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411’s TNA Sacrifice Report 5.11.08

May 11, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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    -LIVE from the Impact Zone!

    -At 7:07pm Kurt Angle arrived, and he suffered an injury in Korea earlier this week. His doctor says he cannot wrestle tonight, if he gets injured tonight his career may be over. Sure he won the Gold Medal and main evented WrestleMania with a broken neck. But he can’t afford to try tonight, and that’s the deal.

    -Steiner arrives 20-minutes after that, and is informed that Angle is out of the match. Steiner says Angle is great, but he doesn’t trust him and will only believe it when Angle doesn’t come to the ring tonight. Rick Steiner and Nash arrived with Scott Steiner in his limo.

    -Joe arrived minutes ago, JB informs him about Angle and Joe says it is a shame, since he didn’t put Angle down himself. JB tells Joe about Nash arriving with Steiner, and he walks off.

    Deuces Wild Quarterfinal Match: Sting and James Storm w/Miss Jackie Moore vs. Team 3D

    Storm and Sting argue over who will begin, and Storm will begin. He and Devon kick things off, and Storm slaps Devon in the back of the head. Devon charges at Storm, who fires back with rights, off the ropes and a flying shoulder block by Devon. Irish whip, corner splash and then a slam by Devon. Devon with an elbow drop off of the ropes and a cover for 2. Ray tags in, suplex on Storm and a cover for 2. Ray slaps Sting, just to piss him off which allows Storm to fight back. Jackie jumps in the ring, and Ray slaps her ass. She took a great bump. Storm now wants to tag and Sting is in. Side headlock by Ray, off the ropes and a shoulder block levels Sting. Ray charges, takes a hip toss and Sting slams him down. A clothesline by Sting and Ray rolls to the floor. Devon tags in, test of strength and then a lock up. Side headlock by Devon, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Sting. Stomps by Sting to the hands of Devon and Storm and Sting argue, Ray in and 3D beat him down and choke him out. Elbows by Devon, face scrape, snap mare and a chinlock by Devon. Storm sits on the apron and drinks a beer. Devon in control with the chinlock, Sting battles out and Devon slams him down. To the 2nd rope, head butt connects for 2. Storm continues to sit and drink. Devon misses another head butt try, Sting fights back and gets a Stinger splash. Ray in, whipped to Devon and Sting misses a splash, WASSUP HEAD BUTT connects and Devon goes for a table. Storm is on the floor and drinking still, Sting fights back and Storm is in now telling them to kill Sting! He sits on the second rope, and 3D walks away! Sting tosses him THROUGH the table, kind of, he was a bit short. Sting walks away and 3D pins Storm.

    Winners: Team 3D @ 8:50 via pin
    Rating: *½

    -To the back with Frank Trigg. Trigg explains the injury that Angle suffered, and this is a reoccurring injury. Trigg says they worked out, and he just isn’t able to go tonight. It will be Steiner and Joe, and Trigg says he picked against Joe before, but Joe looks so good and while Steiner was an All American, he has to pick Joe this time. Trigg is very concerned with Angle’s health.

    Deuces Wild Quarterfinal Match: Robert Roode and Booker T vs. Christian Cage and Rhino

    Roode and Booker argue as Cage and Rhino are announced as their opponents. Roode and Rhino to begin. They circle, lock up and off the ropes and a shoulder block by Rhino. He then gets a clothesline and cover for 2. Rights by Rhino in the corner, tag to Cage and off the ropes with a double hip toss and cover for 2 by Cage. Rights by Roode, chops now and off the ropes, reversal and a back elbow by Cage. 2nd rope spinning uppercut for 2 by Cage. Unprettier try, Roode counters and then rakes the eyes of Cage and slams him down. Roode and Cage continue to brawl, Roode lays the boots to Cage, who then fires back with chops. Snap mare and Hennig neck flip by Roode, and he celebrates. Cage tries to fire back with rights, but Roode gets a spinebuster for 2. Front facelock by Roode, Cage tries to fight out and gets to his feet. Roode maintains control, Irish whip and a boot by Cage. Cage hits a tornado DDT and both men are down. Booker tags himself in, clothesline to Cage and then chops. To the corner and chops and rights by Booker. Irish whip reversed, and a big backdrop to Cage. Knees and a boot by Booker, misses the Ax kick and then the sidekick and Cage with the inverted DDT lands, and both men are down. Tag to Rhino, he cleans house on Booker, off the ropes and a side kick by Booker takes him down. Boots, Roode tags himself in and Rhino tosses Booker. Clotheslines to Roode, but he comes back and Rhino gores him out of nowhere and that is all.

