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411’s TNA Turning Point Report 12.02.07

December 2, 2007 | Posted by James Thomlison

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    – We open with Kurt and Co. in the back. JB is there and AJ Styles is talking. He wants to know why Kurt won’t align with Christian Cage. What does he have to lose? Kurt says that Kurt has his authority to lose. Christian has never listened to anyone in his life. AJ attests that Kurt has everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Kurt feels that he has his respect to lose, and Christian better play by his rules. Karen offers to go talk to Christian, but Kurt says no and it is time to man up! Karen hopes Christian doesn’t piss him off. Intro.

    TABLES MATCH: Team 3D (Rey and Devon) and Johnny Devine vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Sabina and Shelley) and Black Machismo

    A reminder to all that someone has to go through a table for there to be a winner. Jay Lethal is in the SWANK Black Machismo (Red/White tassle pants, Black jacket with white tassle, Shades) gear! Shelley and Devine to start, but first Brother Ray grabs a mic to inform us that Team 3D is the greatest tag team of all time and all of his opponents, the viewers, and the fans all suck. Shelley and Devine get in a pushing and a chop contest. Shelley with a suplex, Devine reverses and delivers several kicks to Shelley’s chest. Blind tag by Sabin but he isn’t legal until Shelley hits an over the rope leg drop the same from Lethal. Punches and chops by both and Devine gets the tag into Brother D-Von. D-Von exerts his power and takes control. Sabin reverses the momentum and hits the hurricarana! Tag to Lethal and he continues the assault. Powerslam off the ropes by D-Von! Tag to Brother Ray and he wants some Flair chops! Brother Ray works Lethal’s arm and vice versa. Hip toss to Brother Ray but he meets it with a Bookend/Rock Bottom/whatever they call it in TNA! Motor City Machine Guns come in and hit the High Low, Machismo takes out Devine and we have a cleared ring after they all jump outside to attack Team 3D/Devine! Face team in control on the outside. And the 3D’s are GETTING THE TABLES! But double dropkick by the MCMG’s to knock Team 3D down (they were on the outside of the ring). A Sandwiched, Sunset Flip Suplex by the MCMG’s on Devine in the ring, but celebrating gave Team 3D a chance to resume control of the match. NOW THEY WANT SOME TABLES AGAIN! They send Shelley into the table but before he gets there Sabin tackled him from the side to save the match! Machismo is in and ducks Brother Ray who falls into the table! Match not over though because he threw himself into the table. MCMG’s now getting a table themselves, but Devine tries to block it, flies under the table, and they smack him with it! They are setting up the table outside the ring, and go for Devine. They set him up on the ring apron, but Brother D-Von broke it up. D-Von is now setting up a table on the barrier outside, puts Shelley on it, Devine goes up, but Shelley moves and Devine throws himself into a table via a slingshot! Another table to Sabin’s head! Again, match continues because it has all been self-inflicted to this point. D-Von and Shelley in the ring, but Lethal springboards out of nowhere! Him and Shelley set up a table, and go for the double Suplex onto the table but brother Ray moved the table! They get the upper hand, and want to go for the 3D on Shelley but he counters and DDT to Brother D-Von! Machismo with a great kick to the head but now the ref is down! Machismo grabs a kendo stick and GOODNIGHT Devine. He sets him up on the table, heads to the top rope, and ELBOW FROM THE TOP ROPE! Table breaks, but the ref is still down! Team 3-D hits Machismo with the belt, lay him out on the table instead of Devine, lays Devine on top of him, the ref recovers, and thinks that Devine did it to Lethal and the match is called!

    Winner: Team 3D and Johnny Devine @ 20:00 via Reverse Shenanigans (switch Devine and Lethal)

    – The blonde is in the back with Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash. Hall hasn’t arrived yet, but that’s no matter. Kevin Nash explains that he was only friends with Kurt because he thought there may have been a shot at Karen Angle, but Samoa Joe is upset with the joke making. He wants Kevin to be serious. He tells him to come find him in the locker room when his partner gets there and he actually is serious.

    Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs. ODB and Roxxi

    Roxxi and Love to start. In comes both Velvet and ODB. Velvet taunts a little and ODB smacks her on the ass. Dropkick to ODB. She is now riding ODB doggy style. Wedgie to ODB! ODB now wants referee Andrew Thomas to spank her, he doesn’t and so she gives him a wedgie. Rollup by Love for 2! ODB back to work on Love, and in tags Roxxi. She takes a boot to the face but answers with a Spinebuster! They have her in the corner, and tag in ODB, and ODB is now putting a boot to Love’s pussy from the top rope over and over. No, I’m not joking, and I have no idea how to call that. Roxxi tags back in but so does Sky! Hurricarana to Roxxi! Spinning neck breaker to ODB. All four women in the ring now as Sky/Love throw ODB/Roxxi into each other. Sky plants her boot to Roxxi’s face, and that is all!

