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411’s TNA Impact Report 03.05.09

March 5, 2009 | Posted by Randy Harrison

As with most weeks, the pre-show package features the feud between Sting and Kurt Angle, running over everything that’s gone on in the past few weeks including the contract signing last week that saw Sting lay Angle out with his baseball bat before signing the main event for Destination X.

Jeff Jarrett starts out the show in his office with JB, saying that because of the actions from last week, Kurt Angle has been suspended for one week without pay due to his attack on Jarrett and majority shareholder Mick Foley last week. Jarrett says that TNA has donated Kurt’s salary to a very worthy cause and tells us all to enjoy the show before we get the standard Impact opening. We have pyro and lasers and we are….LIVE-ish from Orlando!!

Mike Tenay and Don West open the show at ringside with Tenay giving DW the stinkeye saying that he’s going to address his comments from last week. West says that he said some things that are very out of character for who he is and that they hurt his friends, his family and his fans. He says that he’s done some soul-searching and that if he could have had last week to do over again, he’d do it all over again. He says that everyone that’s been betrayed by a friend would agree with him and he says that as far as he knows he’s still a part of this announce team so it’s time to sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the ride. Tenay is SHOCKED AND APPALLED….AGAIN!! He says that the next two hours with West should be as fun as a crash landing in the Hudson River. As they continue to snipe, here comes Mick Foley to the ring and he’s got a microphone with him. He says that he is very proud to introduce the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting! Sting’s music fires up and he comes down to the ring in his Main Event Mafia velour jumpsuit, belt and mic in hand. Foley says that the conversation they’re about to have is a long time coming. He thanks Sting for saving him from Kurt Angle’s anklelock last week and says that it’s not the first time that Sting has saved Foley. He talks about his Hardcore History segment and he says that the most important moment of his career was his attack on Sting in WCW, culminating with the second-rope elbowdrop to the floor. Sting cracks a smile as Foley tells him that if it had been anyone else besides Sting out there, it wouldn’t have meant anything and that landing that move changed is career and changed his life. He says that he wouldn’t have the fans, the books, any of his success without that day eighteen years ago. He adds that after all of the saving Sting has done, he’s going to do some saving of his own. He says that win, lose, or draw, he’s hoping that we’ve seen the last of the Stinger as a member of the Main Event Mafia because TNA needs Sting back. Foley says he needs Sting back and that the fans need to have the real Sting back, which draws a roar from the Impact Zone. Sting says that he appreciates the kind words coming from someone he respects as much as Foley, but that he can’t let an egomaniac like Kurt Angle determine whether he’s going to be in the Mafia or not. He tells Foley that he still gets along with Booker, Nash and Steiner and that if it ends it’s going to be on his terms. Foley gets angry and says that the Mafia is using him, but before he can finish the all-too-familiar music hits and Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and Booker T come down to the ring. Nash has the microphone and tells Foley to relax. He asks Foley if he thinks that he knows how things are in TNA just because he’s been there for a cup of coffee and calls everyone punks before telling “Steve” that Foley is office and that he’s nothing but a stooge. Sting gets mad at Nash saying that he doesn’t have a problem with anyone else, but that Kurt didn’t respect him when he spit in his face. Nash tells him that he’s not looking at Kurt, he’s looking at them and he says that while Kurt is a hothead, he’s THEIR hothead and that if they’re going to war he wants Kurt by his side and he damn sure wants Sting there too. Nash says he understands that they have to fight and he says that they can fight with honor, dignity and they can fight for respect at Destination X and shake hands when it’s all over. Nash adds that if Kurt wins or Sting wins, the belt will still be Mafia and they’ll be stronger than ever. He says that the other way it can go is for Sting to turn his back and walk away, failing what they set out to do. He says that Sting might be able to live with that, but the rest of the Mafia can’t before walking away. We cut to the back and Kurt Angle has just arrived at the Impact Zone!! Commercial break coming right up!!

Back from the break, we preview the return of the Ultimate X match with another Rough Cuts segment. Talk comes to the biggest and most memorable moments with AJ Styles talking about Kazarian hitting the cutter on Daniels hanging off of the ropes as well as when Daniels jumped from teh corner all the way across to the center X. Brother Devon says that the only way this match could be any more dangerous would be to have a table with thumbtacks and fire, while AJ says that the only way he thinks it could evolve is to do an Ultimate X cage match. We head to the back with Lauren and she asks where they got their fancy suits and Creed implies that they’re thanks to Kurt Angle’s suspension. Lethal channels Ric Flair for a minute before going back to his Macho impression, saying that they’re just getting started with the Guns because they have new ladders to climb and that the consequences will indeed be lethal.

