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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Bianca Belair, Austin Theory, and Miz Hype WrestleMania

March 13, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-We start with video of Edge, in the ring, accepting a match with Finn Balor at WrestleMania and adds that it will be inside Hell in a Cell! Balor has no fear and it’s on! I mean we all knew it was going to happen since it didn’t happen at The Rumble. Look a Hell in A Cell Match because it makes sense instead of it being that time of the year to have one.

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and Matt Camp is back in the studio after recovering from his illness. Camp notes this is the biggest match of Balor’s career and the only other contenders would be Rollins at SummerSlam, Lesnar at The Royal Rumble, and the match with Roman a few years back.

-To the video as Bianca Belair gets a win over Chelsea Green. After the match, Carmella and Chelsea attack Bianca, but Asuka comes in for the save and then continues the mind games with the blue mist/spit.

-Bianca Belair is backstage and she looks pissed! She is trying to figure out what is going on and she appreciates Asuka’s support, but wants her competition. She is annoyed there is green mist on her title. She is also annoyed at being in a tag match with Asuka against Carmella and Chelsea next week. She points out after Mania she will be the longest reigning RAW Woman’s Champion. After they tag next week, it’s on!

-Camp and Jackie discuss and go over the tag match for next week: Bianca/Asuka vs. Green/Carmella.

-Austin Theory and The Miz still to come!

-WWE Shop commercial which hypes Austin 3:16 Day! March has a lot of fun days: Mario Day, PI Day, 3:16 Day.

-To the video as Prison Dom challenges his father, Rey Mysterio, to a match at WrestleMania and the crowd explodes. They have done an amazing job at building this. The fans boo Rey when he turns down the match. Again, they have to play this game until Dom does something so heinous that Rey has no other choice.

-Camp mentions there is a poll on Instagram and 89% want Rey to take the match. Rey could join Flair and Steamboat as men that were inducted in The Hall of Fame and then had a match the same weekend at WrestleMania. I think those are the only two, but I could be wrong.

-To the video as Damage CTRL attack Trish Stratus backstage and beat the brakes off of her. Jackie mentions that Trish has mentioned that what happened only pissed her off. Camp knows Trish won’t let on how much damage the attack did.

-Next they discuss Austin Theory vs. John Cena being set for WrestleMania. To the video as Theory gets a win over Angelo Dawkins and then applies the STF to start mind games with Cena. Ford runs in for the save and I assume they will have a match against each other soon.

-Austin Theory is backstage and he calls The Profits a joke. He puts his match with Cena over as the headliner for Mania. After Mania he will be standing in the ring with is Title because it is inevitable. Thanos! Maybe he hasn’t seen how End Game ends? Unless Cena is Iron Man, but we all know he would really be Captain America.

-WrestleMania commercial!

-Byron Saxton is backstage with The Host of WrestleMania: The Miz! He wants to know why everyone is asking to be a co-host. Nobody can harness what he has and will be hosting two nights in front of 90,000 fans. He also thinks he will be Logan Paul’s guest on Impaulsive TV on RAW next week. Miz mocks Saxton a bunch during the interview as well before taking his leave.

-Camp wants Miz’s dad, George, to be the co-host and hits the pose which had Jackie confused. Camp then mentions Miz’s balls which has Jackie wondering about the meaning of life. They discuss Paul hosting Impaulsive TV next week on RAW.

-To the video where Cody Rhodes gets the win over LA Knight. I am curious to the pay-off to Knight’s quest to get on WrestleMania. Cody cuts a fired up babyface promo after the match where he says he will pin Roman and become the first Rhodes to be The WWE Universal Champion.

-To the video as Kevin Owens and Solo have a sweet street fight. Credit to KO for showing up in non-wrestling clothes and shoes. The Usos wait for KO in Gorilla and stick him with a double superkick. The Samoan Spike ends KO’s night as he told Cody and Sami to stay away. The story is cool as it is becoming how long can KO keep getting his ass beat before he finally asks Sami for help.

-Next week on RAW: Roman Reigns returns!

-Plug for The Bump: Maximum Male Models and Rhea Ripley plus Ric Flair announces the next member of this year’s Hall of Fame Class. I am going to guess The Great Muta. We know he is going in and Flair announcing it makes sense unless it’s someone more associated with Flair.

-Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week. Shout-out to my Uniontown Red Raiders! Best of luck tomorrow night in Round Two of the PA State Basketball Playoffs against Littlestown. Thanks for reading!

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