    Winner: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky @ 7:14 via boot to the face

    -Kurt is in the back and about to head into Christian Cage’s locker room. JB is trying to give him Kama Sutra stress relief pointers; Kurt is not impressed. Christian stands as he goes in but Kurt is there to talk, not fight. Christian believes Kurt has talked enough, getting Tomko and AJ over to his side. Kurt explains that if they join up, they can’t be stopped. They don’t have to be friends, they simply have to co-exist. Kurt volunteers to be the leader. Christian is interested, but he’d like to be the leader. There is only one boss of Christian Cage, and that is Christian Cage. Kurt can take his offer, AJ, and Tomko and shove it up his ass. Is he kidding? Christian: “oh it’s real, it’s damn real”. Roode is pumped for their match, Christian tells him to just follow his lead and leaves, Roode calls Christian an asshole, and Tracy lets him know it takes one to know one.

    -James Storm cannot find a beer and it is getting CRUCIAL! Jackie manages to calm him down and let him know he doesn’t need it to win this match.

    James Storm vs. Eric Young

    Storm comes to the ring, but Eric does not take the path of the entrance ramp. He comes out of nowhere and it is on! Eric rips his jacket off and is PISSED! Eric is pounding away. He is now chasing Storm up the ramp, and a dropkick on the ramp! They are back in the ring and Eric is still just whaling away on him. Storm is doing anything he can to get away, they run outside the ring, Storm hops back in, Jackie holds Young so that Storm can hit him with a sliding kick drop, but Young moves and he nails Jackie! Eric still dominating, and finally Storm is able to move out of the way and let Young take a ring post shot to the shoulder. Storm wants beer but Jackie says NO! AFTER THE MATCH! Storm hops in the ring to break the count but right back out. He is now working Eric’s shoulder/arm on the ring post. Back into the ring and Storm has turned things in his favor. Jackie goes to work on his arm while Storm keeps referee Rudy Charles distracted. Elbow Drop by Storm. Goes air born and drops his knee on the shoulder. He is know resorting to the Randy Orton Sit Down Headlock. Storm is now biting Young’s nose! Storm now up from the top rope and Cross body but Eric Young reverses it for 2! More work on Young’s shoulder by Storm, and the crowd is starting to let Storm hear it. Storm goes for and hits the Eye of the Storm! Storm chillin’ in the corner with his best friend, his hat. Goes for the pin and 2! Back to an arm bar. Three minutes later, Eric breaks the arm bar. Eric is now mounting a one-armed offense. Showtime up to the top rope, and drops the elbow! He slowly goes for the pin but 2! Eric grabs Storm off the top rope, positions him and puts him over for the bridge pin for 2! James Storm out of nowhere with the Lung Blower for 2! Eric kicks out, avoids the Superkick, and Young with the Cross body Slam for 2! Storm grabs beer and now it is on! He is feeling much better! He goes to hit Eric Young with the bottle but the ref grabs him! Eric goes for the surprise roll up and 1….2….3! Gets the win!

    Winner: Eric Young @ 11:58 via sneak rollup

    THE FEAST or FIRED BATTLE ROYAL: 15 Men will compete for four boxes, three containing TNA title shots, and one, a pink slip: Chris Harris, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, BG James, Kip James, Scott Steiner, Christopher Daniels, Senshi, Hernandez, Homicide, Shark Boy, Hoyt, Rave, Raven, Ron Killings

