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411’s WWE Raw Report 4.28.03

April 28, 2003 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 4.28.03
Live from Boston, Mass
Announcers are Coach & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

Intro to start.

Jericho comes out, and debuts his new show, “Chris Jericho’s Hi-Lite of the Night” to counter Piper’s Pit. His first guess is, an old friend from WCW, Goldberg. Jericho says that he has also beaten The Rock on many occasions. He says that back in the WCW days, he wonders why Goldberg never accepted any of his challenges. Goldberg says that he will be happy to beat Jericho right now. Jericho isn’t a wrestler now, he is an interviewer at this moment. Jericho asks him who the hell he was just waltzing in to the WWE. Goldberg starts to retort, but Christian comes out, and asks him what it felt like to be booed last night. Goldberg says that the fans can do whatever they please, since they are spending their hard earned money. Christian says that plenty of people do not want him around the WWE, and he brings out Steven Richards, Victoria, Rico and 3MW. The say that they are not afraid of him. They walk down to the ring, but only Richards gets in, and he gets speared.


Richards is just now getting out of the ring.

The Hurricane vs. Chief Morley
Coach tells us that because of last night, the Dudleyz are suspended again. Morley mocks Hurricane’s pose, Helms comes back mocking the Val Venis gimmick. Morley goes to punch Helms, but Helms ducks, and fires away. Hurricane with a school boy for 2. Morley takes over, double underhook suplex for 2. Morley with a spinebuster for 2. Hurricane reverses a suplex into the Eye of the Hurricane. Hurricane with some clubbing clotheslines, Morley face first in to the corner, Hurricane with a neckbreaker. Hurricane goes for a Shining Wizard, but Morley moves his knee, and hits Helms with a Blue Thunder Powerbomb for 2. Morley misses the Money Shot, Hurricane up, nails the Overcast (Buff Blockbuster) for the pin.
Winner – Hurricane

HHH enters his lockerroom to talk to Flair. Flair reminds him how great he is. HHH says it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, since the Nature Boy has deemed him the best. HHH says that he has gone to Bischoff and asked for a World Tag Team Title match against Kane & RVD for the 2 of them, and they got it tonight.


Theodore Long and Rodney Mack comes out for another 5 minute white boy challenge. Long busts on Larry Bird.

Rodney Mack (w/ Theodore Long) vs. Random White Boy
Mack finishes him off in less then 2 minutes.
Winner – Mack

Long then brings out Jazz to a celebration, and to give some sort of rub to Mack I guess.


Bischoff on the phone, Trish comes in and wants a rematch for her Woman’s Title. Bischoff says that there was no rematch clause Trish says she will do anything, so Bischoff challenges her to a match, and if Trish wins, she will get her rematch, but if Bischoff wins, they will spend the night together.

Test and Stacy talking about last night. Test has a tag match along side Steiner again tonight.

HHH & Flair walk, RVD & Kane walk.


Kane & Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Triple H & Ric Flair – World Tag Team Titles
Kane and Flair start. Kane dominates, nails Flair with a Military Press, RVD in, Flair with a thumb to the eyes, HHH in, RVD with a spinning heel kick, HHH falls outside. Flair goes over to HHH, and RVD with a suicide plancha on both of them. RVD tosses HHH in, beats on Flair for a bit, then goes back in, and HHH gets the upperhand…

Cut to HBK talking on the phone, saying that “He is a sitting duck.”


We come back and Kane is dominating HHH. RVD tagged in, nails HHH with a straight kick for 2. RVD with that frontward mule kick in the corner on HHH. RVD nails a spinning leg drop for 2. RVD off the ropes, Flair hits him, and HHH nails a spinebuster for 2. Flair in, pummeling on RVD in the corner. Flair chops away. Flair sends RVD into HHH’s knee. HHH in, more beating. They go toe to toe, but HHH nails RVD with knee to face for 2. Flair sneaks in, knee drop for 2. Flair and HHH take turns beating on RVD. RVD nails HHH with an enzaguri, and finally gets to Kane. Kane goes to town on both men. Kane nails a flying clothesline on Flair for 2. HHH gets in, goes for a Pedigree, but Kane back body drops out of it. Kane goes for a choke slam on HHH, Flair crotches him, Kane goes for a choke slam on Flair, HHH crotches him. HHH DDTs an incoming RVD, then goes hits the Pedigree on Kane. HHH goes for the pin, but Nash’s music hits, and Nash comes out with sledgehammer, chasing off HHH. Kane nails a choke slam, RVD with a 5* on Flair to win.
Winners – Kane/RVD

