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411’s Live NWA Crocket Cup 2019 Coverage

April 27, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Crockett Cup NWA

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Wild Card Tag Team Battle Royal: Announced participants: The Dawgz, The Boys, The Dawson Brothers, and Jocephus & Jay Bradley, Isaacs and Tom Lattimer. Both members of the team nee to be eliminated. Rhett Titus poses and the Boys dump him. They all brawl, as random bodies start getting tossed. One of the Dawsons eliminates his partner, and then the other gets tossed. Ferrara is tossed. We’re quickly down to The Boys, Jocephus & Jay Bradley, & Isaacs and Tom Lattimer (Bram). The Boys battle back, and low bridge Jocephus & Jay Bradley to eliminate them, but Isaacs and Tom Lattimer eliminate the boys to win. Isaacs and Tom Lattimer @ 6:40 [**]

Crockett Cup First Round Match: Flip Gordon and Bandido vs. Guerrero Maya Jr. and Stuka Jr: Stuka and Bandido begin. They shake hands and immediately work into some fast paced back and forth until Bandido hits the head scissors. They work into a series of quick pin attempts, and now Gordon and Maya tag in. Maya works arm drags right away, and follows with a flying back elbow. Gordon fires back and accidentally hits Bandido. Maya starts hitting back breakers on Bandido and Gordon, taking control and tagging in Stuka. Bandido tags in, they work into back and forth with Stuka hitting monkey flips. Gordon tags in and Stuka & Maya work double teams until Bandido makes the save. He gets cut off and locked in a double Romero special, but Gordon makes the save. Bandido gets taken out, Stuka hits a dive to he floor, and Maya wipes out Gordon with a suicide dive. Gordon fires back, and follows with a missile dropkick. Bandido takes out Stuka, and follows with a tope. Gordon then hits the big moonsault to the floor. Back in and a moonsault and frog splash follows for 2. Maya makes the save, hits the spear, and we get a tower of doom and Stuka follows with a splash for 2. Stuka and Bandido trade strikes, and Bandido follows with a sunset flip for 2. Stuka follows with the destroyer for 2 as Gordon makes the save. Gordon fires up and cuts off the luchas, hits the springboard spear and that gets 2. Maya cuts him off, and hits the Mayan Sacrifice for 2 as Bandido makes the save. Gordon follows with a superkick, Bandido cuts off Stuka and Gordon hits the assisted TKO for the win. Flip Gordon and Bandido defeated Guerrero Maya Jr. and Stuka Jr @ 12:35 via pin

Crockett Cup First Round Match: The War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane) vs. Royce Isaacs and Tom Lattimer: Dane overpowers Lattimer to begin, and the War Kings run wild on both early on, and pick up near falls. Spinebuster by Crimson, but Lattimer cuts him off and works quick tags with Isaacs. Isaacs follows with the money clip for 2. Lattimer tags in and he and Isaacs follow with double teams on Crimson. Isaacs hits the slam and elbow drop, covering for 2. Crimson makes a comeback, levels Lattimer, and tags in Dane. Dane lays in head butts to both opponents, hits the Samoan drop and takes Isaacs up top Lattimer cuts him off, Dane picks them both up for a double Samoan drop. Crimson tags in and Lattimer cuts off ground zero and posts Crimson. Isaacs then cradles Crimson and wins. Royce Isaacs and Tom Lattimer defeated The War Kings @ 8:00 via pin

– Jim Cornette announces the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. He puts them over and says the Crockett Cup was the one thing that avoided them in their careers. The Briscoes offer to allow them to forfeit before they retire them right now.

Crockett Cup First Round Match: The Briscoes vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express: Morton & Gibson attack and run wild, RANA by Morton and the double dropkick follows. They spill to the floor and Morton gets posted. Morton gets juice and… well, starts playing Ricky Morton. Jay follows with head butts, and Mark locks on the camel clutch. The Briscoes follows with double teams, and then ground the action. Jay chokes him out as Mark lays in cheap shots. Morton fires back but Jay takes the ref and we get a phantom tag. Gibson hip tosses Morton and gets the hot tag. He runs wild and hits a backdrop and clothesline. Morton hits the rocket launcher and Jay makes the save. Morton lays in rights on Mark, but Jay cuts him off and take out Gibson. The DVD & froggy bow follows and the Briscoes win. The Briscoes defeated The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express @ 6:55 via pin