    Everyone is kicking everyone’s ass while everyone else is trying to climb the ropes and get a briefcase. First chance is Hoyt who has his hands on a case until Homicide gets him. Kick by Petey Williams, Hernandez taking out Hoyt again. Senshi is going for a case but NO! Shark Boy thinks not! Half the ring is clear, Steiner has a chair, and here we go. Daniels knocks off Shark Boy, and we learn that the contents of the briefcases will not be revealed until Thursday on iMPACT! Petey Williams up on top and here comes Senshi to apply the Hanging Dragon on but Petey grabs a briefcase and he has touched the ground with both feet! Petey Williams is winner #1. Action continues and Kip James’ outfit comes out of the closet and admits that it is gay! Daniels and Hernandez battle, Harris and BG James are fighting, Steiner is dealing with Senshi, and Kip James out of nowhere has briefcase #2! He is surrounded by six guys though in the ring so he tosses it to BG who was playing possum on the ramp! Chris Harris is babbling at the announcers over something, Senshi and Hernandez are at it, Hernandez throw Senshi in the air, but he flies into a pole! He grabs the briefcase and has hit the ground for our #3 winner! Christy Hemme is out for some stupid ass reason, and Homicide is beating up on Hoyt!. Hemme interferes (….) and that doesn’t last long. Elix Skipper actually clears the ring but here comes Shark Boy! Christopher Daniels in to beat up on Shark Boy and Chris Harris is now in to help Shark Boy! He lets him get halfway up the ropes and NO! SET UP! Drops Shark Boy on his spine and Steiner, Homicide, and Daniels fight on the outside. Chris Harris getting bit by Shark Boy, but here is Sonjay with a leg toss! Shark Boy outsight onto Harris! Hernandez throw Sonjay via Crackerjack onto 5 wrestlers outside the ring! Kip and Hernandez now fighting and Kip with a dropkick! He is going for a briefcase but here comes Scott Steiner! He breaks things up but Daniels with a kick off the top rope! Fallen Angel up to the briefcase but here comes Hernandez! Daniels grabs the case, but Hernandez grabs him, goes for the Border Toss, but Daniels nails him with the case! And Kip James out of nowhere with a leg drop on the case. Steiner grabs the case and slides out for winner # 4

    Winner: Petey Williams, BG James, Senshi, and Scott Steiner @ 22:00 via escaping the ring with a briefcase

    TNA WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Gail Kim © vs. Awesome Kong

    We start off with Kong taking things to the outside and kicking Kim’s ass throughout the iMPACT! Zone! Kim tries to fight back but it’s futile at this point. Kong charges but Kim moves out of the way causing Kong to ram herself into a ring post! Kim now has Kong on the outside of the ring apron and she is working the arm. The bell has now rung and we are officially underway. Kim continues to work the arm but Kong reverses it into a sleeper! Kong with chops and again Kim tries to fight back. She’s trying but at this point Kong is beating her pretty bad. Gail tries some blows but Kong no sells her and puts her in a Camel Clutch! Picks her up and down she goes with a double handed chokeslam! Kong throws her across the ring by her hair (hairtoss?), gives her a few chops, and continues to dominate. Kim strikes back though, but to no avail as Kong gets a KILLER clothesline! Gail in the corner and Kong approaches but she drops of the ropes with an applied arm bar! Gets Kong back in the ring but again Kong is able to exert her size over Kim. Kong for a Powerbomb attempt but Kim rolls through and is now attacking the legs of Kong! Dropkick but she doesn’t go down! Missile Dropkick but she is still up! DROPKICK OFF THE TOP ROPE AND FINALLY KONG IS DOWN! Senton off the top rope for 2! Continues the attack but Kong again uses her strength to alter the momentum. Gail Kim is down and Kong is putting all of her weight on Kim’s neck. Referee trying to break it up but Kong manhandles the ref! She goes back to the neck assault but referee Andrew Thomas rings the bell. Kong is pissed and AWESOME BOMB to Andrew Thomas!

    Winner: Gail Kim @ 9:23 via DQ

    – Velvet Sky comes in and tries to help but she takes a standing Book End from Kong. Kong grabs Gail Kim, but here comes Love! She has a chair but Kong puts her fist into the chair, which goes directly into Love’s face. She grabs the chair and is eyeballing Gail Kim. Crowd wants ODB. AWESOME BOMB ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR, GOODNIGHT GAIL KIM!

    – AJ and Kurt are arguing about Christian; Kurt asks AJ what Christian has done for him and why he keeps riding his jock. AJ is still pissed but Karen suggests that they try to get to Joe because he can be turned off of his partners. Tomko thinks they have a point, and AJ thinks they’re all crazy. Kurt goes off to talk to Joe and up next is the 10,000 tack match!

