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411’s NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Report 10.15.10

October 19, 2010 | Posted by Randy Harrison

David Marquez is in the NWA studios and welcomes us to the show before running down the lineup for this week’s show and then throws it straight to the Galaxy Theatre for all of the action with Todd Kenely and James Morgan at ringside!

Match One:
Natural Selection (Brian Cage and Shaun Ricker) vs. Peter Avalon and Mike Reign

Fun spot from Avalon before the match as he suggests that they rock, paper, scissors to see who starts and then shouts “You win!” before Reign is even at paper. Reign starts out with Cage and cage kicks him in the gut before locking in a side headlock. Reign with a shot off into the ropes and Cage takes him down with a shoulderblock before a double-team high-low by Cage and Ricker takes Reign out. Ricker with a cover that gets two and then he starts beating him down with stomps and punches before tagging Cage back in. Cage with more stomps and punches before he rams Reign into the turnbuckle. Cage with a flurry of stomps in the corner and he tags in Ricker, who does more of the same. Irish whip from Ricker and he misses a clothesline and another and Reign rolls through to make the hot tag to Avalon! Avalon is a house of fire getting in the rign and then shrieks when Ricker fakes a right hand, running back over and tagging Reign back into the ring. Reign back in and Ricker takes him over with a suplex before tagging Cage in for a double suplex into a cover by Cage that gets two.

Cage with the reverse chinlock as Ricker plays to the crowd from the apron and Reign tries to break free of the hold with elbows to the gut but Cage stops him in his tracks with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combination into a cover….1….2…..Reign rolls the shoulder! Cage picks Reign up for a slam but Reign floats over, working the arm before kicking Cage in the face and making another tag to Avalon. Scratch that, TRYING to make another tag to Avalon, who drops off the apron and says “I don’t wanna play anymore”. Reign gets BLASTED BY A HUGE CHOKESLAM/URANAGE FROM RICKER!! Ricker sets Reign up for a powerbomb and tags in Cage, who comes off the top rope with a clothesline!! Impressive finisher and suffice to say it’s more than enough to get the three-count!!

Winners: Natural Selection (pinfall, powerbomb/clothesline combo) *

Nothing more than a chance to get these guys introduced on TV and give them a couple of guys to squash. Frankly, I didn’t feel that impressed with Natural Selection as they were basically kick and punch the whole way through and I was more entertained by Avalon’s little sidebar comedy routine than what went on in the ring. I’m not doubting that Cage and Ricker are a solid tag team, they just didn’t look much like it in this one.

After the match, Jeff Resnick is in the ring with Natural Selection and Brian Cage says that they are the standard for tag team wrestling in the NWA. He says that they are Percy Pringle’s hand-picked prodigies and that they’re the next NWA Tag Team Champions because they personify perfection and they’re Natural Selection. Ricker up next and he says that they ride with style and ride with tag team gold and that anyone that has straps around their waist needs to watch their backs because Natural Selection is coming for them.

Back from the commercial break and Jonny Laquasto is in the interview area with The RockNES Monsters and they’re basically pimping the next TV taping on November 3rd while talking some smack on Natural Selection. We see some highlights from last week’s main event between Adam Pearce and Scorpio Sky for Pearce’s NWA World Heavyweight Championship the post-match brawl with all of the challengers for the title before we go to Scorpio Sky in the backstage area after the match. He talks about the disappointment of coming so close to winning the title and compares it to training for the Olympics and only winning a bronze medal. He says that Pearce beat him in the center of the ring and he can deal with that and train harder for his next shot, but he can’t deal with Rocky Romero and Claudio Castagnoli jumping on him after the match. Sky says that he’s got Joey Ryan and Willie Mack watching his back and then challenges the heels to a six-man match next week, which looks like it’s going to be our main event!

Match Two: NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Sean Waltman vs. Adam Pearce (C)

Bonus match time as we’re at Sun Devil Field in Yuma, AZ and Waltman actually looks pretty good here. Pearce starts things out with a clothesline as the referee is checking Waltman’s boots and then crotch chops him and chokes him across the middle rope. Pearce with a shot to the gut and an Irish whip into the ropes, but Waltman ducks under a clothesline and hits a spinning back kick before pushing Pearce into the corner. Another flurry of kicks from Waltman in the corner and he flings Pearce through the ropes to the infield grass. Waltman with a springboard plancha over the top onto Pearce and he hammers away with right hands before laying in some chops against the barricade. Waltman continues to hammer away, but Pearce ducks a right hand and picks Waltman up for an atomic drop, crotching Waltman against the ringpost. Right hand from Pearce drops Waltman and then heads into the ring to distract the referee while Vanderpyle gets in some cheap shots on the outside. Pearce drags Waltman up to the apron and then hammers him back down to the grass before dropping an elbow off the apron.

