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411’s NWA TNA Impact Report 5.27.05

May 29, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Last week on Impact:

Match #1 Monty Brown defeated Sonny Siaki

  • Terry Taylor interviewed Michael Shane and Traci.
  • Mike Tenay interviewed the NEW NWA Champion AJ Styles. Jeff Jarrett came out and ran down Styles and Monty Brown attacked AJ. Abyss then ran down and beat on AJ as Waltman and AMW made the save.
  • Dusty Rhodes announced that AJ would defend the NWA Title at Slammiversary vs. JJ, Monty, Abyss and a wild card in the 2nd ever King of the Mountain Match.
  • Larry Z came out to commentary and Raven demanded to be the wild card. Larry denied him and Raven beat him down and was then suspended.
  • BG James and Ron Killings continued to have problems.

    Match #2 TNA X Division Champion Christopher Daniels defeated Cassidy Riley

  • Shane attacked Daniels after his match. Sabin joined in and a 3-way match for the X Title at Slammiversary was made with Daniels defending against Sabin and Shane.
  • Dusty is joined in his boardroom by AJ Styles. Styles wants a piece of Jarrett, so Dusty gives him a tag match with Jarrett and Monty Brown next week on Impact. We later learn that Styles’ partner will be Sean Waltman.

    Match #3 Team Canada defeated AMW for a shot at the tag titles at Slammiversary

  • JJ and Monty joined the commentary team.

    Match #4 Abyss defeated Chris Sabin

  • Jarrett & Monty enter the ring and congratulate Abyss on his hard fought victory. JJ extends the hand of friendship…Abyss isn’t sure at first but he takes it…and turns it into a Black Hole Slam on Jarrett! Jarrett is out! Monty & Abyss do the stare down over Jarrett’s limp carcass.

    Credit Steve Cook and his stellar recap.

    Today on Impact:

    AMW vs. The 3LK

    Zach Gowen vs. Romeo

    Bruno vs. Lance Hoyt

    The Naturals© vs. David Young and Lex Lovett

    And in our Main Event: Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown vs. AJ Styles© and Sean Waltman

    TNA Impact Starts…NOW!

    Highlight of last weeks show run, including the battle for the King of the Mountain.

    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to Universal Studios and TNA IMPACT. Tenay and West welcome us. They say that TNA is in turmoil, especially the world title scene.

    Match #1 AMW (Harris and Storm) vs. The 3LK (Killings and James)

    James tries to talk, but Killings cut him off and says he needs to talk to him instead. Highlights of the problems within AWM after their loss last week.

    Storm and BG to start. Lock up and a boot and rights by BG. Off the ropes and reversals and juke and jive punches by BG. Shakey knee drop for 2. Reluctant tag to Killings and he takes over. Wristlock to Storm, reversal and a tag to Harris. Right hands by Harris and off the ropes, and a shoulder block by Killings. Thez press by Harris now and right hands follow. Killings off the ropes, and a spinning forearm to Harris. Tag to BG and a lariat by Harris. Tag to Storm and they boot away on BG. Rights by Storm now and off the ropes, and they collide and are both down. Tags to all and all 4 men are in. Storm and BG to the floor, and a lariat by Harris to Killings! Storm gives Harris a chair, and Harris picks it up but Killings gets the ax kick and Harris eats the chair and is pinned @ 3:30.

    AMW argue about the loss and Killings leaves BG in the ring. Killings has a mic and comes back in the ring. He has something to say. The Outlaw is in and nails BG as he tries to save Killings. Tilt a whirl to Killings! Konnan is out! Rolling thunder to Outlaw! He throws his shoe and Killings nails BG James with the shoe. They throw down BG and the Outlaw escapes. DISSENTION IN THE RANKS!

  • They tries t cram too much into to short a time. Not bad, but not enough to get anything going. The whole thing seemed to be an avenue to show the dissention in the two units and tease the Outlaw/BG James tension.

    Commercial time.

    We are back with Terry Taylor wand AMW. Harris says not to go there, they have slumps like anyone else. They lost as a team and won as a team. Storm says they need a change, and they will take on 3LK at Slammiversary.

    Match #2 Zach Gowen vs. Romeo

    Romeo mocks him and a drop kick from Gowen. A clothesline and Romeo begs off. Boots to Gowen now and Romeo chokes him out. Running kick to Gowen and Romeo covers for 2. Short arm clothesline by Romeo and covers for 2. Suplex by Romeo and another cover for 2. Chops by Romeo and he’s in control. Boot by Gowen and up top…tornado DDT. Spring board leg lariat for 2 by Gowen. Romeo clubs away at him and sets him up top. Gowen elbows him off…moonsault to Romeo finishes it @ 2:40.

  • Yawn.

    Commercial time.

    We are back with Terry Taylor with Chris Sabin. He knows that he has to be focused for his title match. As far as Traci goes, it was his fault for trusting her. Trinity comes out and she says they need to work together. She says it is in their best interest. They run the footage of last week where Shane calls them losers and Trinity a nobody stunt woman. She says she’ll take care of Traci and he tales care of Shane. Sabin says to do her part, and he’ll do his. It’s a deal.

    Coach D’Amore comes out to join the commentary team. He’s there to give them pointers. GO COACH!

    Match #3 Bruno w/Big Til vs. Lance Hoyt

    Hoyt is so over it is crazy, they really love this guy. Bruno attacks at the bell, but Hoyt takes him down. Snap mare by Bruno and right hands now. He tosses him to the floor and Til chokes him out. Back in the ring now and Bruno rams him to the corner. He chokes him now and a boot to the head. Snap mare again and then a right hand. Off the ropes and Hoyt with a shoulder block. Bruno nails him, but eats a big boot. Up top goes Hoyt…MOONSAULT and that’s all @ 2:20.

