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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Elias on His Chemistry with Riddle, Drew McIntyre is Ready for War Games

November 21, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-I didn’t watch much of RAW as I was watching my 49ers beat the stuffing out of Arizona in Mexico. So most of what they discuss will be new to me. Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and is joined as always, by Matt Camp. They start recapping our Main Event as Rhea knocked off Asuka to give Damage CTRL the advantage in War Games. I mean, it kind of has to be the heels with the advantage.

-To the video as The OC and Judgment Day brawl backstage. Looked like a fun parking lot brawl!

-Johnny Gargano took an L to Omos to continue the issues with Johnny/Lumis and Miz.

-To the video as Theory beats Ali and then gets face to face with Lashley. I am enjoying the new Austin Theory. Triple Threat for Survivor Series with Lashley/Rollins/Theory. Poor Ali gets his ass beat backstage by Lashley just for fun I guess. I mean, at least he is on TV.

-Byron Saxton is backstage with Austin Theory. Theory mentions he can beat Lashley and he can beat Rollins. They are both stuck in the past and the past is a kid. The now is Austin Theory and that’s all he is about. Saturday he becomes a 2 Time US Champion, and that’s All Day!

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-Elias and Drew McIntyre still to come!

-Survivor Series: War Games commercial! Can’t wait! Still crazy that it took 21 years to get War Games on a WWE Main Roster PPV/PLE.

-To the video as Elias and Riddle get the win over Alpha Academy. Looked like a solid match.

-It seems they are going to run with Elias and Riddle as a tag team. Jackie wonders if he is finally moving on from Orton and Camp says no way.

-Elias is backstage and he admits he was on the fence about Riddle. They got in the ring and it was electric. He admits they have some chemistry and he feels so inspired he has to leave to write a song.

-Camp makes a boy band joke as he says Riddle and Elias can be a Bro Band. He then says “take that Taylor Swift.” Jackie tells him to back off as Taylor could write a better joke than Matt just told. PREACH! Camp: “A Revenge joke or something.” Jackie laughs at that one and admits it was better than the Bro Band joke.

-To the video as Rhea gets the clean win over Asuka to give her team the advantage at War Games. The two teams brawl after the match and we still don’t know who the 5th member for Team Bianca is.

-Jackie and Camp discuss Team Bianca vs. Team Damage CTRL.

-Drew McIntyre up next!

-SmackDown will see the men have their advantage match with Drew and Sheamus taking on The Usos.

-To the video as we opened with The Brawling Brutes against Judgment Day. Dom eats a Brogue Kick and he takes the loss. Judgment Day hit the ring to continue the fight, but The OC gets involved and KO hits Finn with a Stunner to pop the crowd. GANG WARZ!

-To the video as Drew McIntyre has a match with Baron Corbin. Tozawa shows up like the Tozawa of old to mess with JBL and Corbin eats a Claymore to send him to a loss. Tozawa looking like Tozawa again is a plus.

-Drew McIntyre is backstage and says Corbin might be on to something with JBL in his corner. This is like old time for him with him being all over RAW. He calls his team The Avengers and they will end the reign of The Bloodline. He then tells Byron he misses him before leaving.

-They are sure getting their use out of Ozzy’s song with this episode as they are playing in the background each time Jackie and Camp discuss the two War Games matches.

-This week on The Bump: The Good Brothers and Michin (I did see the name change while scrolling Twitter during the Niner game).

-Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week. Go Niners and thanks for reading!

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