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411’s TNA Lockdown Report 04.18.10

April 18, 2010 | Posted by Chris Lansdell

Hey yo. Welcome to 411’s TNA Lockdown recap. I’m Chris Lansdell and I am suffering from iced tea deprivation, so be warned. Before we get started, Douglas Williams is stuck in the UK and will not make the show, and it is not currently known what will happen with that match. There is no truth to the rumour that this four-man units is in the Lethal Lockdown match, so we’re taking them on as our guest hosts…

COWABUNGA! We’re here to back up Eric Young against Super Shredder!

How are we doing folks? Ready for a cagetastic PPV? As Steve Mazagatti would say, “BRING IT ON, come on!”

BREAKING: Douglas Williams has been stripped of the X-Division title. Sean Waltman has no-showed the event. For the latter news, try not to be too shocked. Shelley vs. Sabin vs. Homicide vs. Kendrick is now a four-way match, with the winner going on to join Shannon Moore and Kaz in a triple threat to crown the new champ.

Tenay and Taz announce the changes to the card, and sound very unsurprised that Waltman did not show.

Cage Match For The Lethal Lockdown Advantage: Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

If the crowd is loud, it’s not coming across on TV. RVD dropkicks the cage door into Storm’s face while Storm is still outside. RVD to the outside where he forcibly introduces Storm to the cage. RVD drapes Storm over the barricade then does the leg drop deal off the cage. The crowd is awake now. Storm prevents his head from going into the steps, then puts RVD’s head into them. We’re FINALLY in the ring and RVD is bleeding. In the opener. Oh boy. Whip and a spinning heel kick in the corner by RVD. RVD chokes Storm in the corner with his boot as blood runs down the lefty side of his face. Inverted atomic by RVD, her crotches Storm on the top rope then leaps off the top turnbuckle himself with a kick. That gets 2. 10-count punches in the corner. RVD misses an attack in the corner and lands badly, then eats a neckbreaker. Snap mare by Storm and into a chinlock. RVD tries to fight back but gets clotheslined over the top and into the cage wall. Big boot by Storm. He tries to open up the cut of RVD then reapplies the chinlock. RVD elbows out, ducks the clothesline and hits a spin kick. They slug it out mid-ring and RVD wins the exchange, coming on strong with a pair of clotheslines. He runs Storm into the cage and hits a powerslam…Split-leg moonsault! 1…2…no!! Chinbreaker by Storm, who takes a swig of beer and distracts the ref before planting RVD with a DDT. 1…2…no! Storm is striking up the band…Last Call misses! RVD hits the spin kick…5 STAR FROG SPLASH! 1…2…3??

Winner: Rob van Dam via pinfall (5-Star Frog Splash)
Rating: ** Meh. It was there, nothing special and nothing bad. Of course, the booking decision drags it down a little. How the hell do you give the faces a numerical advantage? I mean, that’s like expecting Sean Waltman AND Scott Hall to show up for the same PPV. Oh, wait…

The faces have the advantage in Lethal Lockdown. No, really.

Christy is with some dude named Hulk Hogan. He is confident about his team’s chances because they are all in the building despite the beatdowns they’ve been taking. He’s happy that RVD beat Storm, but if Team Flair wins tonight he will LEAVE TNA FOREVER! ZOMG~! He doesn’t care if Eric Bischoff shows up, either.

X-Scape Match for an X-Division title shot: Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Homicide

Chances Kendrick sparked up with RVD before the event?

Homicide tries to escape at the bell. Kendrick stops Shelley and gets blitzed by Sabin. The guns work the Indian deathlock-basement dropkick double team on Homicide and then make a wish on Kendrick. Homicide hits the overhead bely to belly on Shelley while Kendrick stands on Sabin’s face. Kendrick is busted open. Homicide holds Sabin in a camel clutch, Kendrick runs the ropes about 6 times and slaps Sabin in the face. The Guns work another double team move, with Shelley hitting the Complete Shot/DDT and Sabin hitting an enziguiri. Tornado DDT from Sabin to Kendrick was SWEET, Homicide catches him with a spinning neckbreaker. Codebreaker from Shelley to Homicide. Shelley climbs, Kendrick cuts him off and hangs him in the tree of woe and punches him repeatedly in the nuts. COP KILLA by Homicide to Sabin!!! That makes up for the lack of Chaos Theory. Homicide and Kendrick shake hands…Homicide scrambles up the cage! He’s out!