Match One: X-Division Championship
Kiyoshi w/Team No Limit vs. Alex Shelley w/Chris Sabin (C)

Before the match, Don West brings up the next installment of Global Impact and the match between Team No Limit and The Motor City Machine Guns for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships and that fans will get to see that match soon. Kiyoshi runs across the ring and hits a huge thrust kick to the face before both men stand in the middle and trade massive chops. Kiyoshi cuts Shelley off with a thrust chop to the throat, but Shelley comes back with a bulldog that slows Kiyoshi down. Shelley charges in and Kiyoshi catches him with a Hot Shot across the top rope before landing a spinning heel kick to the face. Kiyoshi chokes Shelley across the middle rop and hits a big seated clothesline that gets a two-count. Kiyoshi heads outside and to the top, but Shelley catches him. Kiyoshi hits the thrust chop to the throat again and follows it with a chop from the top rope that gets another two-count. Kiyoshi continues to hold the advantage with a nerve hold, but Shelley breaks free and pushes Kiyoshi into the ropes, hitting a jawbreaker to finally get free. Shelley catches a kick from Kiyoshi, flips him the bird and lands a beautiful dragonscrew leg whip before hitting a charging forearm in the corner. Seated splash on Kiyoshi by Shelley off of the middle rope and he follows it with a Michinoku Driver for a long, LONG two-count. Shelley with a spinning back kick to the stomach and he attempts Sliced Bread, but Kiyoshi blocks it. Shelley tries for a DDT, but Kiyoshi kicks him in the face before hitting a HUGE chop to the chest from a bodyslam that gets two. Kiyoshi heads to the top rope again and MISSES THE SWANDIVE!! Brainbuster from Shelley and he’s heading up to the top rope himself. Shelley hits a MASSIVE frogsplash from the top and covers…1…2…3!!

Winner: Alex Shelley (pinfall, frogsplash) **

(Not too bad, especially as a show-starter, but there wasn’t a lot of time to do much of anything and it was more of a series of moves than a match with any psychology. I also have to question why they even bothered having Team No Limit out there with Kiyoshi when they did little else than hold up the ringpost. Just seemed kind of pointless to me)

After the match, the lights come out and it’s time for Suicide again!! Shelley tries to hit him with the belt, but he avoids and grabs Sabin, ramming him head-first into Shelley’s gut in the corner. He follows that up with an atomic drop on Sabin that has him legdropping Shelley and scroes with a dropkick that sends Sabin crashing into the corner. Suicide hits his big finisher, which I will now call the Suicide Note and he picks up the X-Division Championship belt, posing with it before dropping it on Shelley again. The lights go out and Suicide is gone, leaving two busted Guns in his wake. By the way, the entire post-match segment saw Don West shit-talking Suicide mercilessly, saying that he needs to stop the Pearl Harbor attacks and he needs to show himself at Destination X, possibly in the Ultimate X match.

We cut to the Main Event Mafia locker room and Scott Steiner is telling Kurt Angle he should head out and take the night off, with Angle saying that he’s not going to listen to a washed-up has-been. Nash says that Angle didn’t listen to them last week and that they don’t need any more problems between him and Sting. Angle finds out from Booker that Jeff Jarrett gave away Angle’s salary to the Frontline and that they’ve gone and bought new suits. Angle says that if they were bought with his money, they’re his property and he’s going to retrieve them.

Random Impact Observation #1: Heelish Don West is about a million times more entertaining than regular old Don West was. It’s still Don West, so there’s not a lot that can be said positively about him, but he seems to be WAY more comfortable in the heel color commentator role. If nothing else, at least it’s given a little bit of a shake-up to the stale TNA announcing situation.

