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411’s NWA: TNA Report 07.07.04

July 7, 2004 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome to THE BEST DAMN TNA RECAP Ver. 1, of the 7-7-04 show for 411wrestling.com. I am your party host Larry Csonka, and I am tired. I worked most of the day, had a meeting and walked in at 7:50pm. No Zonka-strator or plugs this week, I’ll get to it Friday.

Back to business, remember I recap on the fly and do my best to catch as much as humanly possible. I don’t do star ratings, not my thing. I have a good time, and yes I really enjoy TNA as well as the WWE and mostly all wrestling. So sit back and relax and enjoy The Best Damn TNA Recap Ver. 1!

“The Living Legend” Larry Zbysko tells us not to steal the show, just enjoy it.

Opening video package with highlights from last week runs.

Tenay and West welcome us to the Asylum in Nashville!

Match #1 Michael Shane & Kazarian w/ Traci vs. D Ray 3000 & Shark Boy

Kazarian and Sharky to start. They shove each other and Kazarian punches away at Sharky. Arm drag by Sharky and he works the arm of Kazarian. Kazarian back up and he kicks Sharky, sends him off the ropes and Sharky knees him in the head. Sharky uses D Ray’s fro pick and hit Kazarian with it. Corner punches by Sharky, he nails Shane and tags Ray. Kazarian drop Ray down, and tags Shane. Back drop to Shane, then a flying forearm by Ray and he tags Sharky. Battering Ram to Shane by Ray and Sharky. Traci trips up Sharky but he is able to take Shane to the floor. Sharky BITES TRACI’S ASS! Luck y bastard, but Kazarian makes him pay. Sling shot leg drop by Kazarian gets 2 on Sharky. They double team Sharky, he tries to fight out and does but the ref doesn’t see the tag. Suplex to Sharky by Shane gets 2. Tag to Kazarian who gets a leg drop and another 2 count on Sharky. Kazarian has a headlock now, and Sharky gets to his feet, but Kazarian takes him back down. Kazarian goes up top…misses Sharky and he gets a hangman’s neck breaker. Tag to Ray and Shane! Ray is on fire, TKO to Shane gets 2. Ray punches away at Kazarian, but he drops him over the top rope and Shane nails a super kick to finish D Ray @ 6:25.

David Young comes to the ring and tosses Sharky out. He harasses ref Mike Posey and slaps him down. Posey tosses off his shirt and is all over Young! Johnny Swinger and Glen Gilbertti come down and they beat on the ref. Sharky finally breaks it up with a chair.

Fun opener, as the crowd was into it. Good flow and helped get Kazarian and Shane over as a good heel team.

Ken Shamrock promo for the gauntlet.

Scott Hudson with Monty Brown. Brown says Hudson has a grasp of the obvious. HE is the Alpha Male, and D Lo is just a little house cat. The Alpha Male is the big lion. He says D Lo will go down to THE POUNCE! He will wait for the winner of the gauntlet…JJ comes out. He says he should refer to JJ as The king of the Mountain. Brown stares JJ down as he talks smack on the other men in the gauntlet. Brown says he will come after JJ.

Match #2 D Lo Brown vs. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown

They duke it out to start. Brown has the advantage, but D Lo fights right back. D Lo with chops, misses a leg lariat and Brown sends him to the floor. Brown slams him on the announce table, and then gets a table which he slides in the ring. D Lo back in the ring, and pounds away at Brown. D Lo set the table in the corner, and goes after Brown. Brown takes D Lo down with a clothesline then pounds away. Tries to send D Lo to the table, but D Lo hops the rope and stuns Brown off the top rope. D Lo rams Brown to the rail, and then battle up the ramp. D Lo rammed into the set as they now go to the floor and brawl through the crowd. D Lo rams him into the steel rail, then goes to the stage and gets a BIG cross body to Brown on the floor. More brawling on the crowd, and D Lo is thrown over the steel rail. Brown pounds away, and they go back in the ring. Fall away slam to D Lo…ARE YOU NOT…ENTERTAINED? Brown cracks me up….he now takes D Lo off the ropes but D Lo reverses him and gets 2 clotheslines. Slam by Brown, Shaky head Leg Drop for 2! D Lo slams him down, goes up top, but Brown catches him and climbs. D Lo shoves him off…MISSES a senton and Brown nails the POUNCE through the table in the corner to end it @ 7:25.