Winner: Homicide via escape
Rating: *** Would have got the max spotfest rating with 3 more minutes. These guys went balls to the wall for 5 solid minutes and it was almost impossible to complain about the action. There was even *gasp* selling! Not much, but some. Homicide was the right person to go over since someone had to take the fall in the X-Division match.

It was announced during the match that Scott Hall needs to find a partner or fight Team 3D alone. There is no truth to the rumour that Paul Roma has been spotted backstage.

Cage Match: Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

Young starts with some quick strikes but eats a knee to the gut. Whip by Nash but he misses the charge, missile dropkick by Young gets 2. Apparently Young is filled with spunk. Nash is trapped between ropes and cage, Young hits a crossbody on him in that position. Nash pushes the ref away and smacks Young in the balls. Knees in the corner by Nash, Young fights out and tells Super Shredder to bring it. Super Shredder brings it, and Young looks shellshocked. He keeps trying to fight back with right hands, but Nash keeps kneeing him in the gut. Then from out of the dark came an awesome sound, shouted cowabunga as he hit the ground…from a Nash chokeslam. Young is up again and goes to the knee with a kick, then sticks and moves with the right hands before running into a right foot. Nash lawn-darts Young into the cage and it’s STRAPS DOWN! Jackknife! 1…2…3???? Oh for crying out loud.

Winner: Super Shredder via pinfall (Jackknife)
Rating: *3/4 You know, this wasn’t horrible. Once again the booking is questionable (why on earth would you put Nash over just so he can job to Team 3D later?) but they worked this match the best way they could. Much better than I feared.

Nash announces that he will be Scott Hall’s partner tonight. Two Nash matches? Oh wow, how can I thank you enough TNA?! I feel like I need to pay double for this PPV now! Let’s find out what Blaccu-Weather meteorolgist Ollie Williams thinks about this development. Ollie?

Dey OLD and can’t wrestle!

Thanks Ollie. Now this!

Wow…there’s a rumor that Chris Lansdell is attempting to channel his inner Chris Hyatte in his writing tonight.


Posted By: Guest#2735 (Guest) on April 18, 2010 at 08:38 PM


Double Knockouts Title Cage Match: Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne © vs. Angelina Love © and Tara

DAT AZZ CUBED! Sign of the night: She’s Tara and I’m Rizing. Angelina gives us DAT AZZ as she enters the ring.

Love and Sky start and Love does what I want to do…spears Sky, mounts her and pounds her. Gimme a break here, this PPV is making my head swim. Rayne tags in and eats a powerslam for 2 before hitting a jawbreaker. Love tags in Tara who tries the spiderweb but gets her eyes raked. Tag to Sky, Tara takes her down with a drop toehold and applies an inverted Indian Deathlock. She transitions into a floatover suplex for 2. Sky comes back and starts choking Tara. CURB STOMPS! 1…2…no! That was pretty damn awesome. Rayne tags in, they hit a double basement dropkick for 2 more. Rayne applies the head scissors then hits the scissor stomp for 2 more. Sky is in now, Tara fights back and gets a scoop slam. Tara up top…MOONSAULT misses!!! Love and Rayne both tag in and Love has clotheslines galore! She is a house! En! FUEGO~! She stacks the Beautiful People in the corner but Tara tags herself in! WIDOW’S PEAK! 1…2…Sky breaks it up. Wait now, the cage door was left open??? Lacey von Erich opens the door and WAFFLES Tara with the belt in the back of the head. Rayne stacks up Tara for the pin! 1…2…3???????

Winners: The Beautiful People via pinfall (Rayne on Tara, Lacey von Erich belt shot)
NEW TNA Knockouts Champion:Madison Rayne
Rating: I wonder what McNew would have rated this one? I mean sure there was some good action, but it felt like such a MESS. People everywhere, far too many tags, and Rayne as the champ? Well that makes as much sense as putting Nash over Eric Young…oh DAMMIT!

Tara attacks Angelina Love from behind after Angelina offered to shake her hand! She LAUNCHES Love into the cage!

JB is with Team Flair. Flair says it’s Flair Country, then cuts a great promo. “The legendary Jeff…Jeff Jarrett? Are you kidding me? I’VE GOT STING! WOOO!” Flair is the man. AJ then says that Pope is no AJ Styles. Not bad work from him either.