    They double-team Hoyt now and he takes them out. D’Amore is on the mic and says he’s big and powerful, but it will be different at Slammiversary and Rude will teach him a lesson. D’Amore says he’ll take care of him alone and starts to unbutton his shirt as Tenay calls him Canadian Bacon! Rude is out and nails Hoyt with the Hockey Stick Flag! They beat Hoyt down and D’Amore runs him down on the mic.

  • Short, not that great of a match. It was just to give Hoyt a win and further the angle with Rude.

    Commercial time.

    We are back with Tenay and West. They say that Raven went over the line by attacking Larry Z. They can’t believe he just quit.

    EXCLUSIVE footage of what happened when Raven left last week after being suspended. Raven gets in his SUV and almost runs down the cameraman. He says to get in focus and it is crazy that he isn’t in the match. It’s a conspiracy. Everyone will pay, he will hurt who he wants, when he wants. He will butcher TNA and make everyone suffer. He almost killed the cameraman, who he doesn’t even know. He is a human cancer, not a nice person. The most evil person alive. He will never ever give up until he wins the NWA Title. The blood is on Dusty’s hands…quote the Raven…nevermore.

    Commercial time.

    We are back with Terry Taylor and the Naturals. They knew it would be a tough road, and they wouldn’t want it any other way. They know what to expect, and he sat them down and laid out the game plan. Taylor asks who “he” is and they blow him off.

    Match #4 The Naturals© (Stevens and Douglas) vs. David Young and Lex Lovett

    Lex and Young jump them, but Douglas with a drop kick for 2. Off the rope sand Young with a side slam variation. Tag to Lex who gets a leg lariat to Douglas. Sling shot leg drop to Douglas and he covers for 2. Tag to Young and a double back elbow to Douglas. Suplex and Young gets 2. Tag to Lex and right hands to Douglas. High knee by Douglas and a tag to Stevens. Right hands to all and off the ropes and a flying forearm! Lex in and nails him, but they reverse him and get the Natural Disaster for the win @ 2:30.

    Team Canada is out and attack the Naturals. A1 is out and a Jack Hammer to Douglas. CANADIAN DESTROYER TO STEVENS!

  • Not much of a match, once again it was more of a way to progress the story of the tag title match at the PPV, so all in all that was accomplished.

    Commercial time.

    We are back with Terry Taylor with JJ and Monty. JJ says he isn’t concerned at all. He says Abyss made a big mistake when he turned on him last week. He says that Monty is smart and is on his side. The war starts right now and JJ says let’s go. Monty stays and says he knows about being the Alpha Male.

    Match #5 Jeff Jarrett w/Guitar and Monty Brown vs. AJ Styles© and Sean Waltman (Pac)

    All the contestants are in the ring and we head to a commercial. Man, there are a lot of 900 number commercials on FSN this time of night.

    We are back and here we go with AJ and JJ to start. 15-minute time limit by the way. Chops by AJ and a knee by JJ. Leap frog, go under and drop kick by AJ, classic. Tag to Monty and AJ tackles him to the corner and tags Pac. They unload with chops on Monty and nails a back elbow. Pac covers for 2. Rights to Monty and a reversal and clothesline by Monty. Monty chokes out Pac and a back suplex for 2 by Monty. Tag to JJ and they club away on Pac. JJ yells at the crowd and tags Monty back in. Boots to Pac and off the ropes, and a dropkick by Pac. Kicks in the corner to Monty and JJ in to pull him off. Spin kick to JJ. Abyss is on the ramp to watch. Broncobuster to JJ. AJ flies in and gets an Enziguri to Monty. Pac tries the buster on Monty, but eats a boot to the nizzies. Monty works over Pac now with a rear choke. Picks him up and chops to Pac. Tag to JJ and off the ropes and a sweet dropkick by JJ and he mocks AJ! JJ lays Pac over the middle rope and runs with the leg over the neck and strut. Tag to Monty and he boots away at Pac. Knocks AJ off the apron and he tries to get in, but is held back. Back breakers by Monty to Pac and a tag to JJ. Sleeper by JJ and Pac to one knee. Pac fights out and gets a back suplex to JJ. Tag to Monty and Tag to AJ! Clothesline! PELE! Rights to Monty and off the ropes and a springboard double clothesline by AJ! Rights to Monty, and off the ropes but JJ pulled the ropes down. Pac almost falls, but Monty gets the fall away slam for 2. JJ gets the guitar, Pac low blows Monty and JJ NAILS MONTY! OH NOES! Pac takes out JJ and Monty is down! AJ up top…SPIRAL TAP! 1…2…3 @ 8:45.

  • Very fun main event as they further teased the tension on hat should lead to a Monty vs. JJ feud. Pac looked better, minus his one flub and everyone played their roles perfectly.

  • Final Impact Thoughts: I still hate the 5-match formula for one hour of Impact. I need to say it because it looks as if this will be the last time I get to say it. This was a wrestling light, angle driven show. With the PPV coming they did a lot to establish matches, which is great. I do hate that they didn’t mention that this was the last Impact on FSN, which was a boo boo. Not a great show for wrestling, but I enjoyed all of the angle progression.

    As of this report, there is no new TV Deal announced. Reports say they should announce something soon, but for now this is it for Friday’s with Impact. The new deal, when announced should be on WGN and Monday Nights from 8-10. They would start June 20th, the day after Slammiversary and be live that day, and then tape TV for the following week the next day ala the old Raw formula. Remember to come back to 411 for the Slammiversary Round Table as well as our live coverage of the show! It’s been a great year, so until the new show and time, I’m Larry Csonka and I’ll see you around 411!

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