    Winners: Cage and Rhino @ 7:05 via pin
    Rating: *½

    -After the match Booker comes back in and he shakes with both men. RESPECT. Booker then raises their hands. Booker then gets a chair and LAYS OUT CAGE! LAYS OUT RHINO! HEEL TURN!

    -To the back and JB is with Steiner. Nash is there and Steiner says they can work together. Nash admits that Joe is his meal ticket, and Steiner says if he wins, Nash gets a title shot. Nash promises to think about it.

    Deuces Wild Quarterfinal Match: Kip James and Matt Morgan vs. LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) w/Hector Guerrero

    Kip and Cide to begin. Kip mocks his size and pats him on the head. Eye poke by Cide, headlock and Kip sets him on the second rope. He walks away and Cide delivers a dropkick, and then Hernandez in with a flying shoulder block. Kip to the floor and then Cide gets the TOPE CON HILO~! The ref stops Hernandez from diving, and Morgan grabs Cide and tosses him back into the ring. Morgan tags in, lays the boots to Cide and then goes up top, walks the ropes and goes old school on Cide for 2. Tag to Kip, lays the boots to Cide and then slams him to the corner. Jabs by Kip, backs off, tunes up the band and MISSES the corner splash. Hernandez tags in and levels Kip. Corner splash connects, takes the shirt and uses it to toss Kip across the ring. Nails Morgan, who comes in and they stand off and brawl. Off the ropes, they collide and then do it again. Hernandez gets a shoulder block and Kip is back, beats him down and as he goes for the fameasser Morgan levels him with the bog boot and Hernandez covers Kip for the win.

    Winners: LAX @ 4:20 via pin
    Rating: *

    -To the back as JB is with AJ Styles. AJ says he thinks Kong is a lady and doesn’t know how to prepare. Angle is here and confronts AJ about being with Karen. Angle is also pissed that AJ didn’t check on him. They argue about Karen and AJ tells him to take care of his neck.

    Deuces Wild Quarterfinal Match: AJ Styles and Super Eric vs. Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed and BG James

    BG and Super Eric to begin. A dropkick by Super Eric, and a cover for 2. AJ tags in, rights to BG and he is in control. Off the ropes, counters and a dropkick by AJ. BG tags in Kong! AJ is conflicted, lock up and to the corner they go and AJ backs off, but Kong shoves him. AJ with a roll up for 2. Sunset flip for 2. Chops by AJ, SPINNING BACKFIST! AJ lays the boots to Kong, but Kong GRABS HIS BALLS! Tag to BG, atomic drop and BG mocks AJ. Rights now and AJ is down and he covers for 2. Big boot by BG and a cover for 2. Tag to Kong, grabs AJ, KONG BOMB countered but Kong sits down on the sunset flip try and gets a cover for 2. Tag to BG and he is in, roll up for 2. AJ elbows out, dancing jabs by BG but AJ gets the PELE! AJ tags in Super Eric and he lays out BG with clotheslines. Irish whip, Super Eric with the Flair corner flip, up top and then gets the SUPER SENTON for 2 as Kong makes the save. Chops to Eric, but Super Eric slams Kong onto BG! Tag to AJ, SUICIDE DIVE by Super Eric to Kong! AJ SLIPS on a dive try and face plants. Fuck that was not good. BG picks up AJ, who then gets a small package for the win. AJ is holding his face after the match.

    Winners: AJ Styles and Super Eric @ 5:45 via pin
    Rating: *¼

    -Tenay and West hype the rest of the card as they set up the Terror Dome. Jim Cornette will make an announcement regarding the main event later tonight.

    -To the back and Lauren is with Rick Steiner. Rick is here because this is a huge night for Scott. Rick isn’t here to cause trouble, he is here for support and to enjoy the sun.

    -We get a video preview for the TERROR DOME~!

    -Jim Cornette is out and says that he is sweetening the pot. The winner of the match will take Kurt Angle’s spot in the main event tonight!