We come back from the break with Lauren asking Beer Money Inc. if they have any compassion for the wrestlers that have been released due to the Off The Wagon Challenge. Roode says that he doesn’t care about those slobs or their families because they can work at a soup kitchen for all he cares. He tells Lauren that they made it very clear what the stipulations were and that it’s not rocket science. Storm cuts in and says that LAX doesn’t understand English because either of Homicide or Hernandez will be gone at the end of the night. He tells LAX “Sorry about their damn luck” and slaps Roode in the ass telling him it’s time to go. Roode looks confused before Storm apologizes to him and slaps Jackie in the ass, telling her to get going. From there, West and Tenay run down the rest of the show, with West looking happy to see Kurt Angle in the building while Tenay stews. LAX’s music hits and they’re on their way to the ring with their Feast or Fired briefcases. West questions how smart they are in signing up for the Off The Wagon Challenge when they have their guaranteed title shots in their briefcases, making a lot of sense. Hernandez says that they’re not going anywhere and that they’re going to reclaim their TNA World Tag Team Championships. Booker T is in the back on his cell phone, talking to someone and asking if they’re on their way before saying that he’s going to set “him” up and the other side of the conversation will knock him down. Booker falls back into his old announcing persona of Black Snow and we head to another commercial break.

Random Impact Observation #2: Apparently the “wrestling” in TNA Wrestling is more of a branding issue than one that actually tells you what the product is about. Call me crazy, but we’re forty minutes into a wrestling show and we’ve had about five minutes of actual action. I get that you have to forward angles to get to the pay-per-view, but there has to be at least a little taste of in-ring action as well to keep people interested. Hopefully it gets better in the second hour, but so far it’s been a little disappointing.

We come back to see the continuing shenanigans of the One Night with ODB contest. I honestly can’t tell if these people are being serious in their videos or if they’re just trying to get on television. I have to laugh at Shark Boy being involved, asking “Have you ever been eaten by a Shark?”. Tremendous. We come back into the Impact Zone to see Kurt Angle choking Consequences Creed with a cable, screaming that he’s nothing and he rams Creed into a backstage case, saying he wants his suit back and he wants his money back. TNA Security shows up and he says that he’s going to get everything of his back whether Jarrett likes it or not.

Match Two: Four-Corners Knockout Tag Match
The Beautiful People w/Cute Kip vs. Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs. Rhaka Kahn and Sojournor Bolt vs. Taylor Wilde and Roxxi w/”The Governor”

Roxxi takes a swipe at Cute Kip on her way into the ring before Saeed and Wilde start the match. Wilde hits a Mexican armdrag followed by a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Saeed catches her with a forearm and whips her into the corner, leading to a tag to Bolt. Bolt comes in and tries to work over Saeed, lifting her up onto her shoulders, but Saeed rolls through and tags in Roxxi. Irish whip from Bolt and Angelina Love kicks Roxxi in the back. Bolt hits a slam on Roxxi and tries for a pin, but “The Governor” gets up on the apron to distract the referee. Madison Rayne comes down the ramp and as the arguing continues in the ring, it’s time for a commercial.

Back from the break, Angelina Love is taking over on Taylor Wilde as she tags in Velvet Sky, who chokes Wilde in the corner. Irish whip from Sky and she misses a clothesline that lets Wilde score with a clothesline of her own before she makes the tag to Roxxi and Sky makes the tag to Love. Clotheslines from Roxxi on Love and Sky and she’s cleaning house on Rhaka Kahn, Raisha Saeed and Sojournor Bolt before getting shoved down by Awesome Kong. Kong throws Bolt out to the floor and rams her into the ringpost as in the ring, Roxxi is taking care of business on both of The Beautiful People. Love drops Roxxi with a forearm shot and here comes “The Governor” with the Thrilla from Wasilla on Love!! Roxxi sets up for the Voodoo Drop, but Love kicks her in the face and here comes Madison Rayne with a missle dropkick off the top rope. Love hits the Lights Out and there’s the 1-2-3.

Winners: The Beautiful People (pinfall, Love’s Light’s Out on Roxxi) *

(Much like the opener, this one suffered from a lack of psychology and time and instead was just a clusterfuck of kicking and punching. Multi-team tag matches are usually a horrible idea and this one was no exception in my eyes. I also have to agree with Don West that the whole idea of the “Governor” has pretty much run its course and they need to give her a different gimmick or just let her go because it’s getting sadder and sadder the more they cling to it.)

We head to the back with JB and he’s got Jeff Jarrett with him. JB says that two weeks ago, Kurt spit in the face of Sting and that tonight he’s kind of done the same thing to Jarrett. He asks if there’s going to be any reprecussions for Angle tonight and Jarrett guarantees there will be before storming away from the camera.

