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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Becky Lynch is Done with Bianca, Finn Balor Praises Chad Gable

November 2, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Becky Lynch Raw Talk Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 11.01.21

-We start where we ended with Big E getting the win over Kevin Owens in the Main Event of RAW. Big E drops KO with The Big Ending after the match.

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to WWE HQ and she is joined by Matt Camp. She wonders why Big E had to drop KO after the match and Camp brings up KO pretending to want to join New Day when Big E was injured. Camp puts over Big E and the matches he has won since becoming WWE Champion.

-Next up they discuss Finn Balor getting the win over Chad Gable in a very good sub 6 minute match. More of these two! Jackie wants to see more of Otis!

-Kevin Patrick is backstage at RAW with Finn Balor. Finn congratulates Chad on his Masters Degree in Digital Media. He puts over Chad, but he isn’t as good as Finn Balor. He then talks about the UK Tour and he will working RAW and SmackDown shows. They discuss Halloween Costumes and Balor says it was his wife’s idea to do DX. He debated being Flair or HBK, but opted to go with his childhood hero, Shawn. He gives us a brief Shawn pose, but going back to WWE HQ.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-NXT2.0 Live Tomorrow nigh!

-Next we jump to Women’s Tag Titles as Queen Zelina and Carmella knocked off Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Zelina is on a roll and it wouldn’t shock me to see a Tag Title change in the neat future.

-Profits vs. Dirty Dawgs next with RK-Bro being on commentary. Omos interrupts which leads to Dolph getting the pin for his team. Omos lays out The Profits and Riddle after the match.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with The Dirty Dawgs. They don’t follow Omos and never asked for his help. Whatever falls in their lap, falls in their lap. Timing is everything and they deliver. Roode says the objective is to be a champion and in their minds they are the top team. Dolph feels it will be fun to beat a team like RK-Bro and make people at home cry. They will be RAW Tag Team Champions again.

-Matt and Jackie discuss! Becky Lynch still to come!

-WrestleMania 38 Dallas, TX! Two nights and tickets on sale Nov 12!

-Back to discuss The US Title Match between Priest and T-Bar. Fun hoss fight with weapons as T-Bar is looking more like what we saw in NXT and Priest continues to come along nicely. Apollo Crews (fresh off Main Event) interrupts and he wants The United States Championship!

-Camp and Jackie discuss then move on to Becky vs Bianca. Lynch successfully defends her Title in a very good match. You would think this ends the feud for the time being and based on Lynch staring down with Liv Morgan, we may have a new challenger.

-Becky Lynch is backstage with Sarah Schreiber and she asks if Bianca gets put in the rear view mirror. Becky feels Bianca needs to step aside and tells us that as far as Liv goes, “We’re waiting.”

-Camp thinks Bianca has a gripe on the way the match ended, but then puts the focus back on Liv Morgan. They discuss Becky vs Liv for a bit and we are out this week.

-Just another episode of RAW Talk to fill content. Nothing bad and nothing memorable, but serves it’s purpose of recapping RAW and getting some comments to build matches in 25 minutes or less. Thanks for reading!

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