    10,000 THUMBTACK MATCH: Raven and Abyss vs. Black Reign and Rellik

    Rhino has a neck injury and so it will be Raven. This is not a traditional tag match as all men are in the ring and it is legal. Abyss and Raven are up early, but Rellik quickly gets the upper hand on Raven. Turns his attention to Abyss and they are now double teaming him, but here comes Raven with the slingshot on the outside! It is a bed of tacks, by the way, about 6 X 1 foot long, sitting on the outside of the ring on the floor. Abyss and Black Reign are now fighting up in the crowd, while Raven and Rellik are fighting just outside of the rails. All four men continue to fight and Abyss has gotten a table! He is now putting the bed of tacks on the able, unaware that Black Reign is behind him! The two scuffle as Raven is losing to Rellik. Abyss has a blade! Rellik has a chair but Abyss hit it with his elbow and Rellik is down! Abyss sets up a chair between the top and middle rope, and Rellik goes to work on him but Abyss gets him up, and LOW BLOW from Black Reign, followed by throwing him into the chair! Abyss and Black Reign are bleeding at this point, but Abyss is literally gushing. Rellik grabs another bed of tacks and puts it into the ring. We now have Rellik and Raven in the ring and Abyss and Black Reign fighting on the outside. Abyss is REALLY gushing blood now, like, BAD. Rellik continues to dominate Raven in the ring, and he is now practically stalking him. Black Reign back into the ring but DDT by Raven! Reign and Rellik are double teaming Raven but here comes Abyss! Raven throws him a Kendo and both men go to work! Low blow by Black Reign! He takes the Kendo stick and assaults both men. Raven is in the corner, Black Reign is on the top rope trying to attack Raven with his weapon but Raven throws him onto the bed of tacks that was on the table on the outside! Reign through the tacks! They get Rellik on the same table and go for an elbow drop but he moves! Raven through the table! Rellik and Abyss in the ring now and Rellik has found a back of tacks! If I haven’t said it, Abyss is bleeding like he slit an artery. This is ridiculous, and Rellik has opened the bag of tacks but Abyss has him! He goes for the Black Hole on Rellik but Rellik spit something into Abyss’ eyes! He sends him off the ropes but REVERSAL! BLACK HOLE SLAM! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Abyss & Raven @ 15:37 via Black Hole Slam onto tacks!

    – Kurt Angle approaches Samoa Joe and gives him a speech about how Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are manipulative and do not care about him. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe are the same though because they care about this business, and Kurt just wants Samoa Joe to do the right thing when the situation presents itself.

    Christian Cage and Robert Roode vs. Booker T and Kaz

    Christian Cage lets Roode know he’s running things, and we get Christian and Kaz to start. Christian starts with some back shots and chops, Kaz reverses and now he has some chops for Cage. Kaz charges into a Cage elbow, and then hits him with a Corkskcrew Elbow off the second rope. Christian now taunting him but Kaz answers with a spinkick and a quick pin for 2! Roode tags in and so does Booker! Booker with some early offense, and ends it with a sick clothesline and a pin for 2! Suplex by Booker! We see that Roode’s #1 fan is here, and Roode and Christian put some assault on Booker (Cage tags in). Float over by Booker T and a Back Body Drop by Booker! Tag to Kaz, and he goes for the pin for 2! Roode comes in illegally but Kaz shuts them both down and then SPRINGBOARD ONTO CAGE AND ROODE ON THE OUTSIDE! Cage tries to leave but is brought back into the ring, where he reverses field and gets Kaz on the ground for 2!. Stands on his back and uses the top rope for leverage. Roode “ghost” tags in and it’s a belly to belly Suplex for Roode! Randy Orton headlock in full effect, but Kaz battles out and gets a quick pin for 2! Roode reverses and quick pin for 2! Kaz reverses and quick pin for 2!. MONSTER SLAM BY ROODE! Tag to Christian and Kaz is hurt. He fights out of the heel corner and drop toeholds Christian into Roode’s crotch. WAVE OF THE FUTURE applied to Christian, but Kaz is too spent to tag! DOUBLE DDT ON CHRISTIAN CAGE AND ROODE @ 13 MINUTES IN! TAG TO BOOKAH! He goes to work on both guys. SPINEBUSTER ON CHRISTIAN! 1…2… NO!… Booker is heading to the top rope, but Rood cuts him off; Cage is up to the top rope, Booker fights him off, and MISSLE DROPKICK FROM THE TOP ROPE! And we could…. Have… a…. SPINEROONI! NO! Broken up by Roode, but a Superkick from Booker! Booker with a Float over reverse rollup for 2! Kaz out of nowhere! Inverted Atomic Drop! Dropkick! But his momentum sends him outside the ring as he overshoots. Christian and Roode go for Booker, but he ducks and Leg Lariat to both men! SPINAROONI! But Roode ends his momentum and goes for a chair, goes for Booker, but he hits Christian! Kaz kicks Roode out of the ring, and we now have a knocked out Christian getting up and SCISSORS KICK TO CHRISTIAN! 1….2….3!

    Winner: Booker T and Kaz @ 18:12 via Scissors Kick

    – After the match, Christian starts to smack Roode. He pushes back and AJ comes out to play peacemaker. Christian doesn’t want to hear any of it and Roode is also pissed. Christian and AJ head to the back (even though Cage doesn’t want to hear it) and Roode is left in the ring.