A lot of brawling, but MUCH better than last week.

BG James promo for the gauntlet.

Scott Hudson with Dusty and Zbysko. Larry says he is proud to be here, because it is a big night. The Gauntlet for the gold is why he is here, and he smells a new champ. He says he has gained respect for Russo, and also remembers what JJ did to him. After Larry helps Russo, he will owe him a favor. Dusty says there is a lot going on. Dusty thinks something special will happen. Dusty says next is Jeff Hardy. He says Jeff has the contract in hand, and Dusty wants the answer in 7 days.

Match #3 Big Vito and Trinity vs. Sonny Siaki and Desire

Tenay says Kid Kash is still under suspension. Siaki and Vito to start. Vito punches away to start. Chops in the corner now, but Siaki gets an elbow. Off the ropes and Siaki with a leg lariat for 2. Trinity tags in, and she wants Desire…don’t we all. Trinity tags back to Vito as does Desire to Siaki. Stiff kick to Siaki, then a sideslam by Vito. He boots away at Siaki, off the ropes and a clothesline to Siaki. Vito holds Siaki, and Trinity gets a RANA off the top on Siaki and they both kick away at Siaki. Leg drop by Vito to Siaki, picks him up and gets a back elbow for 2. Rear choke to Siaki, then slams Siaki down. Vito to the 2nd rope…MISSES a splash! Rolling neck breaker off the ropes by Siaki. Both men are down…they get back to their feet and Siaki chops Vito down. Roll of the dice gets 2 for Siaki as Trinity breaks it up. Desire is in and Spears Trinity. Vito dumps Siaki to the floor, Siaki backing right away and the women to the floor. Siaki up top…but Vito shoves the ref into the ropes and Vito gets an Implant DDT (The Luca Brotzi) for the win @ 6:30.

The heels work them over, but Kenney comes down for the save.

Not bad, Vito looked in great shape and worked well with Siaki.

Konnan promo for the gauntlet.

Video package of the Goldi/Abyss and Watts feud.

Scott Hudson with Goldi and Abyss. Goldi says don’t hate her because she is rich. She has Watts’ contract, and says Watts doesn’t have a job anymore. In a few days, she will reveal her NEXT object…and X Division wrestler she is buying.

X Division video package.

Mike Tenay is in the ring, Kazarian and Shane w/Traci. Traci grabs the mic and says that there are hundreds of guys that hate AJ. Shane says they have a petition to get rid of AJ in the X Division. Kazarian says the rulebook says when someone makes the jump to the Heavyweight Division, they can’t come back to the X Division. Tenay denies that and the mock him. Shane says Tenay is in the presence of greatness. THEY are the best they have to offer, and they have the guts to call AJ out. Tenay says AJ is a pioneer and put the X Division on the map. Shane says they did. Tenay says they are rewriting history. Traci demands results. Jerry Lynn comes out. He says when TNA 1st started, he felt the same way. Lynn says he fought AJ all over the Asylum and made AJ bleed to pay his dues. He says AJ has a huge respect for the business, and has EARNED his spot. Shane says they are gentlemen, and don’t bleed. Crowd chants “Shut the hell up.” They appreciate Lynn trying to look young, but he isn’t. Lynn says for an old guy like him, he has beaten BOTH of them and that AJ beat Kazarian for the X title. Kazarian says he respects his elders, but there is no room for Lynn in THEIR X Division. Kazarian slaps Lynn and they brawl! Here comes AJ! They double-team AJ now, and Daniels and Skipper hit the ring! Sabin and Red are on the ramp…but they don’t choose a side.

Ron Killings promo for the gauntlet.

Scott Hudson with AMW. Harris says they didn’t take The Naturals seriously, and that they are thieves. They say tonight, they have their title match and AMW will get revenge. Storm says they haven’t succeeded at rattling AMW, and that the Naturals are nothing.