We’re back from the break and we get a recap of the feud between AJ Styles and Booker T featuring Styles’ attack on Booker at Against All Odds that saw him steal Booker’s TNA Legends Championship belt as well as Booker’s attempts to get the belt back with the police getting involved. We see AJ’s attacks on Booker from the past few weeks as well as Styles’ attack from last week that left Booker laying. From there, Booker T makes his way to the ring with Sharmell and Scott Steiner and I’m guessing that he’s out here to do more talking. Don West questions AJ Styles’ cowardly actions of the past few weeks, while Tenay says that he’s talking nonsense and that he needs to put last week behind them so they can do their job. Booker gets on the mic and says that everyone has heard him talk about AJ Styles living in a trailer park and how he’s a frequenter of truck stops. The crowd chants for AJ before Booker admits that he was wrong about what he said about AJ. He says that he was trying to show AJ some tough love, but that AJ showed him how to be humble in the mean time. Booker asks AJ to come out to the ring and he says that they can squash the whole thing and shake hands. He says that AJ can bring back his belt and he won’t press charges against him, calling him a brother before asking him to come out. He even promises that Steiner won’t do anything and is only out there because they run together. Booker gets angrier and angrier, saying that he’s going to kick AJ’s ass and take his property back if he has to, but he gets cut off by AJ Styles and his music. Styles sneaks in from behind as they watch the entrance ramp and he takes out Steiner with a belt shot before laying into Booker T. Steiner recovers and takes over as they start laying into Styles two-on-one. Steiner holds Styles up and Booker paintbrushes him in the face. Steiner tries to whip Styles into a boot from Booker, but Styles slides out of the ring and takes the Legends belt with him!! Styles backs up the ramp, but runs into three police officers in full riot gear who take away the belt and handcuff Styles. They lead him up the ramp as Booker reclaims the Legends belt from the floor and we look into the ring to see Steiner with one of the cops and IT’S SAMOA JOE!! Kick to the gut from Joe and he’s got the knife to Steiner’s neck again in the middle of the ring!! TNA Security comes out to try to reason with him and Joe finally lets him go. West and Tenay argue about the Main Event Mafia with West saying he’s sick of Tenay acting like they’re the anti-Christs when they’re the best thing going in TNA today. Out of all of this convoluted nonsense, we’re off to another commercial break. I don’t even really know what to say right now. There hasn’t even been any good commercials during the show to redeem this broadcast even a little bit. If I got paid to do this every week, I’d be asking for a raise right now to have to sit through this.

We come back to the Impact Zone and Don West is still verbally shit-kicking Mike Tenay before West says that the Main Event Mafia are the reason why the ratings are up in TNA. We head to the back and Booker is laying the badmouth on AJ Styles as the cops lead him away. He says that Bubba’s going to be AJ’s cellmate and Bubba’s going to get him some of AJ’s ass tonight. West and Tenay still snipe away at each other at the desk, with West saying that Booker was right to get the cops involved. Tenay says that you settle things in the six-sided ring and when he says that, West says he can’t stand to look at Tenay’s face anymore and walks off. Up on the entrance ramp we see Kurt Angle beating up Jay Lethal! Lethal fights back with some right hands, but Angle rakes the eyes and hammers away with punches before sending Lethal into the ring for an ANGLE SLAM!! WHOOOOOO!! He rips the suit off of Lethal’s beaten body, laying in some stomps for good measure as he does so. We go to the office of Jeff Jarrett and he says that he’s seen enough and that he was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but he has no choice. Jarrett says he’s going to go out there and kick Jarrett’s ass. And just when you thought this show couldn’t get more exciting, it’s time for ANOTHER commercial!! Whoop-de-damn-doo.

It’s time for Abyss and his next visit with Dr. Stevie. Abyss talks about Tom and Jerry and says that he’s never been able to figure out why it seemed like Tom and Jerry were friends at the end of every episode. He tells Dr. Stevie that his friend told him that they weren’t fighting, they were actually playing. Stevie says he wants to talk about the weapons and the brutality that he’s inflicted on people in TNA. He asks if Abyss has become less dependent on both and Abyss says he won’t use weapons anymore. He adds that between his treatments with Dr. Stevie and his girlfriend Lauren, he’s cured.