Crockett Cup First Round Match: Villain Enterprises vs. Satoshi Kojima & Yugi Nagata: King and Nagata begin. They lock up and Nagata works the arm. They trade shoulder tackles, and King takes him down. Nagata fires back with kicks, takes out the knee and works a modified figure four. King escapes, and Kojima & PCO tag in. They trade shoulder tackles, and Kojima fires up and takes him down. PCO bounces up and hits a lariat. The suicide dive follows. Back in and PCO follows with a head butt and tags in King. He lays in chops, strikes, and follows with a clothesline. King slams PCO onto Kojima and Nagata makes the save. PCO follows with a DDT, covering for 2. King back in and they suplex Kojima, and cover for 2. Kojima fires back as they trade chops. DDT by Kojima, and Nagata tags. He knocks PCO to the floor and follows with kicks on King. The XPLODER follows and the cover gets 2. They trade strikes, kick by Nagata, but King cuts him off only for Nagata to pull the arm bar. Kojima takes out PCO, but PCO eventually makes the save. Knee strike by Nagata, but King hits a clothesline for 2. PCO tags in and they hit a double chokeslam for 2. PCO accidentally takes out King, Kojima gets the hot tag and follows with machinegun chops. The corner forearm follows, but PCO pop up and he lays in chops. Kojima cuts him off with a cutter, but PCO hits the Michinoku driver. King in and hits clotheslines. A slam an senton follows for 2. It breaks down, Nagata is dumped and Kojima battles back and hits a brainbuster for 2. Nagata takes out PCO, they brawl on the floor, and King hits a lariat and Michinoku driver for the win. Villain Enterprises defeated Satoshi Kojima & Yugi Nagata @ 11:55 via pin

– Madusa arrives and she will present the title to the winner. She puts over the championship, and brings out our competitors.

Vacant NWA Women’s Championship Match: Allysin Kay vs. Santana Garrett: They lock up and Kay overpowers to begin and they work to the ropes. Kay slaps Garrett, but Garrett picks up the pace and follows with a running kick for 1. Garrett follows with a cradle for 2. Garrett starts working the arm, but Kay powers out and hits a slam. She lays the boots to her, and follows with chops. The corner splash follows and that gets 2. Kay grounds the action, stretching Garrett out. She follows with strikes, and then chops. Garrett fires back, but Kay cuts that off with a face buster for 2. She grounds things again, they trade strikes and chops. They then work into a double down. Kay shoves her around, talking shit, and Garrett fires back. The elbow and kicks follow, Garrett then follows with clotheslines and hits soul food. The back handspring elbow follows, and then the Muta lock. Kay powers out and hits the neck breaker and follows with a big boot for 2. Superkick by Garrett and the cover gets 2. Kay cuts her off with a head kick and that gets 2. Kay up top, Garrett cuts her off and lays in palm strikes and a head scissors. The shining star press misses. Kay hits the big D and wins the title. Allysin Kay defeated Santana Garrett @ 9:00 via pin

– Caprice Coleman is with the Midnight Express (Stan Lane, Bobby Eaton, & Dennis Condrey). Condrey has beaten his battle with cancer.

Crockett Cup Semifinal Match: Flip Gordon & Bandido vs. Royce Isaacs & Tom Lattimer: Lattimer overpowers Gordon to begin. Gordon fights back and hits a dropkick. The head scissors follows, but Isaacs tags in and Gordon follows with arm rags. Bandido tags in and double teams follow. Bandido works into counters, and follows with a dead lift suplex. All four in and Gordon & Bandido hit superkicks and dance. Madusa is at ringside and gives Lattimer & Isaacs advice. Gordon & Bandido follow with dives. Back in and they double team Isaacs. German on Lattimer by Bandido and more double teams follow on Isaacs. Gordon up top and the 450 connects on Isaacs, but Gordon pulls up, selling the previously injured knee. Lattimer in and cuts him off, working the knee of Gordon. Isaacs back in and continues to work over Gordon. Lattimer tags back in and kicks away at Gordon’s knee. Isaacs in and double teams follow. Latimer cuts off the tag, but Gordon keeps fighting, only for Isaacs to pulls Bandido to the floor. Lattimer rolls up Gordon with the tights for the win. Royce Isaacs & Tom Lattimer defeated Flip Gordon & Bandido @ 7:30 via pin

Crockett Cup Semifinal Match: The Briscoes vs. Villain Enterprises: Jay and King begin. They light each other up with strikes, and King hits a shoulder tackle. Jay starts throwing in chairs, Mark & PCO tag in. They light each other up with chops, PCO takes control but Jay blind tags in and they dump King. Mark follows with a moonsault to the floor. Jay isolates PCO, Mark joins in but PCO fires back and tags in King. They double-team Mark, cannonball by King and that gets 2. He follows with chops, PCO tags back in and the double chokeslam follows. PCO follows with a slam for 2. King then lays in chops, Mark fires back and tags in Jay. Jay runs wild with strikes, knocking King to the floor. Mark follows with the blockbuster, and back in, Jay hits the neck breaker for 2. King fights back, slamming Jay to the apron and PCO follows with the suicide cannonball. King lays Mark on the apron and PCO misses the apron senton. Mark follows with the cactus elbow to the floor. They brawl on the floor, pulling up the pads, and King slams Mark onto the exposed floor. Jay cuts him off, they post PCO, and then double team him. The Briscoes get chairs and so does King. PCO joins in and PCO lays out Jay and Mark hits King. The ref calls for the bell. Villain Enterprises defeated The Briscoes @ 9:55 via DQ

– Post match, the Briscoes attack and Pillmanize PCO’s arm. Jay rants that they won’t be done dirty like this, so the hell with the NWA and all of you.

