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411’s TNA Impact Report 11.05.09

November 5, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew


-Lansdell’s laid up tonight, so you’re getting me instead.

-Taped from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL

-Hosted by Mike Tenay & Tazz

-Say, did you hear Hulk Hogan signed with TNA? Must have slipped under the radar.

-We get video of Dixie Carter addressing the wrestlers before the show. The basic jist is that it’s time for a change, and she needs all of them to support her decisions.

-AJ Styles heads to the ring for a promo to get things kicked off. AJ says there have been a lot of changes at TNA, but he wants to make one things perfectly clear. He’s AJ Styles, and he’s the World Champion. He says ever since he won the title there have been a lot of changes in his life and in TNA. He asks who would have thought that Hulk Hogan would be part of the TNA family, and he says TNA is at a whole new level. He says he’s been dreaming about being at this level for the past seven years, but where there are positives there are negatives. He says when he won the title he made it clear he was a fighting champion, but the problem is someone has been jumping him every time his back is turned. He wants to give his assailant an opportunity to man up, foe or friend, to come out and take their best shot to take what is his. That brings out Daniels who takes exception with the words “foe or friend” and asks him to explain. Daniels wants to know how it is possible that AJ could think that he is the guy attacking him. He asks if he’s that gullible, or dare he say that stupid? He says AJ is so arrogant with that belt, but for seven years he’s been given every opportunity. Daniels says along the way AJ has been pampered, coddled, and a little bit spoiled. He says AJ always got special treatment, and asks what he ever got handed to him. He says if we’re being honest we know Daniels is every bit the wrestler that AJ is. Daniels says the only difference is every time AJ was down the company helped him back up, but every time Daniels was up the company pushed him back down. He says if there is anyone in the back who doesn’t like him there will be seven more years of hell for him. AJ asks if that’s how it is, and says he’s never heard such things in the last seven years. Joe decides to interject himself into the conversation, and says there’s a lot Daniels can’t say to him. He says Daniels is working AJ, and calls Daniels a liar. He says AJ may see a friend in the ring, but Joe sees a guy who is jealous of him. Joe says there is one reason that him and AJ aren’t friends, and that is because AJ has something that he wants. He says as a competitor to be the best in the world you have to be the World Champion, and he has no problem telling AJ that to his face and not attacking him from behind. Daniels says he isn’t the one attacking AJ, and says if he wants to beat AJ Styles he can do it in the ring and there’s no doubt about it. AJ asks him if that’s how he really feels, and then asks if he wants to find out. AJ proposes that they settle this tonight, and says tonight they can put friendship aside and do things the way things are supposed to be done. Daniels agrees and they shake hands as Joe watches from the aisle with a smile on his face.

-I think Hogan signed with TNA. Not sure though.

Eric Young & Big Rob vs. Beer Money, Inc.
Storm and Rob start things off, and Rob overpowers Storm on the lockups. Storm ducks a clothesline, and then stops a charge with a back elbow. Storm dives off the second rope with a crossbody, but gets caught by Rob who delivers a powerslam before tagging in Young. Young knocks Roode off the apron, and then tags Rob back inside after a quick double team. Rob delivers a right hand, as Tenay announces that Samoa Joe will serve as guest referee for tonight’s Daniels-Styles match. Storm comes back with a back cracker which allows him to tag in Roode who is in with a series of clotheslines to Young, and then hits a big boot on Rob. Roode hits a neck snap off the second rope for two, and then Storm delivers a kick to Young sending him to the floor. Roode throws Storm over the top rope sending him crashing into Rob on the floor, and they then fire him back inside. Beer Money sets up for the DWI, but Rob counters dropping Roode down face first. Rob holds Storm for Young to deliver a beltshot, but Storm ducks and Big Rob eats the belt instead. Storm sends Young into the top buckle, as Roode covers Rob for the pin at 3:49. After the match they go for the DWI on Young, but Magnus and Williams are out to make the save. Security has to run in to pull them off. The Brits staredown Beer Money from the stage, but they get attacked by the Motor City Machine Guns leading to another pull apart brawl.
Winners: Beer Money, Inc. (Roode pins Rob-Beltshot *1/2)

-The Beautiful People promise another episode of Meanest Girls, and they are heading to the set now. Back from commercial they head into the face girl locker room and meet up with ODB who is putting on her deodorant. ODB fires some insults their way, and tries kick Lacey which leads to a BP beatdown. They end up putting her in a laundry bag. Okay then.