    THE TERROR DOME/X-DIVISON #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Black Machismo vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Curry Man vs. Johnny Devine vs. Shark Boy vs. Consequences Creed vs. Kaz vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

    It looks like an old school block cage, RED, with the dome portion being lowered onto it. It is kind of hard to see through. They start to climb right away and pair off to brawl. Curry Man gets a jawbreaker on Rave. Creed with a rolling thunder levels Curry Man, Machismo and Dutt work together as the ref is tied up top of the cage. Kaz gets the backdrop piledriver on Devine, the Guns are working together as well and double team Sharky. Dutt with a swank spinning head scissors on Sabin, but Shelley flapjacks him for his troubles. They Guns double team Machismo now as well, and Creed is climbing on the dome portion. Kaz tries to take him down, but gets a leg drop onto Curry Man. CREED DIVES OFF ONTO KAZ! He cleans house, but Curry Man is back and takes him out, only for the Guns to level him. Dutt and Machismo battle the Guns, but Kaz gets a dual dropkick to them. Kaz climbs, but is stopped by Rave, Creed up as well with Devine and Sharky Over…SUPER RANA TOWER OF DOOM~! Curry Man tries the spice rack, but Dutt gets the dragon DDT as a counter. Machismo climbs, Rave up as well and slams Machismo off of the cage and gets the spinning cradle neck breaker, or the move that rocks the world as he calls it. Dutt tries to climb, but Shelley stops that. Curry Man and Dutt climb again, and Creed gets the CREEDDT on Rave. The Guns double-team him as Sharky gets a chummer on Sabin! He climbs and Sabin leaps to the top and they fight for position, DEEP SEA DRIVER off of the top! Kaz gets the wave of the future on Sharky and Dutt and Curry Man go flying off of the side of the cage into a pile of men! Curry Man and Rave battle, but Rave with an STO levels him. Rave climbs, Curry Man up, slams him off of the cage, TOP ROPE SPICE RACK~! CURRY MAN DANCE! Curry Man hits Kaz and Machismo, climbs now and Kaz up with him, Kaz tossed off, but climbs back up, they brawl, REVERSE FLUX CAPACITOR!!!!!!! Kaz now climbs, Devine over to stop him and they trade chops up top. TOP ROPE LUNG BLOWER BY DEVINE! DEVINE INTERVENTION on Creed! Devine now climbs, as does Rave. Kaz follows and grabs at Devine, and pulls him off onto EVERYONE else! Kaz goes for the escape, everyone is trying to climb…but KAZ WINS!

    Winner: KAZ @ 10:45
    Rating: ***

    -Kaz is the #1 contender for the X-Title and gets into the main event to challenge for the TNA World Title. They give Kaz a ton of celebration time for this as well.

    -JB is with Joe. Joe says that Kaz is great and deserves the spot, but business is business and he will retain. JB asks about Nash, and Joe gets OFFENDED as JB stirs shit up. Joe doesn’t know what the deal is and doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about Scott, Rick or Kevin, he is fighting the world, and if Nash crosses his path, he will regret it.

    -Tenay and West discuss the Kevin Nash situation.

    Deuces Wild Semifinal Match: Team 3D vs. Rhino and Christian Cage

    Cage and Rhino are showing the effects of the chair shots from Booker. 3D double team Cage to get the advantage. Chops by Ray, elbows now and then a neck breaker by Ray gets 2. Cage tries to fire back as Devon tags in, but Devon works the head and neck of Cage. Irish whip, Cage escapes a splash and chops away at Devon. Tags to Rhino, off the ropes and a double team back elbow. Off the ropes, flying shoulder block by Rhino gets 2. Rhino sets for a gore, but Ray grabs his hair and pulls him down. Devon chokes out Rhino, tag to Ray and they start to work the head and neck of Rhino. Off the ropes and Rhino counters into a spinebuster. He crawls and tags in Cage. Chops to Devon, off the ropes and a backdrop. Rights to Ray, up top and a DIVE to the floor onto Ray and Devon! Back into the ring, off the ropes and Ray trips up Cage, pulls him to the floor and whips him into the steps. Ray stands up the steps and slams Cage head first into them. Ray tosses Cage back in, Devon covers for 2. Devon chokes him out, but Cage tries to fight back but is hit in the back of the head. Neck vice by Devon, but Cage bites his hand and escapes. Tag to Ray, rights by Cage as he fires back. Off the ropes and he takes a HUGE backdrop. Ray to the 2nd rope, Rhino distracts him and Cage is up, nails him and goes up top with Ray. RANA connects! 1…2…NO! Cage looks for a tag and gets it. Devon is as well and Rhino starts to lay him out. Corner shoulder block, and a belly to belly gets 2 as Ray breaks that up. Ray tosses Cage to the floor, slams Rhino and Devon up top…WAZZUP stopped as Cage tosses Devon off of the top. Spinebuster by Rhino on Ray! Flying shoulder block to Devon by Rhino gets 2. Devine is out with the cane, Rhino tossed to he floor and 3D double teams Cage, reverse 3D and Rhino is back in. Double clothesline to 3D. Ray to the floor, Devine has the cane and gives it to Ray. Slam by Rhino on Devon gets 2. Gore try, NAILS Devon! Devine distracts the ref, Ray has the cane and NAILS Rhino! Devon covers and that is all.