Match Three:
Matt Morgan vs. Shane Sewell

Morgan throws Sewell down off of a lock-up and then ducks under the ropes to slow the pace. They hit the lock-up again with Sewell grabbing a side headlock, but Morgan just shoves him off and drops him with a shoulderblock. Morgan grabs Sewell and sits him up on the top turnbuckle to tousle his hair, but turns around right into a dropkick off the second rope. Flying forearm from Sewell takes down Morgan and the chase is on to the outside. Morgan follows Sewell back up into the ring, but Sewell crotches Morgan on the top rope. He charges for a monkey flip, but Morgan catches him and hits a HUGE sit-out power bomb as Mike Tenay says that TNA Official Jim Cornette has taken the TNA Legends Championship belt back from Booker T. Morgan chokes Sewell in the middle of the ring before hitting his reverse elbows in the corner. Morgan with an avalanche and he follows it with a side slam where he just drops Sewell like a bag of garbage. Morgan plays to the crowd and bows before choking Sewell across the top rope and hitting his leg lariat to the outside. Morgan picks Sewell up and hits a massive fallaway slam, crawling over for a two-count as he picks Sewell up off of the mat. Morgan argues with referee Earl Hebner and Sewell’s HULKING UP!! Right hands from Sewell and he tries an Irish whip, but Morgan blocks it. Rake of the eyes from Sewell and he gets reversed on the Irish whip right into a chokeslam attempt from Morgan. Sewell hits a low blow with the referee’s back turned and heads up to the top but misses the cross-bodyblock from the top rope. Morgan toys with Sewell a little and scores with the Hellavator for the three-count.

Winner: Matt Morgan (pinfall, Hellavator) *1/2

(Eh. Morgan finally looked like himself again and was impressive with some of his moves, but it means next to nothing for him to beat up the former referee. This was likely just here for him to make the challenge to Abyss after the match. This has been one of the most disappointing TNA shows I’ve seen in quite some time and it seems like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.)

Morgan heads outside and grabs a bag full of thumbtacks, saying that those mean more to Abyss than women, money or fame. He adds that Abyss can’t compete in any way, shape, or form. He says that Abyss is a mental patient while he is a college graduate. He says that he’s the blueprint of the perfect athlete and that since he can’t grab Abyss and bring him up to his level, he’s going to go down to Abyss’ level. He challenges Abyss to a 10,000 thumbtack match at Destination X and says that he’s going to be the first man to make Abyss tuck tail and run, never to return. We go to the back and we see Eric Young with Lauren and he’s got his fancy suit on. Young says that he got his sweet suit at the Salvation Army and that he’s not going to get any of the money back because the rest went to a sound system in his game room. He invites Kurt over to play some games, but HERE COMES ANGLE!! They’re potatoing the shit out of each other and Angle rips the suit off as he’s apparently looking for Jeff Jarrett. COMMERCIALS!!

Back to the Impact Zone and we go back into Jeff Jarrett’s office, with Jim Cornette saying that if he keeps playing with a snake like Angle, he’s going to get bitten. Cornette tries to get Mick Foley to talk some sense into Jarrett, but Foley says that it’s once a wrestler always a wrestler. Sting comes into the office and says that it’s going to be over in two weeks and that it’s his fight so Jarrett should let him fight it. Jarrett says that he’s going to promise that he’ll leave a piece of Angle’s ass for Sting at Destination X.

Match Four: TNA Tag Team Championship (Off The Wagon Challenge)
LAX vs. Beer Money Inc. w/Jacqueline (C)

Storm and Homicide get things underway and Storm goes right to a side headlock, but Homicide shoots him off into the ropes for a reverse elbow before tagging in Hernandez. Hernandez grabs an arm-wringer, but Storm goes to the eyes to break the momentum and gets Hernandez into his corner. Tag to Roode and he tries a suplex but it gets blocked into a delayed vertical suplex attempt by Hernandez. Storm interferes before Hernandez can hit the hold and they try for a double-vertical suplex, but Hernandez takes over both members of Beer Money. Homicide with a double-baseball slide dropkick and Hernandez picks Homicide up for a BORDER TOSS TO THE FLOOR ONTO BEER MONEY!! Just to make sure we don’t get too used to this in-ring action stuff, it’s time for commercials again.