-Anyone know what that Hulk Hogan guy is up to?

-Lauren is with Jay Lethal who is really excited about Hulk Hogan joining TNA. He says he wants to be the first to welcome the Hulkster to TNA. He says here on the new home of the Mega Powers he is starting the Black Machismo invitational. He is issuing a challenge to anyone of legendary status. He says the Birdman, Snakeman, Koloff, Warrior, and Flair are all welcome.

-JB is in Foley’s office, and he wants to know as Executive Shareholder you’d think he’d hear about all these changes. He asks JB if he is a Hulkamaniac, but JB says Mick is his favorite wrestler. Mick says he’s busted, and asks about when they interrogating suspects how when JB heard about the camera he was surprised. JB says he just wanted to talk about Abyss, and Foley says he’s got a surprise for him. So in one segment we already laid the groundwork for a potential Lethal-Hogan program and Foley-Hogan program. Well played.

Desmond Wolfe vs. Cody Deaner
Deaner gets all revved up and charges into a lariat which finishes at :12. Angle is on the phone and he says Wolfe damaged his larynx and has a pinched nerve. He says Wolfe got his attention, but doesn’t have his respect yet. He says he was caught off guard, and he wasn’t quite ready for that yet. Wolfe grabs the mic, and says he wants everyone to take a look at the muppet in the ring. He says he is another victim in the hands or should he say fangs of the Wolfe. He says he doesn’t understand why these common wankers want to get in the ring with him. It’s very easy to get in the ring with him, but getting out not so much. He addresses Mr. Angle, or should he say Mr. Mangled. He asks why at Turning Point does Angle want to get back in the ring with him and suffer more pain and agony. He says if that is what Angle wants, he’s a generous bloke, and he’ll give it to him.
Winner: Desmond Wolfe (Pinfall-Lariat DUD)

-Lauren talks to Suicide and asks about Homicide finding out who he was. Lauren asks if it’s time to show his face, but he says there is a reason he wears the mask. He tells Homicide the dark savior will strike down upon him.

-I’m hearing rumors some guy named Hulk Hogan may have signed with TNA.

-Lauren talks to Team 3D. Bubba says he wants to talk about Hulk Hogan in TNA. He says he never thought he’d say those words, and tells Dixie she has the biggest grapefruits in pro wrestling. Bubba starts to talk about Rhino, but he decides to stop by. He talks about their match last week with the Guns, and plants the seeds of doubt that it might have been a conspiracy. Now he says they’re facing Morgan and Hernandez who are the same guys who were trying to take him out. Bubba dismisses him as crazy, and they tell Hernandez and Morgan to be the team they gotta beat the team.

Daniels vs. AJ Styles
JB talks to AJ before the match, but he’s attacked by a black hooded individual in the back. Daniels is going to go back to help, but Joe attacks him with a low blow and delivers the muscle buster. Bait meet switch
No Match

Tara vs. Hamada
Hamada and Tara trade take downs to start without either woman gaining an edge. Hamada hits a chop and a headbutt, but runs into a pair of clotheslines from Tara. Standing moonsault connects from Tara, and she follows by backdropping Hamada to the apron. Hamada comes back with a headbutt, and then she walks the top rope Undertaker style and flips off with an armdrag. Hamada hits a back suplex, and then heads up top for a moonsault which catches the knees of Tara. That allows Tara to hit the Widow’s Peak which finishes at 3:02. Standard fare TNA women’s match. Kong, who my colleague Chris Lansdell tells me might be guilty of doing unsavory acts to bitches, comes out to get her some of Tara. Security is there to try to stop her, but Tara dives off the top rope onto her. Big pull apart brawl commences.
Winner: Tara (Pinfall-Widows Peak **)

-I think this Hogan story is a work. I mean 411 would have covered it right?