TNA X-Division Title Cage Match: Douglas Williams © Homicide vs. Shannon Moore vs. Kazarian

This has potential to be very, very good. Oh and I don’t care what others say, the Book of DILLIGAF is awesomeness.

Moore and Kaz blitz Homicide and hit a double hip toss. Springboard leg drop from Kaz. Homicide gets stuck between ropes and cage and take turns beating on Homicide. Moore hits a gorgeous twisting crossbody on Homicide for two. Kaz breaks it up and they come to blows. Series of rollup reversals from Kaz and Moore, Homicide dropkicks Moore into Kaz and gets control. Flying back elbow to Kaz, followed by a snap suplex. T-bone suplex to Moore gets 2. Homicide tries the 3 Amigos but Moore counters the second and hits an inverted atomic. Moore perches Homicide on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him, Kaz joins them but Homicide fights both off! DOUBLE CUTTER from the top! He gets a 2 count on each man off that. Sweet. Kaz rolls up Homicide, ducks a clothesline from Moore and hits a Northern Lights WHILE MAINTAINING THE ROLLUP! Double Pin 1…2…NO! A bunch pf missed charges in the corner, Moore hits a corkscrew press to Homicide for 2. Kaz hits a missile dropkick to Moore for 2. Jawbreaker to Kaz by Homicide, he puts Moore up top and tries the cutter but Moore pushes him off. Kaz and Moore walk the ropes and slug it out, Kaz falls nastily. MOONSAULT PRESS by Moore to Homicide! 1…2…Kaz breaks it up. Kaz has Moore up for a powerbomb…throws him BACKWARDS into the cage, then forwards into it! Kaz and Homicide are on the same turnbuckle, Kaz wants the Flux Capacitor! Homicide blocks it and hip tosses Kaz off!!! Moore tries a pin but Homicide breaks that up with a flying headbutt! Homicide whips Moore and charges into his boots, but gets Moore up for the Cop Killa! Kaz breaks it up…INVERTED PILEDRIVER! HOLY FUCKING FUCKERY OF FUCKTASTIC FUCKS!!!!!!!! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Kaz via pinfall (on Homicide, Inverted piledriver)
Rating: ***½ This NEEDED more time, it would have been incredible. For a last-minute fill-in I thought Homicide did a darn fine job with these two, and Shannon Moore showed that he CAN put on a good show, he was just never allowed to do so. Kaz will be a solid champ. And yes, the finish really was that awesome.

Pope cuts a typical Pope promo. Pope is awesome.

Cage Match: Team 3D vs. The Outsiders

Team 3D are out first and Brother Ray makes it a St. Louis Street Fight, falls count anywhere and leave the cage door open. So now Ray is a matchmaker? The Outsiders are attacked on the ramp as they come down. Ray backdrops Hall on the ramp while Devon does violence on Nash. And we’re in the crowd. Where did I put my knitting? Devon hits Nash in the head with a bottle. Good thing it wasn’t Hall, he’d be trying to lick up the spillage. Lockdown, the all-cage match PPV where we fight in the crowd. Hall has got the upper hand on Ray and holds him for Nash to kick in the face. Devon is in the ring alone with Hall and Nash now and gets launched into the cage. Nash continues the beatdown wall Hall holds the door closed to keep Ray outside. The Outsiders change places, Ray gets a chair and smacks the door with it, which gets Nash away long enough for Ray to get in. BIG chop to Nash, shots to both men. Scoop slam to Hall. Nash is whipped into the corner, Hall is whipped into Nash and Ray runs into that mess. Scoop slam to Hall again…WAZZUUUUUUP? “DEVON!”

Wait for it…


Hall eats table on the 3D! 1…2…3!

Winners: Team 3D via pinfall (Ray on Hall, 3D through table)
Rating: DUD Move along.

