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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Liv Morgan is Ready for Becky, Booker T Wants Big E To Forget New Day

November 30, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Liv Morgan RAW Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 11.29.21

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to Raw Talk and she is joined by Scott Stanford this week as Matt Camp is off. They start with Vince McMahon’s slapping Austin Theory. I mean, I assume they see something in Theory to have him paired with Vince, but we will see.

-Next we get to our Main Event as Seth Rollins’ anger gets the best of him as he attacks KO and gets him the win by DQ, which makes Day One a Triple Threat WWE Title Match.

-Booker T is our special guest on this week’s Raw Talk, and he is a fan of Seth’s strategy going into Day One. Stanford asks if the triple threat favors anyone and Booker doesn’t see it as an advantage for anyone. If Booker had to choose anyone in the match though it would be Seth Rollins.

-Booker feels Big E has taken to another level, but feels he needs to take it to another level. He knows he will get heat for this, but Big E needs to forget about New Day and what he did in the past. He needs to focus on keeping the WWE Title.

-We move to The US Title as Priest and Apollo battled tonight with Commander Azeez getting involved. Azeez gets tossed by the ref and Priest gets the win with The Reckoning. They talk about the switch Priest has that turns him into a different animal. Booker says every Superstar has that dark style and he likes the attitude from Priest, but wants him to walk in with that same attitude. Booker wasn’t a fan of the bow and arrow pose. He wants Priest to unleash and take care of business.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with US Champion, Damian Priest. He showed Apollo a side of himself that he deserved. He closed Apollo’s mouth tonight and he will take a challenge from anyone on any brand. The name Damian Priest will live forever.

-Stanford asks Booker where Apollo goes from here. Booker is wondering the same thing as he thinks Apollo has taken a step back and we will see if he can find it in the future.

-NXT War Games: This Sunday!

-Edge returned tonight and go into a war of words with Miz including references to Miz being name dropped on AEW and Morrison being fired. Sadly, they don’t include any of that here. Was this Punk/MJF, no, but doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy both.

-10 Woman Tag ends with Liv pinning Tamina. The brawl continues after the match and Liv leaves Becky laying to build towards their Title Match next week on RAW.

-Sarah Schreiber is with Liv Morgan and Liv is rather pumped about her Title Match next week. She calls it the biggest opportunity in her career and she has 7 days to make sure she is at her best. She is just giddy and good for her.

-Jackie asks Booker what he learned about Liv tonight. He makes a joke and wonders if she should be called Captain Morgan. Yep! Stanford sings some Garth Brooks as we are losing control in this one. Booker tells Liv to believe in herself and remind herself she is the best.

-Day One commercial! Jan 1, 2022 Atlanta, GA!

-Riddle and Orton steamrolled The Dirty Dawgs as Ziggler eats a RKO for the pin. Riddle trying to make Orton dress like him made me chuckle. Booker says Randy has gotten soft as he has gotten earlier as he didn’t think Randy would have any friends when he goes into The HOF. He calls Riddle off beat, but he has talent. We get more singing from Stanford as all Riddle does is win, win, win.

-The Mysterios beat The Hurt Business as I guess things are back to being okay again. That sends us to Kevin Patrick who is backstage with The Mysterios. Rey says they have pride and he has taught his son that getting knocked down is fine as long as you get back up. Dom says nobody will ever disrespect the Mysterio name again and Rey agrees with that.

-Booker talks tagging with his brother and how some nights they gelled and others they didn’t. Someway they always figured out how to get back on track and that’s what The Mysterios did tonight. He laughs as Rey changed Dom’s diapers and they have a connection like no other tag team in the business which gives them a unique chemistry.

-Jackie thanks Booker for joining them and they close the show hyping the return of Brock Lesnar this Friday on SmackDown.

-More of the same from this show which is fine. Thanks for reading!

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