Video package of the Naturals vs. AMW feud.

Match #4 The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) vs. America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)

The Naturals come to the ring in AMW’s ring gear and wearing the title belts.

The ref tries to give some rules, and they ignore him and brawl to start! Douglas nails Storm with the title belt as Harris and Stevens fight outside, and that is it! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS @ :30!


The Elite Guard promo for the Gauntlet, they say it is all for 1.

Scott Hudson with Scott D’Amore. He says they are successful, and the stuff with Rude and last week is left last week. D’Amore is pissed that no one from Team Canada was in the 6-man match for the X Title last week. He says Canadians have been oppressed in wrestling. Tonight they will prove they are winners. D’Amore says they are a TEAM, not individuals.

Match #5 Team Canada (Bobby Rude and Petey Williams) w/ Coach Scott D’Amore vs. Chris Sabin and The Amazing Red vs. XXX (“Primetime” and “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (3-men in the ring at all times)

Williams, Daniles and Red to start. Williams tries to get Red to side with him, and here we go. All 3 brawl, Spin kick to Daniels by Red, and then a head scissors to Williams. Red and Daniels work together, until Red sun set flips Daniels. Sabin in now as is Rude and Elix. Sabin misses Elix, and Rude catches him and throws him down and Rude gets a full nelson slam on Elix for 2. RANA by Sabin to Elix for 2, and Elix gets a belly to belly to Rude. Reverse suplex by Elix, and Sabin is laid over the top rope. Tag to Daniels, and they get a double team move to Rude for 2. Red tags in with a double drop kick to Daniels and Rude, then an Enziguri to Rude, then Daniels. Daniels dumps Red, then slams down Rude. Sabin tags in then in knocked to the outside by Rude, then he works on Daniels injured shoulder. Williams tags in and works on Daniels as Rude works on Sabin on the floor. STO by Daniels but Williams gets the tag to Rude. Sabin is still down on the floor and Rude locks in a submission but Elix breaks it up right away. Williams on the floor and works on Sabin, but Sabin trips up Rude. Sabin sun set flips in and gets Daniels who had Rude who takes a German suplex in the combo! Elix gets tagged in and takes down Williams and gets 2. Williams up and gets a weird flapjack for 2. Williams goes up top, but Elix follows. Sabin and Red are in as is Red and Rude…TOWER OF DOOM/Double Power bomb/Suplex combo form the corner! Daniels and Rude go tat it, but Daniels is dumped to the floor and Red flies and NAILS Daniels with a flip dive. SICK Enziguri by Sabin to Elix, and Rude in with a Power bomb on Elix. Williams in off the top and nails Elix with a cross body. Elix takes Williams off the ropes, and Williams tilts the whirl into a Russian leg sweep. Daniels in now, Suplex/Cross body combo by XXX! Sabin springs in with a missile drop kick for 2. Williams and Sabin in now, Sabin has Williams up, reversals, Fisherman’s DDY by Sabin. Sabin up top…D’Amore shoves Sabin off, Williams is up…CANADIAN DESTROYER! Elix is in and takes Williams to the floor. Flip dive to Williams by Elix, Sabin is still out and Daniels gets the Best Moonsault ever for the win @ 11:55.

After the match the rest of team Canada runs down and they beat down XXX.

Very fun and good match. It was hard to follow with 3 guys in at all times. When XXX tried the Suplex/cross body combo, Daniels slipped, but still got the move off which was impressive. Team Canada and XXX are going to be great to have in the Tag Team Division.

Scott Hudson with The Naturals. They feel so good, because they climbed to the top in no time. They thought they were going to get fired, but they are #1 now. Russo is out, and they are proud of them selves. Russo says they stole things and now AWM has a problem. Next week, The Naturals will face AMW in a ladder match. If AMW gets their clothes back, AMW gets a title shot the following week. AMW is there! They brawl with the Naturals all the way through the crowd! AMW is destroying the Naturals as the crowd loves it. Security and the refs try to break it up.

JJ promo for the Gauntlet match.