    Winners: Team 3D @ 10:00 via pin
    Rating: **

    -Cage checks on Rhino as 3D celebrates with the titles, which they haven’t won yet.

    -JB is with Nash. Nash says he just rode with Steiner, and JB says Joe choked him out. JB says Joe promised to take Nash out, and he then says he will go and cross Joe’s path.

    Deuces Wild Semifinal Match: AJ Styles and Super Eric vs. LAX w/Salinas and Hector Guerrero

    Hector and AJ have some words and shove at the beginning. AJ and Cide to begin, arm drags and counters by both men, really fast paced and then they collide with a cross body try. Hernandez and Eric in, side headlock by Eric, off the ropes, they collide and Eric tosses Hernandez over the top to the floor. Hernandez is pissed, and slingshots in with the shoulder block. They go for the test of strength now, Hernandez with the advantage and takes Eric down into a bridge and pinning try for 2. Hernandez onto Eric, Eric still bridges and Hernandez cannot get him all the way down. Eric battles up and drops down, sending Hernandez to the floor. Eric grabs the ref’s hand, up top and a cross body to the floor onto Hernandez! Back in and Eric covers for 2. AJ tags in, rights to Hernandez and off the ropes, clubbing shot by AJ and a suplex try is stopped and AJ gets the superman springboard forearm. Eric tags back in, a slam and leg drop gets 2. AJ tags back in, lays the boots to Hernandez, snap mare and a high knee drop lands and AJ covers for 2. Camel clutch variation by AJ, Hernandez stands up with AJ on his shoulders and gets an electric chair drop! Tags to Cide and Eric. Irish whip and after counters Cide gets some hip tosses, off the ropes and Hernandez in, neck breaker by Cide, and they get the drive by and a cover for 2. Stalling suplex by Hernandez, Cide gets an STF on AJ as Hernandez STILL holds the suplex. Slams Eric down and Cide covers for 2. Jaw breaker by Eric, AJ in and Cide gets a monkey flip, AJ to his feet and tries the clash, countered and a GRINGO CUTTER by Cide. Eric up top and flies in on Cide. Hernandez takes him to the floor with the Cactus clothesline, AJ rolls up Cide, but Hector is in and rolls it over and Cide gets the pin.

    Winners: LAX @ 7:40 via pin
    Rating: **

    -After the match AJ and Eric are sad pandas.

    -Lauren is with Joe’s dancing family. They say that Joe didn’t just bring family, he brought the entire Samoan Nation. They say that they aren’t wrestlers, and they are blood, if need be, they will be involved. SAMOAN POWER!

    KNOCKOUTS BATTLE ROYAL/LADDER/HAIR/MAKEOVER/#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: Roxxi vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love vs. Christy Hemme vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Salinas vs. Miss Jackie Moore vs. Traci Brooks vs. Rhaka Khan

    BATTLE ROYAL PORTION: They al brawl to begin. Salinas tries a tornado DDT, but Roxxi tosses her out. Kim and Roxxi pair off, and I have to say that she didn’t ACTUALLY go over the top rope. Love spills the flask on ODB, Brooks and Sky fight by the apron and Sky gets eliminated. Love eliminates Brooks with a yakuza kick. Hemme and Khan pair off, and Khan tosses Hemme. ODB and Moore double team Khan, Love over as well and then Moore lays the boots to Love. Corner splash by ODB on Khan, and Moore gets a 2nd rope missile dropkick to Khan. ODB and Khan fight near the ropes, Moore over as well and they toss Khan. Kim tosses Moore and Roxxi tosses ODB! Roxxi then tosses Love and we’re down to two!