NWA National Championship Match: Champion Willie Mack vs. Colt Cabana: They shake hands and here we go. They lock up, working into counters, and they break. Cabana attacks the arm, and they trade arm drags and work into a stalemate. They lock up and Mack hits the swing slam, and leg drop for 2. Mack follows with a corner splash, but misses the dropkick (the Hamrick) and flies through the ropes and to the floor. Cabana rolls him back in and the elbow drop follows for 2. Cabana grounds the action, and then works him over with chops. Mack fires up and hits a running meteora, but can’t follow up. He finally hit’s a Samoan drop and standing moonsault for 2. he follows with corner attacks and then the cannonball for 2. Cabana fires back with strikes and elbows, takes Mack down, and follows with the moonsault press for 2. Mack fires back with a T-Bone suplex, takes Cabana up top and follows. Cabana knocks him to the mat and hits the double jump splash for 2. Spin kick by Mack, he heads up top and the frog slash misses. Cabana then misses the top rope moonsault. Mack lays in strikes, but Cabana cuts him off ans pins him with the Superman pin. Colt Cabana defeated Champion Willie Mack @ 9:05 via pin

– James Storm arrives and congratulates Cabana. Storm runs down the NWA for wanting a world champion in fancy suits, not someone that drinks beer and has fun. He’s here because he respects Cabana, and challenges him for his newly won title.

-Nikita Kolloff and some of the Crocketts are here. Caprice Coleman is marking out hard introducing Nikita. Nikita then introduces Magnum TA and they hug. Magnum praises the NWA, and is proud that the Crockett Cup is back. He praises the NWA fans for their love over the years.

Crockett Cup Finals/NWA Tag Team Championship Match: Royce Isaacs & Tom Lattimer vs. Villain Enterprises: Madusa is out Isaacs & Lattimer. King & PCO are selling the beating from the Briscoes. King & Isaacs begin. They trade strikes and chops, but Isaacs takes early control. King fires back, working over both Lattimer & Isaacs until the numbers get to him. They dump King to the floor, working him over and then Lattimer brings him back in. He lays the boots to him, Isaacs tags in and chokes him out. Isaacs grounds things, Lattimer tags in and they double team King. King finally fights them off, suplexes Lattimer to the buckles, and he tags in PCO. PCO is selling the arm as dead, and then demands that King pops it like Tommy in Best of the Best. PCO IS ALIVE and fires up. He absorbs strikes, hits clotheslines, and runs wild. King hits a Michinoku driver, and black hole slam. PCO up top and the moonsault follows for the win. Villain Enterprises defeated Royce Isaacs & Tom Lattimer @ 6:40 via pin

– Magnum & Nikita present the cup and titles to Villain Enterprises,

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match: Champion Nick Aldis vs. Marty Scurll: Camille is out with Aldis. Aldis talks shit and they lock up. Marty works into counters and grounds the action, working the arm. Aldis fights to his feet, takes him down and he targets the arm. Marty counters out, outwrestling Aldis. Aldis pulls the hair and Marty pretends that Camille tripped him up, and the ref tosses her. Aldis argues with Tommy Young allowing Marty to attack with chops. They battle at ringside, and back in, Aldis cuts off Marty with a big boot and fall away slam. The German follows. He then hits a big lariat, and takes Marty up top and hits a fall away slam. Aldis dumps him to the floor, follows, and slams Marty on the floor. He then slams Marty to the apron, and sets up a table. He chokeslams Marty through it and has full control. Aldis lays the boots to him, rolls him back in and covers for 2. Aldis now grounds the action, maintaining control. Aldis now follows with strikes, but Marty fires up and they trade. Aldis cuts him off and pummels him in the corner. Marty hits the desperation tornado DDT, they trade strikes, and Marty lays in chops. He lays the boots to Aldis in the corner, and the crowd is behind Marty. The apron superkick follows. He then hits the suicide dive, follows with chops, and Aldis is busted open. They brawl at ringside and back in, Marty hits 619. Aldis is rocked, and Marty cradles him for 2. The figure four follows and Aldis has to fight to roll it, but can’t. He finally makes the ropes, but Marty lays in chops and strikes. Aldis fights back and catches him with a tombstone and the top rope elbow drop for 2. Marty fights off the cloverleaf, lays in chops and then runs into a Michinoku driver for 2. Aldis up top, gets cut off and Marty joins him but Aldis fights him off and Marty pops back up and hits the superplex for 2. Aldis rakes the eyes, hits the powerbomb and transitions to the cloverleaf… but Marty attacks and snaps the fingers. Marty looks for chicken wing, but instead hits cross Rhodes for a great near fall. We get a fucking ref bump now as Aldis sidesteps Marty. Camille is back, and Aldis calls her off. They argue, and he tells her to leave and she does. Low blow by Marty, and black plague follows for a great near fall. Marty is shocked. Aldis does the Bulldog sit down on the sunset flip for 2. Chicken wing by Marty, he pulls Aldis down and has it fully locked in. Aldis fights, and escapes. Marty looks for a package piledriver, but Aldis counters out and gets the cloverleaf. Marty fights, the crowd tries to rally him, but Marty has to tap. Champion Nick Aldis defeated Marty Scurll @ 23:45 via submission

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