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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report 04.03.17: Goldberg Gives Emotional Farewell Speech, The Hardys Speak on Their Return, More

April 4, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 04/03/17

-Cole starts us off as we pick up right where RAW ended with Balor and Rollins celebrating in the ring. Cole brings up that the big news is that Kurt Angle is the new RAW GM and next week we get a SuperStar shakeup between RAW and SmackDown.

-Goldberg’s music hits and he is heading to the ring. They show him making his walk and various people are giving him a standing ovation. He gets a mix of boos and cheers while a good portion do the “Goldberg” chant. Goldberg says this isn’t part of the show and the crowd gives him a much better reaction. The crowd then starts to What and that pisses Goldberg off as he says he isn’t reading from a script, but speaking from his heart so he would appreciate if people would listen. Tell em Goldberg! He knows the fans wanted the ass kicker from 13 years ago, but some things change a little. He is still that guy, but his focus has moved to his family. They show his wife and son in the front row. He likes to think doing what he did for his family and even the WWE Universe was the right thing. He says the past few months have been an ultimate ride, and he loved showing people a piece of what he used to do. You con boo him or cheer him, but that little boy is the reason his heart still beats. Goldberg’s son starts to cry and this is pretty darn touching that even the crowd is getting behind him. He tells his wife and son that he loves them both and they are the reason for all the work. The crowd starts a massive Goldberg chant and he gets his son to come in the ring. His son trips over the railing and Goldberg is on it as he says that his son is already taking bumps. He also says that is 1 more bump than he took his entire career until last night. Awesome! He has the crowd in the palm of his hands now. He talks about taking the title to his son’s school and the pride he felt. There is nothing anyone on the planet can do to take that away from him. He again says boo or cheer, but at the end of the day it means he has done something. Another Goldberg chant! He says this could be the last time we ever see him in a ring and says some may appreciate that. Thirteen years removed from the mess that was Mania XX, he feels he and Brock did pretty damn well last night. Right on as it was a rock solid match that was a fun hoss fight. Goldberg still thinks he is still one of biggest and baddest dudes on the planet so we never know what or who is next! Great stuff there from Goldberg as the crowd came around and gave him a great reaction. Goldberg comes back and ends with the old saying, “never say never.” He and his son do a lap around the ringside area shaking heads while his wife watches on with tears in her eyes. He even stops to sign some autographs. Much respect to Goldberg and have to think he is headlining a Hall of Fame in the next few years.

-Now we head backstage to Renee Young (again, why as she is SmackDown) and she is joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler. They talk about Reigns being booed for over 10 minutes. Lawler says Roman is genuinely a good guy and he took the boos like a champ.

-Bayley is our first guest and she isn’t sure what to do as she is still processing everything from the week. Bayley goes over her week prior to Mania as she apparently met a dog and a baby named Sasha. She also got to attend her first Hall of Fame Ceremony and she was thrilled to see Kurt Angle and Beth Phoenix. As she was warming up for Mania she was tapped on the shoulder by Angle who told her “good luck.” She marked out and was amazed that he knew her name.

-They show the ending of the Mania match and it is weird for Bayley to watch. She wants to be knows as the RAW Woman’s Champion and that moment last night is something she always wanted. Lawler asks if she is satisfied and she knows she needs to keep moving forward and has the goal of being in the Hall of Fame. The talk about the entrance and the 85 yard ramp she had to walk. She thought she was never getting to the ring, but it have her time to take it in. She also marked out over see The Hardy Boys as she was a massive fan growing up. She hasn’t had the chance to talk to the Hardy Boys outside of looking like a fan boy.

-Bayley takes her leave and Renee asks Lawler about his reaction to Taker. To him it was more emotional that when he lost to Brock at Mania XXX.

-The Hardy Boys are up next and they joke they are a little sore. Matt says it was intoxicating on Sunday and Jeff was nervous until he went through the curtain. Matt says they were hidden the entire time in a bus until just before walking down the ramp. They are both in great places and are more grown up than in previous runs. Renee asks where they have been since leaving the WWE. Matt says they were on an expedition of gold, and Mania concluded that goal. Jeff talks about having daughters and Matt having sons. Jeff talks about the differences and how there is LED lights everywhere. Matt is happy to have a new crop of opponents and there is now new stories for them. They are here to cement their legacy and prove they are the most exhilarating tag team in WWE history.

-Renee and King move on as the Hardys leave, and go over Balor being back. They also discuss the SuperStar Shake-up. King talks about the Draft when JR left and went to SmackDown and how nobody knew it was happening. Renee says maybe she will be on RAW Talk full time and Lawler says she might be doing every show. Lawler plugs JR being at RAW and Renee wraps things from there.

-Goldberg promo was great with real emotion and the rest was fine. The WWE is obviously waiting to see what happens with the TNA lawsuit before doing anything with The Broken characters. With that said Matt and Jeff seemed thrilled to be back. You could also tell that Bayley is a big time fan and her enthusiasm for everything is fantastic.

-Join me tomorrow for Talking Smack!