Back to the ring and Storm hits a backstabber on Homicide for a long two-count. Tag to Roode and they hit a double-vertical suplex right into…..BEER!! MONEY!!! Roode hits a snap mare into a reverse chinlock and Homicide fights to his feet but ends up caught in a big powerslam that gets another two-count. Beer Money send Hernandez off the apron with a cheapshot before double-teaming Homicide and making an illegal switch. Storm chokes away at Homicide before covering for another two-count. Homicide crawls over to his corner, but takes an elbow to the back followed by a hip toss from Storm that gets two. Storm chokes Homicide against the ropes and tags in Roode for an attempted double-atomic drop. Homicide rolls through and it’s a HOT TAG TO HERNANDEZ!! Slingshot double-clotheslines for Beer Money! Double-avalanche from Hernandez on Storm and Roode. Shirt-aided hip toss on Roode. Backbreaker on Storm. Roode’s up to the second rope trying for a cross-bodyblock, but Hernandez catches him into a HUGE sit-out powerbomb…1….2..Storm breaks up the pin attempt at the last moment!! Irish whip on Storm and Hernandez hits a clothesline before Roode scores with some chops to the chest and a right hand that drops Hernandez to a knee. Roode off the ropes, but Hernandez hits a shoulderblock that puts Roode all the way out to the floor. Homicide back into the ring now and he tries the baseball slide again but goes right through both men. Beer Money try to catch him in the middle with clotheslines, but Homicide ducks and they hit each other! Hernandez in the ring and he’s got a running start….SUPERMEX FLIES!! Homicide chases Jacqueline to the back of the Impact Zone and in the ring, Hernandez spits Storm’s beer right into his face. He sets Storm up for the Border Toss, but Robert Roode comes in with a steel chair and WAFFLES Hernandez in the face!! There’s the bell and there’s the beatdown on Hernandez from Beer Money Inc. Homicide comes in to try to make the save, but Roode waffles him in the face with the chair too. Team 3-D’s music hits and here they come to save LAX as Roode and Storm make a hasty retreat.

Winners: LAX (disqualification, Roode chairshot on Hernandez) ** 1/2

(Best match of the show by a mile, though with this crap that’s not saying much. These guys could likely push two stars in their sleep and if they got an extra ten minutes and no commercial break I’d wager we would have been in three to four star territory. You knew going in that it would be a BS ending because of the finality of the stipulations involved, but it was still a fun match despite that.)

Brother Ray gets on the microphone and talks about their Off The Wagon Challenge, with Storm saying that he’s smarter than he looks. Brother Ray gets into the whole spiel about keeping guys from putting food on their table and accepts the Off The Wagon Challenge at Destination X. All four men posture and smack-talk at each other before we get the hard sell of Destination X from Tenay. Kurt Angle makes his way down the ramp and he grabs a microphone and heads into the ring, telling TNA Security to get back. Angle calls out the boss, asking if Jeff Jarrett’s looking for him. He asks if Jarrett’s taping up and getting ready before saying that if he wants to suspend Angle and give away his money, he’s sick and twisted and over the top demented. He says that he’s going to eat Jarrett alive tonight as an appetizer and that the main course will come at Destination X when he takes Sting’s title.

We come back from the final commercial and we’re right into Jeff Jarrett’s music and pyro. He slides into the ring and they’re throwing big right hands back and forth, with Jarrett coming out on top. He sends Angle out to the floor and throws him into the guardrail multiple times before throwing him over the guardrail into the crowd. Jarrett slams him into a bleacher wall and drags him up the stairs into the bleachers, hammering away with right hands. Angle ducks a punch and crotches Jarrett on a handrail with an atomic drop before he wails away with right hands on Jarrett. He slams Jarrett head-first into the bleacher wall and follows that up with a big European uppercut into mounted punches on the floor. Jarrett fires back with punches and sends Angle back up the stairs with a flurry of blows. Jarrett drags him down the stairs and throws him chest-first into the bleacher wall before Angle gets a low blow in to change the momentum. Crowd starts a big “Double J” chant as Angle tries an Irish whip into the wall, but Jarrett reverses!! Angle goes crashing into the wall of the Impact Zone!! jarrett with some big punches that have Angle staggering towards the exit. Jarrett grabs Angle and throws him out the door, slamming it shut behind him!! Mick Foley and Team 3-D congatulate Jarrett and follow him into the ring as the Impact Zone chants “Thank You Jeff” as the show fades to black.


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