-Lauren catches up with Tara who says Kong is let loose like an Animal, and says at the Pay Per View it won’t be her locked up with Kong, but instead it’s the other way around.

-Mick Foley is out and he says he has a gift for Abyss, and invites him to the ring. He says he knows Abyss doesn’t trust him so he’s going to put the gift down for a moment. He says they went through a lot at Bound for Glory, and says the only time he felt guilty about something he was saying was when he was talking to Abyss. He says when he called Abyss a cheap rip off he didn’t really feel that way. He says when he found out his drawing was destroyed he was angry, and then he realized he had a situation on his hands. He says Abyss reminded him of himself, and he watched as Abyss tore the house down in arenas across the country. He says he knew Abyss was good, but he wanted to see how good he was himself. He says Abyss was as tough as he thought he was, but he’s not quite as good as he thought he was. He says he’s even better. Foley says when a person is done in this business the only thing they have left is their legacy. He says he made a decision to be a cross between Bruiser Brody and the Dynamite Kid. He tells Abyss that when someone asks him if he’s a cheap rip off he’s going to take it as an honor. Mick then gives Abyss the gift, and it’s a drawing of him and Abyss. Foley starts to leave, but says Abyss has one more test left in him. He says next week it will be Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie, and if Abyss pins Dr. Stevie he’s gone from TNA.

-JB catches up with Scott Steiner who talks about his history with Hulk Hogan. He says Hogan is going to put all those young punks in place, and then maybe he’ll joins Steiner in the Main Event Mafia. He says speaking of young punks Bobby Lashley has to send his wife to ringside. Bobby’s wife is lusting all over Steiner, and he says rather it happens in the locker room or back it some cheap hotel you can’t stop the lust of a woman.

-BREAKING NEWS: Hogan to TNA. Story at 11.

-Matt Morgan gives his thoughts…you guessed it Hulk Hogan.

Homicide vs. “The Boss” Bobby Lashley (w. Krystal Lashley)
Earl Hebner ejects Krystal when she gets to the ring much to the chagrin of Lashley, and that allows Homicide to attack from behind. Lashley comes back to whip Homicide into the buckle, but he misses a charge and Homicide hits a missile dropkick for two. Homicide hits the ropes, but runs into a chokeslam from Lashley which finishes at 1:03. During the match Tenay announces that Styles and Daniels will face off later tonight after all. After the match Homicide attacks Lashley from behind, but Lashley grabs Homicide in a press slam. Steiner shows up on the jumbotron and is starts to kidnap Krystal. Lashley sprints to the back to save his wife from being raped kidnapped, and then beats the ever loving shit out of Steiner until the Guns and Lethal are there to pull him off.
Winner: “The Boss” Bobby Lashley (Pinfall-Chokeslam ¼*)

-Back from commercial and Homicide and Earl Hebner are having words. Homicide shoves him down, and here comes Amazing Red to make the save. Red hits a clothesline off the top and Homicide bails to the floor. I have zero idea what the point of that was.

-Tenay and Taz run down the Turning Point card.

Madison Rayne vs. Taylor Wilde
Taylor grabs a side headlock, and then hits an armdrag. She goes for a hurracanrana, but Rayne blocks it and drops her face first to the mat. Wilde comes back and delivers a back bridging rollup and that gets the win at 1:03. The Beautiful People run out and attack her from behind with a pink nightstick. Lacey chokes her out with it as the other two put the boots to her. Sarita is out to make the save, but she gets overwhelmed by the numbers game as well. ODB finally is out to make the save, and this time the Beautiful People bail.
Winner: Taylor Wilde (Pinfall-Rollup DUD)

-Say, did you know Hulk Hogan signed with TNA?