    – We go to the back and Samoa Joe is in Kevin’s locker room and he is PISSED because Scott Hall has no showed. Kevin tells him it is what it is, and deal with it. Samoa Joe calls Nash/Hall some punk bitches, and Kevin blows up assuring Joe that he is not a punk bitch and he will be out there. He tells Joe to do what he wants, and Joe says he’ll be out there too, but he will not be alone. They both storm off pissed.

    Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Tomko vs. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall Eric Young and Samoa Joe

    Joe and Nash are out, and Joe is calling for a mic. Joe was told to come out by the back because the fans love him and give the announcement that Scott Hall no-showed. Joe wishes it was a joke, but it’s not. Scott Hall punked out on this show, and everyone here tonight. Joe knew he could go 2 on 3 with Kevin and make the best of it, but then he realized…

    “They just gave me a live mic on a pay-per-view. So, if nobody minds, I’d like to get a few things off my chest. #1, we have two types of wrestlers here. We have the TNA die-hards who come here and entertain and bust their ass for the fans every night of the week, and we got *superstars* who think they can come and do whatever they want however they want. We have *superstars*, who not only screw us – the hard working “wrestlers” – in TNA, but they screw each and every fan who paid to see them, no matter how old they are. So lemme make this real simple, let me explain TNA to you. TNA is the Motor City Machine Guns coming down here and busting their ass, trying to get a break in this business; TNA is Black Machismo doing his damndest to entertain every single person in this building, and showing us what’s up; TNA is Samoa Joe coming in here and doing what he does best, wrestle and be the best damn professional wrestler in the world; TNA is a bunch of hard working, young athletes who are looking to change the wrestling world; guys who held down this business while others profiteer from it; TNA is the guys who come in here and risk their lives on scaffolds and wires, while other people show up and pad their pensions. So I’ll tell you what, Scott Hall – *chico* – I’ll tell you what. Kiss my ass, you’re a punk. *Looks at someone off camera* “Go ahead, fire me, I don’t care. So tonight, I went in that locker room, and they said ‘we called everybody in the world trying to get you a new partner’., and I said ‘No, we don’t need anybody else. We got everybody we need in the back right now’. So I walked in the back, and I said hey, who wants to be in the main event tonight? Who wants to go get into a fight? And EVERY ONE of the X-Division wrestlers stood up! I walked in the back and asked who wanted to get into a fight, and every single young wrestler whose first TV contract was through TNA stood up and said ‘ME’. But one in particular, bloodied, beaten, battered, bruised, overlooked by everybody in the world said ‘Joe, please give me the shot’. So without further due, I announce my partner; a man that will show up, a man that will be here, and do what he needs to do; a man who is ready for a fight. A man who will be a man, even when he’s an old man. Showtime Eric Young, get out here let’s kick some ass!”

    Match starts. AJ and Joe to start and it is a battle of counters until Joe starts to get momentum. Knee drop to styles, makes eye contact with Nash, but tags Eric Young in. Young with an Inverted Drop, and AJ escapes out of the ring. He gets back in and tags in Kurt Angle. Standoff between young and Angle, and Kurt is pissed, both from the promo and in general. Eric Young with a Belly to Belly Suplex and tags in Nash! Angle hurries to the corner and tags in Tomko! They lock up but Nash powers him into the ropes. Tomko tries to get him down but BIG BOOT! Stands him up and gets him in the corner for some elbows. Tomko gets in some blows, tags in AJ, but AJ runs right into a Side slam. Nash tags In Young and he hits Styles with a Flip Up Reverse DDT (Stung?)! AJ recovers and with some help from Angle, takes the advantage in the match. AJ and Young up on the second rope, AJ down, but AJ with the Pele’! Both men on the top rope and NO! FRONT SUPLEX! AJ gets the tag to Angle, but so does Young to Nash. Tomko interferes but Nash double Clothesline on AJ and Tomko! Young to the outside on the tag champs, and Samoa Joe with the Suicide Dive on all three men! But wait! Angle has the Angle Lock on Nash! Joe comes in to help, but… pauses… thinks about it… but NO! SUPERKICK TO ANGLE! Nash gets the tag to Joe! Joe and Tomko go ahead it; Joe and AJ go at it, and a Stackslam on Tomko! 1…2… NO Kurt Angle breaks it up, Angle Slam on Joe, but Powerbomb by Nash on Angle! But Springboard by Styles on Nash! Joe with a Superkick to Tomko! Muscle buster on Tomko! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash & Eric Young @ 16:48 via Muscle Buster

    And that is all!

  • Remember to send your thoughts on the show: a score from 1-10, match of the night and trash of the night!
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