dreamer avoids the splash clothesline. Dreamer hits a neckbreaker out of the corner, but Miz gets his foot on the rope to break the pin. Morrison goes onto the ring apron and distracts Dreamer. Miz charges, Dreamer dodges, but Miz stops short of hitting Morrison. Dreamer lines up Miz, but he ducks and Morrison goes down. Dreamer turns and Miz hits a modified jaw breaker that knock Dreamer out cold. Miz gets the cover and the three count in around 3:00.

Winner: The Miz

Match Rating: *1/2 Decent, but way too short of a match.

Back from the break and the ECW rewind is Jamie Noble getting beaten by the Boogeyman.

Backstage, Tiffany and teddy hype up Swagger’s match and Noble enters to complain about the Boogeyman. Teddy thinks he wants a rematch, but Noble thinks he doesn’t deserve this treatment. In comes the newest ECW superstar, Tyson Kidd, with Nattie Neidhart. The kid trained under Bret Hart, which is a definite plus, and he tells Noble to go back to the Dog Pound on Raw. Noble is speechless.

Christian is getting ready and Hornswoggle runs in laughing. Finlay welcomes Christian to the ECW and tells him he will be watching his match tonight. Finlay tells him that he will be the ECW Champion after No Way Out.

Back from a break and we get a promo video for the return of Evan Bourne! AWESOME!

Tyson Kidd (with Nattie Neidhart) vs. Bao Nguyen

Tyson has a good look and he gets a go-behind as Striker puts over the Hart Dungeon training. Kidd hits a few stiff kicks, including a nice spin kick to the face for a two count. Tyson gets a headlock, but Bao breaks with elbows. Tyson hits a kick to the chest and a dropkick to the face. Tyson goes to the apron and hits an elbow drop off a springboard for a three count at 1:30. Noble appears on the entrance ramp and gets a bird’s eye view.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Match Rating: ½* I need a lot more than that to give a true opinion. That wasn’t a great debut.

We return for the Raw Rebound and it is the continuing saga of Orton vs. the McMahons.

Non Title Match: Jack Swagger vs. Christian

Swagger might have just had his fastest time from entrance ramp to ring tonight and he looks focused. And the crowd picks back up once again once Christian shows up. The bell rings and they lock up. Swagger takes down Christian and keeps a waistlock applied until Christian grabs the ropes. They lockup again and Swagger backs Christian into the corner. Swagger shoves Christian and Christian slaps back. Swagger misses a charge and Christian rolls him up for two. Swagger sent off the ropes, but he catches Christian with a boot to the gut. Christian gets whipped into the corner, but Swagger misses another charge. Christian leaps and gets a sunset flip for a two count as Finlay and Hornswoggle come out to watch. Both men looks at them arriving as we go to a commercial at 2:00.

Back at 5:20 and Swagger has Christian in a waistlock. Christian escapes with elbows, but Swagger rolls to keep the hold applied. We get a look some highlights from the commercial as Swagger hits a high knee to the face of Christian and boots away in the corner. Christian is locked again in the reverse bearhug, but he escapes and decks Swagger with a right hand before being driven into the corner. Christian on second turnbuckle, but he kicks away and hits a huge tornado DDT for a two count. Christian hits a right hand and follows with a forearm off the ropes. Swagger whipped into the corner, but Swagger smashes Christian into the turnbuckle. Christian nails Swagger in the face and hits an inverted DDT. Christian goes for the frog splash, but Swagger rolls away and rolls up Christian for a two count. Christian slips away from Swagger and goes for the Unprettier, but Swagger slips away. Swagger tries for a suplex, but Christian flips out also. Swagger decks Christian and sets him up by the turnbuckle before missing a splash. Both men end up on the ring apron and Swagger gets flung off into the announcer’s table. Christian comes out and Swagger throws him right into Finlay. Christian rolled back in and Swagger removes a turnbuckle pad. Hornswoggle runs up to distract the ref as Swagger lifts Christian on his shoulders. Finlay take his shillelagh and nails Swagger, allowing Christian to slip off and hit the Unprettier for the three count at 11:30.

Winner: Christian

Match Rating: **3/4 If this is what we can expect from these two, ECW will have one hell of a match come Wrestlemania.


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