-Lauren catches up with Morgan and Hernandez. Hernandez says they’re here to win end of story. Morgan says the only conspiracy theory around here is Rhino conspiring to make himself look like a bigger ass than he already is. He says they have a lot of respect for Team 3D, as they are the greatest tag team in wrestling history. He emphasizes the key word, history.

Daniels vs. AJ Styles
Samoa Joe is of course your guest referee, and Daniels wants a piece of him but can’t touch him. AJ grabs a side headlock, and takes Daniels over with it. They get tied up in the corner and Joe breaks them up. Daniels goes to the ribs, but AJ is right back with dropkick. AJ sends Daniels to the corner, but a Stinger splash meets the knees. Daniels delivers a kneelift to the ribs and covers for one, and follows with a gutbuster and a codebreaker for one. Daniels grabs a seated abdominal stretch, but AJ stands up and punches his way free. Daniels hits a bodyslam, and then hits a springboard moonsault for two. Daniels has words with Joe, and then goes for a suplex on AJ which he counters into a neckbreaker. Styles delivers a pair of clotheslines, and then springboards inside with a clothesline attempt which connects but simultaneously Daniels gets a shot in to put both men down. Back to their feet they trade a few counters, and AJ then hits the Styles Clash for the pin at 4:53. Afterward Joe raises AJ’s hand and leaves, but when AJ goes to check on Daniels he returns to attack from behind and lock in the Kokina Clutch. Joe leaves both men lying, and stands tall with the belt.
Winner: AJ Styles (Pinfall-Styles Clash **3/4)

-Hernandez gives his thoughts on some new guy TNA signed.

-Lauren talks to Stevie and Daffney. Stevie says no one plays him, and says he’ll have to take Abyss out himself once and for all. He tells Abyss he won’t want to see what he has in store for him, but he can’t wait to share.

Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan & Hernandez
D-Von starts things off with Morgan, and gets pushed into the corner off the tie up. Morgan delivers a clean break, and they lock up again this time with D-Von grabbing a side headlock. D-Von delivers a shoulderblock, but hits the ropes and runs into a side suplex. Morgan traps D-Von in the corner and hits a series of rapid fire back elbows and then delivers an avalanche. Hernandez tags in and delivers a chop, but gets caught with a back elbow from D-Von for two who then tags in Brother Ray. Hernandez grabs an armwringer on him, but he the blocks a clothesline and goes for the flip flop and fly. Hernandez stops him with a clothesline, and then slingshots in with a shoulderblock. Hernandez gets sat up on the top rope, but Ray catches him and delivers a chop after tearing off his wife beater. Brother Ray connects with a superplex for a two count, and then makes the tag back to D-Von who comes in with a double axe handle off the second rope. D-Von appears to injure his knee on the dive, and Hernandez goes to work on it. Rhino runs out to plead with Ray to see what they are doing, and asks him to take a chair and save D-Von. Ray tries to ignore him, but meanwhile in the ring Morgan has D-Von trapped in a half crab. Finally Ray shoves Rhino aside, but ominously leaves the chair sitting on the apron. Hernandez tags in and works over the injured knee a bit before tagging back in to Morgan who drops the leg across his injured knee. Morgan calls for the Carbon Footprint, but Bubba finally grabs the chair and whacks Morgan and Hernandez with them drawing the DQ at 5:53. Rhino embraces Bubba who has a look of conflict in his eye, and then Rhino gores Hernandez. He tells Team 3D that’s how it’s done, and celebrates as if they are a new unit. Team 3D look less than sold on the whole thing though as we fade out for the night.
Winners: Matt Morgan & Hernandez (Disqualification-Chair Shot **)


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