Cage Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

Anderson has been money in TNA, and that entrance theme just fits him so well. Anderson calls the key “his precious.” Seriously, he has the entire audience eating out of his hand at will. Kurt Angle, on the other hand, is walking awesome. Anderson has the key around his neck while wrestling. No way Angle rips it off him, right? Sheesh. Anderson beats down Angle quickly and tries to unlock the cage door, but Angle cuts him off. Anderson fights back with right hands and tries again, but Angle back suplexes him out of his boots. Question: why is the ref in the ring if it’s escape only? Anderson has left the key in the padlock. Angle doesn’t notice as he’s busy beating up Anderson. Snap suplex by Angle, he whips Anderson in but Anderson holds on to the ropes and elevates Kurt face-first into the cage. Hey look, someone’s bleeding! That’s new and exciting! Anderson stretches Angle in the ropes than rams his head into the cage. Anderson wipes Angle’s blood on his own chest then drops a leg on Angle. Anderson goes back to the door but Angle again cuts him off and momentarily has the upper hand. However Anderson wants to play darts…with Angle. He launches Kurt into the cage and then tries a powerbomb…Kurt counters! Backdrop by Angle! Kurt crawls for the door but Anderson hits a back elbow to Kurt’s back to break that up. Anderson is now bleeding too. Anderson climbs to the top and thinks about going to the top of the cage, but is still thinking about it when Angle runs up the ropes and launches Anderson across the ring with a suplex. Anderson unravels the tape on his wrist as both men struggle to their feet and starts choking Kurt out with it! The ref is trying to break it but cannot. Angle somehow gets up, gets off a couple of elbows and hits a back suplex to stop the chokeout. Ummm, if the ref was trying so hard to break it, why not just call for a DQ? Both men on their knees mid-ring, exchanging right hands. Now they are on their feet exchanging bigger shots. Clothesline by Angle, whip and a back body drop. Whip to the corner, Anderson blocks the charge but then gets tossed with a belly to belly. Angle Slam countered, FINLAY ROLL! Anderson goes for the pin but the ref waves it off. Mic Check…Countered! GERMAN! ZWEI! DREI! VIER! FUNF! SECHS!


Kurt thinks about going through the door, but instead locks in the Ankle Lock! Anderson kicks free, ducks a clothesline…MIC CHECK! Ande4rson has the padlock open and opens the door…ANGLE SLAM! Angle heads for the door…AND LOCKS IT AGAIN! Angle throws the key into the crowd, and laughs as Anderson tries in vain to flee. PUNY HUMAN! Anderson levels Angle and climbs the cage, but Angle is up with him! GERMAN POSITION! Anderson tries to elbow free…GERMAN OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!! Jesus H Christ Anderson landed on his shoulder, with a man as fragile as he is that could be nasty. Angle surveys the devastation as the crowd tells him that this is awesome. They’re right, you know. Angle positions Anderson, then climbs to the top…OF THE CAGE…MOONSAULT!!!!!!! The roof comes off the building! THAT SHIT WAS HOT! Fuck me that was awesome, from every angle. Angle somehow gets another key and opens the door, but makes the mistake of looking back at Anderson who is showing off two birds. Angle comes back in, LOW BLOW! MIC CHECK! Anderson crawls, he’s almost out! See Kurt, a bird in the hand is worth two in the cage! Angle grabs him by the ankle! ANKLE LOCK! He drags Anderson back in and Anderson is tapping like a white woman in Kobe’s hotel room! Anderson twists, rolls through and launches Angle into the cage! Anderson crawls again, Angle catches him! He has a chain around Anderson’s neck! The medal! He chokes Anderson out with the medal! Fucking awesome continuity. Angle stomps on Anderson nuts on his way out the door.

Winner: Kurt Angle via not dying.
Rating:****½ This match was the best I have seen this year so far. Angle-AJ and HBK-Taker are 2 and 2A. That said, I can’t go any higher than 4.5 because it was starting to feel a little drawn out at the end. Some great spots, great storytelling from both men, and story continuity with the face getting the heel back with the same thing that ignited the feud in the first place. That’s how you blow off a feud folks.

Match of the year. Angle gets on the mic and says he is taking some time off, but when he comes back he is winning the TNA title.

Was the move that Kaz hit similar to CIMA’s schwein?

Posted By: Guest#6174 (Guest) on April 18, 2010 at 09:38 PM

No, it was a Jig n’ Tonic.

TNA World Title Cage Match: AJ Styles © vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Hands up if you would have believed me if I said a year ago that Elijah Burke would be in a world title match one year later in the semi-main event of a major PPV. Shut up Chungles no you wouldn’t. Flair is out with AJ but Hebner says “EH EH!” and sends Flair to the back. This angers AJ. That’s not fair to Flair! Pope is nonplussed. Super special ring announcing!