Pearce flings Waltman back into the ring and mocks the crowd as they try to rally Waltman and Waltman fires back with some right hands but Pearce goes to the eyes to break the momentum. Pearce chokes Waltman against the middle rope and then distracts the referee again to let Vanderpyle do more choking on the outside. Pearce yanks Waltman off the ropes and goes for the cover….1…..2….Waltman kicks out!! Reverse chinlock from Pearce now and Waltman fights out of it with elbows, but gets caught with a spinebuster coming off the ropes. Pearce covers….1……2…..Waltman barely rolls a shoulder out!! Pearce heads up to the top rope and MISSES THE SPLASH! Waltman gets the crowd behind him and blocks a right hand before hitting one of his own and ducks under a clothesline to hit a spining heel kick. Another duck-under into another heel kick and Waltman chokes Pearce in the corner before setting him up for the bronco buster. Pearce tries to distract the referee while Vanderpyle gets involved and Waltman ends up hitting the bronco buster on Vanderpyle. The referee tries to get Vanderpyle out of the ring and Pearce hits a low blow on Waltman!! PILEDRIVER!!! 1….2……3!!!

Winner: Adam Pearce (pinfall, low blow into a piledriver) **

This one felt like a less put together version of last week’s main event, all the way down to having the exact same finish as last week’s match. Waltman surprised me by being able to hold his own with Pearce, but this was short and choppy and felt more like the last five minutes of a decent match rather than a good five minute match in its own right. If I had paid for that one like the live crowd did I wouldn’t have been a happy camper, I can tell you that much.

Jeff Resnick is with Joey Kaos and he says that the NWA is very prestigious and the best wrestlers in the world have been through the NWA. He uses virtually every cliche in the book like “when all the dust settles and the smoke clears” and “he’s been around the block one too many times”, before saying that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Apparently he makes his debut later tonight as well, but it’s time for the ladies after this commercial break!

Back from commercial and Shelly Martinez is on the mic and she says that people may know her as other names and from other places, but now she’s Fun Time Shelly and she’s happy to be in the NWA.

Match Three:
Lucky O’Shea vs. Shelly Martinez

They do a little smack talking in the center of the ring and O’Shea spits her gum on Martinez before Martinez takes her down with a double-leg and they’re right into the catfight spot about ten seconds in, hairpulling all they way out to the floor. O’Shea tries to ram Martinez into the apron but Martinez blocks it and puts O’Shea into the apron face first. Back in the ring and Martinez charges O’Shea in the corner and eats boots, but manages to take O’Shea down with a drop toehold into a reverse chinlock. Standing surfboard from Martinez and she whips O’Shea into the ropes for a back bodydrop, but O’Shea reverses it with a forearm to the back of the head and then takes Martinez down with an Edge-o-matic. Stomps from O’Shea and she starts yanking on Martinez’s hair while she’s stuck in the ropes. O’Shea with a cover that only gets two and she argues with the referee about the count, allowing Martinez to sneak in with a roll-up of her own that only gets two.

O’Shea with a clothesline that takes Martinez down and she chokes her across the middle rope before grabbing a reverse front facelock and hammering knees to the spine. She follows that up with a reverse DDT and I guess that move is called the Blarney Stone. O’Shea stands on Martinez’s hair and tries to do it again, but Martinez takes her over with a headscissors. Martinez with a pair of clotheslines and she whips O’Shea into the ropes, but O’Shea reverses. Martinez reverses that into a sunset flip and gets a two-count off of that before O’Shea charges and dropkicks Martinez in the corner. Snap mare over and O’Shea hits a forward neck flip into another two-count. O’Shea with a side headlock and Martinez punches her way out, grabbing O’Shea by the throat. Martinez sets her up and hits an STO, called the Fun Time Shelly or FTS and covers….1…..2….3!!

Winner: Shelly Martinez (pinfall, Fun Time Shelly) *1/2

Not bad work from the ladies here, especially O’Shea as this was my first time getting to see her in the ring. They didn’t do a fantastic match really, but it was solid and there was actually some good back-and-forth action. The finish kind of came out of nowhere, but it was still decent and better than most of the women’s matches I’m subjected to by the Big Two.