    LADDER MATCH PORTION: Kim and Roxxi are left and it is a ladder match. Remember Kim has immunity and is she loses, Love gets her head shaved. The ref makes Love stay. Roxxi lays the boots to Kim, to the corner and Roxxi to the floor and gets the ladder. Love tries to stop her and Roxxi LEVELS her with the ladder! Kim the dropkicks the ladder into Roxxi. She gets another ladder, slides it in and sets it up. She goes to climb, Roxxi back in and she grabs Kim and Kim gets a RANA! She then tosses the ladder into Roxxi’s face! She sets the ladder in the corner, grabs Roxxi and they trade shots. Kim whipped into the ladder. Roxxi then gets a corner charge to Kim. Roxxi sets the ladder in the corner again, but Kim monkey flips her onto the ladder! Love chants for Kim to win and slides her a ladder. Kim sets it up and she climbs. Roxxi up and climbs now, Roxxi is busted open, and as they brawl Kim gets a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB off of the ladder! Love holds onto Roxxi, but Roxxi knocks her off of the apron. She and Kim brawl center ring and Roxxi gets a SPINEBUSTER to Kim on the ladder. Sky in and eats a yakuza kick by Roxxi! Roxxi climbs, Love in and pushes over the ladder. Kim climbs, and gets the contract.

    Winner: Gail Kim @ 9:40
    Rating: **½

    -After the match Kim beats down Love. Kim gets a title shot now for the win. Sky is out and Kim tries to beat them down, Roxxi is out and they all brawl. Sky and Love escape and Roxxi has to get a haircut. The crowd does NOT like that. The other Knockouts look on as Roxxi gets the cut. Love and Sky mock her and she is getting sheared! FIRE RUSSO CHANT now. Some of the face Knockouts try to support her. BULLSHIT chant now as well. She is still bleeding a good bit and sells it well as she appears to be crying, and she may very well be for real. Love and Sky celebrate with the cut hair as the crowd chants for Roxxi.

    -JB is with Nash, looking for Joe. Nash meets with Joe and Joe says he knew not to trust him. Joe knows how he operates. Joe threatens to break Nash, and Nash says he went old school today. He was picking his brain, but he is on Joe’s team. Nash says you have to use your brain and that is why he needs Nash. Joe says he doesn’t need him and Nash says he will sit his big ass back here, and if Joe needs him, maybe he will be there, maybe he won’t. Joe tells him not to show up.

    Deuces Wild Final Match To Determine the New TNA World Tag Team Champions: Team 3D vs. LAX w/Salinas and Hector Guerrero

    As 3D yells at Hector, Cide hits a TOPE CON HILO onto 3D and they brawl on the floor to begin. Ray suplexes Hernandez on the ramp as Devon beats down Cide. Ray has a chair and nails Hernandez and chokes him with it. Lots of brawling on the floor, 3D in control but Hernandez tries to battle back and slams Ray to the apron. Devon tossed into the ring, and we are officially underway. Boot by Cide, to the 2nd rope and a cross body to Devon for 2. Cide tosses Devon back to the floor, up top and Ray tosses him off into the ring. Devon beats down Cide, Ray in and chokes out Cide. Devon back in and more choking. Cide tries to fight back but fails. Stalling suplex by Devon and a cover for 2. Chinlock by Devon now, Cide to his feet and gets a jawbreaker. Ray stun guns Cide off of the top rope and Devon covers for 2. Slam by Ray, and into a head scissors. Cide escapes, works for a tag and finally gets it. Hernandez cleans house, clotheslines, rights, a backdrop for Ray and then one for Devon. He slams them together and dropkicks them to the floor. SUPER DIVE BY HERNANDEZ to the floor! Devine is out and pulls out a table. He sets it up on the floor, and Hector Guerrero is over to stop him and then canes Devine! Hector moves the table, lays Devin on it and lays the rights to him. Hector up top! DOUBLE STOMP TO DEVINE THROUGH THE TABLE~! Ray and Hernandez in, boot by Hernandez and up top he goes, chops by Ray and he goes up top! Superplex! Top rope head butt by Devon and he covers for 2! Cide back in, but he eats a reverse 3D. They go after Hernandez, off the ropes and Hernandez lays them out with a clothesline. Cide up top…RANA to ray! Spinebuster by Hernandez! Devon back in, sets Cide up top, goes up and Hernandez is over to stop that, gets Devon…BORDER TOSS! FROG SPLASH by Cide! 1…2…3!