AJ is pissed and starts by tossing Pope aside. AJ goes to the arm but Pope counters to a facelock, AJ goes back to the arm, Pope twists out and they counter-wrestle to a standstill. AJ tries to take Pope to the cage but Pope blocks and gets a drop toehold. The crowd is on fire tonight, duelling chants going now. Hip toss by Pope and a scoop slam, a pair of arm drags and AJ scuttles to the corner to avoid the bionic elbow. Chops in the corner by AJ, Pope turns it around and gets some right hands followed by a clothesline. Flying forearm à la Tito Santana by Pope, some elbows and a pair of kicks by Pope. He charges but AJ sidesteps and launches Pope into the steel. Pope runs the ropes and AJ hits an absolutely PERFECT dropkick even by his standards. AJ botches a shinbreaker and settles for just dumping Pope down on his side. AJ goes to work on the leg of Pope now, then tries a suplex. Pope escapes out the back, launches AJ HARD into the cage door and then plants him with a DDT. Elbows now by Pope and a back body drop. Flying shoulder tackle by Pope and a pimp slap puts AJ in 619 position. Pope comes off the ropes but AJ is up, he ducks under one move and tries to leapfrog but gets caught and powerslammed. 1…2…no. AJ drives Pope back to the corner and lays in some shoulders an a chop, then pokes Pope in the eye and hits the flying forearm off the top for 2. AJ puts Pope on the top and tries to follow but Pope knocks him down. BENOIT HEADBUTT! 1…2…AJ hangs on. Pope lifts AJ for a fireman’s carry but AJ slides out…PELE! It just comes out of nowhere Mike! 1…2…no! Backbreaker by AJ, he goes up top…walks the ropes…450 splash! He made that look as easy as a kick to the shins. AJ goes all the way to the top of the cage!!! CROSSBODY MISSES! Schoolboy! 1…2…NO! Inverted lungblower from Pope! 1…2…2.89!!! Kneepads are down, here it comes…DDE misses! AJ snatched something from the cameraman, it looked like a boxcutter but the say it was a pen. Roaring lariat by AJ! FAITHBREAKER! 1…2…3!

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Faithbreaker after a pen to the eye)
Rating: ***½ This really rocked me…until the end. AJ and Pope exchanged some great moves, kicked out of finishers and showed some quality chemistry. Then they had to ruin all that hard work by using a pen to the eye. There’s no way this feud continues so the match NEEDED a clean finish in my mind, it would not have hurt Pope at all with that performance.

Eric Bischoff arrives. Apparently the 1PM rule that got Waltman struck off the card doesn’t apply to Bischoff.

Lethal Lockdown Cage Match: TEAM HOGAN (Captain Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, RVD, Jeff Hardy) vs. TEAM FLAIR (Captain Sting, Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money)

Abyss is out first for the faces, and he has a bag with him. Maybe he thinks he will be under a tack. Sorry, long week. Robert Roode is the choice of the heels. Lethal Lockdown without AJ feels weird, I guess Jeff Hardy will have to take the sick bump.