Jeff Resnick is back in the interview area with The Tribe and Navajo Warrior talks about how they’re back and stronger than ever before making an unintended pun by saying that they have the lovely Olivia to handle their business affairs. He says that the NWA Heritage Tag Team Championships are going to come their way and that the Hawaiian Lion, the Hawaiian suplex machine, the lovely Olivia and the devastation from the reservation are ready to take the gold. By the way, the pun is that when she was in porn her name was Olivia O’Lovely, so there you go…

Match Four:
Joey Kaos vs. Ray Rosas

Rosas complains that he’s the star and gets in the camera to voice his displeasure. Kaos gets the crowd pumped and then grabs a side headlock off of a lock-up, chain wrestling a little before Rosas cuts him off with a punch in the mush. Another couple of shots and Rosas pushes Kaos into the corner to light him up with some chops. Rosas with an Irish whip across and he hits a flying clothesline before mounting Kaos in the corner and biting him. Rosas plays to the crowd, but Kaos comes out of the corner and blasts him with a clothesline. Whip into the other corner and Kaos charges with a big revese elbow and follows it up with a big boot to the face off the ropes. Irish whip into a back bodydrop from Kaos and he covers to get a two-count before chopping Rosas right back down to the mat.

Rosas begs off and Kaos hits some knees and punches in the corner before whipping him into the ropes. Rosas with a couple of duck-unders, but he gets caught in a bow and arrow type move into a torture rack backbreaker. There’s the cover…1…..2…..Rosas barely gets a shoulder up. Kaos picks Rosas up with a fireman’s carry, but Rosas fights off the move and holds onto the ropes so Kaos just dumps him over the ropes to the apron. Forearm shiver from Kaos and he tries to run the ropes, but Rosas pulls the hair and yanks Kaos down. Rosas goes up top and tries the high crossbody, but Kaos catches him, throws him into the fireman’s carry position and hits a HUGE sitout death valley driver!! 1…..2……3!! Kaos with the win in his NWA Hollywood debut!

Winner: Joey Kaos (pinfall, Death Valley Driver Bomb) *1/4

Remember my complaint a little while back about how a guy that is supposed to be a big name shouldn’t barely win what looks like his squash match debut? The same thing happened here with Kaos as he didn’t get a ton of offense in outside of the finish, which was pretty impressive. It may just be that they wanted to mix up the squash matches a little so that the people live at the taping wouldn’t get bored, but it sets Kaos up as a guy that has trouble beating jobbers, which isn’t the best start in the world.

Match Five: NWA Heritage Tag Team Championships
Los Luchas (Phoenix Star and Zokre) vs. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma) (C)

Super special ring announcing for the main event with Angelo Trinidad handling those duties rather admirably. Worth noting that the entrance music for the Monsters is a souped-up hard rock version of the Tetris theme, which is pretty cool. The crowd doesn’t seem very happy with Los Luchas and Star has to hold Zokre back from going out there to smack a bitch. Yuma and Zokre get things underway and Zokre shoves Yuma before they lock-up and Zokre takes Yuma down with a waistlock before Yuma fires back with an armdrag takedown. Yuma hits the ropes and scores with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and makes a tag to Goodtime. Double-Irish whip and the Monsters hit a drop toehold into a seated dropkick finished off with a springboard double-legdrop from Goodtime. Great tandem offense from the Monsters there. Goodtime with the cover on Zokre….1….2…kickout by Zokre! Zokre rolls under a punch from Goodtime and makes the tag to Star, but Star gets taken out almost immediately with a leg lariat. Goodtime with a whip into the corner and he charges, but Star avoids and hits a hurracanrana, but Goodtime takes him back down with a pancake and drags him over to the corner to tag Yuma.

The Monsters work the arms and then trip Star down to hit stereo sentons as Yuma tries to fire up the crowd. Star with a shot to the gut and some right hands and he chops Yuma against the ropes before whipping Yuma across. Blind tag by Goodtime and Yuma ducks under a clothesline before hopping onto Goodtime’s back for a piggy-back clothesline on Star! EL OH EL! The Monsters clean house with more piggy-back clotheslines on Star and Zokre and the luchadors head out to the floor to regroup while the Monsters celebrate and rev up the crowd in the ring! STEREO SPRINGBOARD PLANCHAS TO THE FLOOR BY THE MONSTERS BEFORE THE COMMERCIAL BREAK!!