    Hebner had stopped a pin for 3D, saying one wasn’t legal, but in the end, I don’t believe Cide was legal either.

    Winners and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS LAX @ 11:30 via pin
    Rating: ***

    -LAX celebrates the title win.

    -Eric Young is out and says he will see Elvis at the next PPV. He knows Elvis isn’t dead.

    -Frank Trigg joins commentary.


    -JB does the super special ring announcing. It is 10:38pm as he begins it, so I don’t see the main event lasting too long. 12-minutes max.

    TNA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe © vs. Scott Steiner w/Petey and Khan vs. Kaz

    Steiner talks shit and poses, and Kaz gets a roll up for 1. Crucifix for 2 this time. Joe levels both men and shoots Steiner to the corner, knee of doom and the enziguri connect. Head butts by Joe, knees and then leg kicks take down Steiner. Kaz fires away at Joe, goes for a cross body and Joe walks away and Kaz crashes and burns. Single leg crab by Joe, Steiner works to his feet and Joe then catches him with an arm bar. Kaz shoots in on Joe, but Joe about rips his leg off and gets a Texas Cloverleaf on him. Steiner stops that, chops to Joe, off the ropes now and a boot by Joe and then an XPLODER! Joe clotheslines Steiner to the floor, jabs to Kaz, but Kaz gets a leg sweep, and a springboard misses and Joe powerbombs him down for 2. Steiner trips up Joe, pulls him to the floor and slams him to the railing. Kaz to the floor, clothesline by Steiner. Chops to Joe, they brawl up the ramp and Steiner suplexes him on the ramp. Steiner and Kaz into the ring now, sets Kaz up top and Steiner follows. HUGE belly to belly off of the top, Steiner nails Joe as he tries to come back in and then levels Kaz with a clothesline, elbow drop and then off of the apron with a clothesline to Joe. Back in and chops to Kaz, sets him up top again, Steiner up with him and Kaz fights him off, but Steiner then gets the top rope Samoan Drop (HE ISN’T EVEN SAMOAN) and covers for 2 as Joe makes the save. Off the ropes, boot by Steiner and then a belly to belly on Joe connects. An overhead toss on Kaz! One for Joe! Steiner is running wild! Steiner now slams Kaz to the corner, and gets the recliner on Joe! Kaz up top and Joe works for the ropes and as Steiner pulls him back center, Joe pulls Steiner up onto his shoulders and Kaz gets a DOOMSDAY DROPKICK~! All three men are down. Kaz battles back with a spinkick to Steiner, springboard leg drop and a cover for 2. Rights to Joe, off the ropes and Joe then KILSL him with a half nelson suplex! STJOE on Steiner! Steiner to the floor, and Joe goes for the Elbow Suicida, Rhaka distracts the ref and as he dives Steiner NAILS him with the pipe! Kaz with a dive onto Steiner! Back into the ring, slingshot into a roll up by Kaz for 2. Steiner tosses him to the apron, but Kaz slingshots back in with a DDT for a close 2! Kaz springboards in, Steiner nails him and then Kaz counters a suplex into a dropkick and a cover for 2. Joe is still on the floor, Kaz up top and Steiner holds the ref and Petey trips up Kaz and crotches him. Steiner over to the corner, goes up top, rights to Kaz, all the way up…FRANKENSTEINER 2K8~! 1…2…NO! Joe barely makes the save. Joe is hurting, chops by Steiner, fires back with an elbow and to the 2nd rope and the flying knee attack! Joe runs wild on Kaz, snap slam to Steiner and a cover for 2! CLUTCH by Joe! Steiner fights, Kaz them misses a kick and Joe levels him with a superkick! To the apron, Joe and Steiner brawl and Joe sets Steiner up top. Kaz dropkicks Joe to the floor and now goes up to with Steiner, Steiner fights and Steiner basically gets a top rope spinebuster and cover for 2. Kaz and Steiner duke it out, sets Steiner back up top, Kaz up and Steiner tosses Kaz TO THE FLOOR! Joe in, ENZIGURI! MUSCLE BUSTER to Steiner! 1…2…3!

    A couple of off spots, but a good match.

    Winner: Samoa Joe @ 14:30 via pin
    Rating: ***

    -Kaz is holding his arm on the floor as Joe celebrates with the title.

    -End scene…

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