Tenay and West shill the website, Impact and next week. Raven and Sabu will be here next week; AMW vs. The Naturals in a ladder match, Team Canada vs. Red, Sabin and XXX.

AJ Styles is out. He has a lot on his mind. He says Kazarian and Shane think he should be out of the X Division. They have a problem with him, because they are jealous. Next week, Shane and Kazarian, he will wrestle one of them next week, and if they win he will give them a title shot. Shane is out with Traci, he says is AJ is so good, he will take them on in the SAME NIGHT! 2 matches in one night! AJ accepts. When he beats both of them, THEY will leave the X Division. Shane says he is on! Kazarian attacks from behind, and they double-team him. AJ fights the off, goes for a Styles Clash on Kazarian, but Shane saves Kazarian. AJ dives to the floor as security breaks it up.

Scott Hudson with Ken Shamrock. Shamrock says he is on his own, and he has one thing on his mind, himself.

Video package hyping the Main Event.

Match #6 Gauntlet Match: Jeff Jarrett ©, Onyx, Chad Collyer, Hotstuff Hernandez, Ron Killings, BG James, Konnan and Ken Shamrock (Royal Rumble style with 60 sec. Intervals. When we get to 1 on 1, it is a regular match.)

#1 is Hernandez, #2 is Killings!

Hernandez jumps him to start. Killings fights back, and they duke it out. Sidekick to Hernandez followed by a flying forearm and Killings is in control. Killings up top, but Hernandez catches him and power bombs him down. #3 is Onyx. Onyx levels Killings, then they give him a double shoulder block. Killings reverses a double suplex into a double DDT! #4 is JJ! JJ takes his time, as Onyx and Hernandez work over Killings. JJ in the ring now, and a drop kick to Killings. They beat Killings down, and JJ gets a suplex on Killings now. Killings tries to fight back, but they just beat him down. #5 is Konnan. Rolling Thunder to JJ, face buster. The Elite Guard go after Konnan, but Konnan takes them both down. Killings up top, double nizzie leg drop to the Elite Guard. #6 is Chad Collyer. The Guard works over Konnan, then Killings. Killings and Konnan take the beat down and #7 is BG James. All 7 brawl as James goes after JJ. NUT SHOT to JJ by James, then a pump handle to Collyer. # 8 is Ken Shamrock. Konnan is eliminated. Shamrock drops Collyer. Belly to belly to Hernandez. Leg lariat to Onxy, belly to belly to Onyx now. Then to James! Shamrock and Killings go at it, as the guard and JJ work over James. The Guard tries to work them over then ELIMINATES KEN SHAMROCK! Shamrock is PISSED! He is slamming chairs and the steps. Security is down to get him out, and puts an ankle lock on a member of security. Killings eliminates Onyx now, and so is Hernandez. James and Collyer are gone! It is JJ and Killings! Skyhigh to JJ! Gord Buster to JJ. Killings goes up top…MISSES a missile drop kick! FIGURE FOUR BY JJ! The Guard are circling the ring, as are the 3LK and Killings gets the ropes. Killings off the ropes, but Killings stops it, JJ on the top rope…FISHERMAN’S BUSTER TO JJ! 1…2…NO! Hernandez pulls out the ref! JJ has the belt, and NAILS Killings! 1…2..NO! James pulls out Killings! JJ has a guitar…Shamrock is out…he has the guitar…HE EL KABONGS KILLINGS! JJ wins @ 13:35.

Shamrock stares down Killings as we fade to black.

Basic battle royal deal, and the camera was off the ring WAY too long. Shamrock pulls the swerve, which ACTUALLY makes sense, because Killings beat him for the title originally.

A very odd show this week, with AMW losing in a shocking fashion and the Shamrock turn. Not the show they needed still, as it was ok, but not near the quality they were putting on a few weeks before the 2-year anniversary.

Don’t forget about Flea’s TNA breakdown tomorrow, and remember to check out IMPACT this Friday, where I will be back with the Best Damn TNA Recap Ver. 2!

Thanks for reading, until next time I am Larry Csonka and you know you want to be a Zonkamaniac~!


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