Back from the break and Zokre is in trouble on the outside as Goodtime flings Star back into the ring. Yuma takes on both luchas with punches and knocks Zokre into the corner, but he pushes against the referee and Star takes advantage, launching Yuma into the air before heel kicking him in the nuts. Star puts the boots to him and does a little happy dance before tagging in Zokre. Star holds Yuma and Zokre comes off the top rope with a fistdrop before stomping and choking Yuma in the corner with his boot. The heels double-team Yuma in the corner while distracting the referee by drawing in Goodtime and Zokre hits a hip toss off an Irish whip, following it up with a big elbowdrop. Zokre with a knee across the chest for a cover that gets two and he follows that with more stomps as Yuma tries to make the tag. Snap mare from Zokre into a seated abdominal stretch and Star comes in to lay in some stomps before the referee clears him out.

Tag to Star and he hammers on Yuma’s arm before whipping him across for a big reverse elbow into a cover…1…2…Yuma kicks out, likely because Star was doing pushups during the pin attempt. Yuma tries to make a tag, but Star drops an elbow and then whips Yuma into his corner. Star attacks Goodtime on the apron and he comes into the ring, allowing the heels to choke and cheat behind the referee’s back yet again. Yuma with some right hands to fire back and he tries for an Irish whip, but Star reverses and Zokre drags him down to the mat. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT FROM ZOKRE!! SECOND-ROPE FROGSPLASH FROM STAR!! 1……2…………..Goodtime makes the save!! Star choking away at Yuma on the mat and he comes off the ropes with an attack but Yuma hits him with a dropkick….HOT TAG TO GOODTIME!! PLANCHA FROM THE STAGE INTO THE RING ON ZOKRE AND STAR!!! GOODTIME CLEANS HOUSE ON THE LUCHAS!! Goodtime drops Zokre with a wheelbarrow trip slam and Star attacks from behind, forcing Goodtime into the corner with punches. Goodtime reverses an Irish whip into the corner and charges, but Star backdrops him over the top to the apron. Goodtime trips him with a kick and springs over the ropes into a seated dropkick!

Zokre tries to catch Goodtime from behind, but Goodtime takes him over with a headscissors before dropping him with a BEAUTIFUL bridging German suplex that gets a two-count before Star breaks up the pinning combination. Goodtime and Star fight over an Irish whip and Star hits a backbreaker, holding Goodtime in place to let Zokre hit a jumping double stomp to the face!! Star with the cover…1…..2….Yuma makes the save in the nick of time! All four men in the ring now and Zokre whips Yuma into a spinebuster from Star and then Star seesaws Yuma to his feet into a BLOCKBUSTER FROM ZOKRE!! Incredible double-team move from the luchas!! Double whip on Goodtime and he kicks at the arms of the luchas before superkicking Zokre to the floor. Goodtime picks Yuma up with a fireman’s carry and uses him to knock down Star before dropping him onto Star with a death valley driver. Goodtime with the pin….1……2……………Zokre with the save!! Yuma charges Zokre, but Zokre hits an enziguri to put Yuma out to the floor! Zokre with a suplex attempt that gets reversed and Goodtime tries an atomic drop but Zokre filps out of it. Zokre with a waistlock and he runs Goodtime into the ropes, but Goodtime holds on and avoids the roll-up. SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK FROM STAR ON GOODTIME!! GORY SPECIAL!! Yuma yanks Zokre off the apron and Goodtime manages to reverse the Gory Special into a backslide….1…..2………3!!!

Winners: The RockNES Monsters (pinfall, Goodtime’s backslide on Star) ***3/4

Very good main event, something that I’m noticing is happening a lot here on these NWA shows. All four guys got time to showcase their skills in the ring and there was some innovative double-team offense from both sides that made me happy as a lot of the innovation seems to be gone from tag team wrestling as the focus becomes more and more on singles wrestling. Big win for the RockNES Monsters as they prepare to hold down the tag team division in the promotion and they look like the team to beat after this fine debut title defense.

We’re in the NWA studios with David Marquez and he runs down next week’s show as Joey Kaos returns, Christina Von Eerie makes her NWA Hollywood debut and our huge six-man tag main event with Adam Pearce, Rocky Romero and Claudio Castagnoli taking on Willie Mack, Scorpio Sky and Joey Ryan!

Final Thoughts: The show felt really disjointed early on with the extra match in there kind of disrupting the flow, but as with the first couple of weeks, the main event really managed to make me forget about anything bad that had happened earlier in the hour. Nice to see more debuting talent in the beginning this week, but I’m hoping that we go more towards angles with less debuts in the coming weeks as it will be fun to see some of these guys in longer programs. Looking forward again to next week’s show with the big six-man main event which will likely be one of Claudio Castagnoli’s last appearances in the promotion.


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