Roode gets the early advantage but runs into the boot of Abyss. He has that weird A logo on his shirt in red and yellow, it looks like a 6-year-old sprayed him with ketchup and mustard. Whip to the corner by Abyss and a back body drop. Remember, no pins until everyone is in. Abyss stops Roode from taking him to the cage, but Roode is unable to do the same and he eats chainlink. Abyss takes him to the other side of the cage, then charges into a foot. Roode gets a blockbuster off the second rope then takes Abyss into the cage. Roode beats down Abyss in the corner as the timer counts down…RVD. Considering his teammate is being beaten up, he’s in no hurry. He makes it to the ring and hits a spin kick, then lays in the shots in the corner. 10-spot punches in the corner, a spin kick and then a monkey flip by RVD. Rolling thunder connects by RVD. Roode gets thrown into the cage again as the timer counts down, and Desmond Wolfe comes out with Chelsea. RVD and Abyss are waiting for him, which allows Roode to get a low blow on Abyss. Wolfe levels RVD as he enters and gets the throat thrust before switching to Abyss and standing on his throat. Roode duplicates that on RVD. Double elbow to RVD. Wolfe and Roode throw Abyss into the cage as we get the countdown…Jarrett, sans guitar. Jarrett comes in on fire and takes both Wolfe and Roode into the cage, then knocks their noggins. He runs both of them head-first into the cage again. Jarrett tries a Frankensteiner!! Roode catches him and powerbombs him, then catapults him into the cage. Wolfe is trying to get the ring of Abyss’s finger. James Storm is next out. RVD’s cut is fully reopened. Storm spits the beer into Abyss’s face and lays some rights to the face of Jarrett. Storm throws RVD into the cage, Jarrett hits an enziguiri on Roode. Jarrett off the second…clothesline to Roode. Delayed vertical by Jarrett. Storm is choking RVD while Wolfe wears out Abyss. Hardy’s music hits, but he doesn’t come out. We cut to the back and Hardy is unconscious with Sting standing over him. Yeah that won’t last. Storm rubs RVD’s face into the chainlink. The faces fight back simultaneously but here comes the countdown for Sting. Apparently Sting is allowed to bring the bat into the ring with him, and he takes out all the faces with it. HERE COMES THE ROOF! THE ROOF! THE ROOF IS BEING LOWERED! Aparently, the cameramen think it’s more important to watch that than to watch the events in the ring. Storm has a garbage can and nails Abyss. Roode and Wolfe have baking sheets which they use without prejudice. Wolfe now has an axe handle, and Storm has a pipe which he uses to smash a trash can into RVD’s ribs. Sting is watching his team wreak havoc. Wolfe comes off the top with the axehandle but Jarrett counters and goes to work with the trash can. Sting chooses now to step in with his bat and regain the momentum for his team. Sting still has his trench coat on, because he cool like dat, he cool like dat, he cool like dat, he cool. Double suplex to Jarrett by Roode and Storm…



Storm runs into Jarrett and sends him through the cage door. Gee I wonder if Hardy comes out now. Beer Money chase Jarrett to the floor, and Abyss is emptying his sack on the mat! He’s gonna chokeslam Sting into the tacks! Wolfe delays him long enough for Storm to plant a beer bottle in his face. The heels celebrate and HERE’S HARDY! He has a kendo stick and takes out Beer Money on the floor! Jarrett has his guitar on the inside…EL KABONG OFF THE TOP to Wolfe! RVD…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!! Sting tries to knock down Abyss…GOOZLE! Chokeslam into the tacks!!! Hardy is climbing the outside of the cage…but why? He calls Beer Money to the top of the cage, and for some reason there is a ladder up there. Hardy has a kendo stick and a trash can lid, and holds off Beer Money for a short time until he falls victim to the numbers game. OK, there is also a table on top of the cage. WTF? Beer Money set up the table, but nothing will happen cos the ladder hasn’t been used. Yup, Hardy fights out and hits the Twist of Fate on top of the cage on Roode! He puts Storm on the table…yup, here comes the ladder. Please don’t die. SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Everyone is dead. Chelsea looks like she got Dutch ovened by Rikishi. FLAIR is out! He’s getting in the ring! He beats down Abyss and gee, I wonder if Hogan will come out. Flair tries to take the ring from Abyss, and here comes the Hulkster. YOU! Hogan has the bat, but WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON? Here’s Bischoff now! BUT WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON? Everyone else is still dead. Bischoff doesn’t want Hogan to hit Flair. Bischoff has some brass knucks! He shows them to Flair…and tosses them to Hogan! Hogan nails Flair several times with the knux, busting him open but not knocking him out. Flair goes into the cage 3 times, no sells it and takes off his shirt. GOD NO! PUT IT BACK ON! Flair gets hit again, walks around and Flair Flops into the tacks! Trash can shot to the head of Flair. Oh, and as an aside, Abyss hits Wolfe with the Black Hole Slam for the win. But you don’t need to worry about that, cos Hogan and Bischoff are buddies again and Flair is bleeding.

Winners: Team Hogan via pinfall (Abyss on Wolfe, Black Hole Slam)
Rating: **½ You know, this wasn’t awful. They did some good stuff throughout and the pairings made sense. What really pissed me off was all the inactivity, the fact that only 3 people really got to show anything, and of course the ending. Why Bischoff, Hogan and Flair needed to get involved is beyond me, and everyone had to lie around being all dead and stuff while it happened. Not a good way to close the show.

The faces celebrate as we go off air…


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