HHH still being chased by Nash, and HHH jumps into his limo. Nash smashes a few windows with the sledgehammer, and looses his grip on the hammer, sending it into the limo…dear God please have that hammer nails HHH’s head.


Rico & Christopher Nowinski vs. Scott Steiner & Test (w/ Stacy)
Harvard starts by attempting to pummel BPP. BPP fires back, Rico comes in, to get pummeled as well. Nowinski distracts BPP, and Rico with a high kick sends BPP outside. Test and Stacy are having words outside. Rico and Harvard double team. BPP finally gets to Test, and Test cleans house. BPP back in, reverse DDT on Harvard for the win. Stacy hugs BPP, and Test flips.
Winners – Test/BPP

BPP starts talking about his freaks. Some weird music hits, and those French guys come out, Coach calls them La Resistance. It’s going to take me forever to figure out which one is Rene and which one is Sylvain. They bitch about negative comments toward the French that BPP had made, then they get in the ring. BPP beats them a bit, but they get the upper hand, slamming him into the ringsteps, then in the ring nails a double flapjack.


Whack of the Night – Dudleyz giving Morley a 3D.

Bischoff tells Morley that his room is ready, and asks Morley about the Dudleyz. He then says that they are suspended indefinitely.

Trish gets ready.

Goldberg catches up with Booker T. They talk about old times, and Booker tells him to hang in there.


Booker T vs. Christian
Man, am I glad that Booker is back to doing diddly shit. I mean, come on, why would he be a top prospect for the Title with such great names like Nash and HBK around?!??! Fuck this. Booker dominates, Christian gets the upperhand for a bit, but Booker comes back with a heel kick, then goes for a scissors kick, but Christian moves, Booker nails a spinebuster, then a scissors kick. Booker hits a Spinarooni, but 3MW comes out and beats up Booker.
Winner via DQ – Booker

Goldberg makes the save, spear to Rico, Jackhammer to Jamal, and a spear through the retaining wall on Rosey.


Trish Stratus vs. Eric Bischoff – Trish wins = Title Shot, Bischoff wins = Trish Goes Home With Him
Bischoff makes the match No DQ. Bischoff taunts her, and Trish nails him with the chin kick to the back of his head. Victoria and Jazz come out and beats down Trish. Bischoff makes a few sexual innuendos on the mic, and makes the pinfall.
Winner – Bischoff

Bischoff still saying what will happen tonight, and we cut to a limo backstage, and Linda McMahon walks out. Bischoff changes the tone, telling the ref to help her out, and to be careful with her, like he is concerned.


Linda comes out to her old school WrestleMania music!!! She comes out to speak on behalf of the Board of Directors. Part of the Board’s duties is to monitor upper management. She then calls Bischoff to come down to the ring. Bischoff comes out and kisses Linda’s ass. Bischoff says that all the stuff with Trish was just to make good TV, and that her prefers a more mature woman. Linda calls him charming, and says that he helps make her job easier. Linda calls him harassing, and egotistical. Linda says that starting tomorrow morning, there will be a Co-GM of Raw to split the powers 50/50. Linda announces Stone Cold as the Co-GM! Austin comes out, thanks Linda, and says that he wants this to work, and offers to handshake. Austin says that as of tomorrow they are partners, so by not shaking his hand, he is saying that he doesn’t trust Austin. Bischoff shakes his had, and Austin said that the key word was Tomorrow, and gives Bischoff a Stunner.

Show Over.



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