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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 06.13.08

June 13, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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    WWE Smackdown: 6.13.08

    Vickie is in the ring and welcomes us all to Smackdown. We have a table, chair and we’re going to have a contract signing. This will be the official contract signing for the World Heavyweight Title match at Night of Champions. First out is Batista. I don’t know about you, but I think he’s over. Vickie welcomes him and offers him a seat, which he rudely refuses. Vickie is looking forward to a great title match at Night of Champions, since he will be facing the greatest champion ever, Edge. It’s a fact. Edge has already signed the contract, so since she is the general manager, it is her turn to sign. She does. The crowd hates her. She then says Batista has to sign to make it official. There are about 54 pages to this contract. Vickie mentions Batista’s lawyer checked the contract. But she added an amendment to the contract. Batista has to win his match tonight, against Khali to get the title shot. Batista says he should have expected it. He’ll beat Khali and he will win the world title again. The only thing uglier than the beating Edge will take at Night of Champions is Vickie. He signs and leaves. But Vickie interrupts his jam to inform him that the contract ALSO says, which states if he loses tonight, he gets NO title shot and he will be BANISHED like the Undertaker. So Batista, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb. Sorry, had to use it again.

    John Morrison w/The Miz vs. Finlay w/Hornswoggle

    Lock up, to the corner and they shove off. A slap by Finlay, into an arm wrench and a takedown; followed by a slam and a cover for 2. Morrison off the ropes, drops to the floor. Finlay follows, but Morrison trips him on the apron and now gets control. He breaks the count, back to the floor and tosses Finlay back in, but he slides back out. Plancha try, but Finlay pulls out the apron dressing and Morrison crotches himself. He fights off Miz, he and Morrison back in the ring and elbow drops to Morrison. A whip the corner by Finlay, to the send rope but Morrison gets a leaping enziguri that sends Finlay all the way to the floor. Back in the ring and Morrison lays the boots to Finlay and covers for 2. Into a chinlock variation, Finlay fights out with a jawbreaker, but a neck breaker by Morrison takes him down and gets a cover for 2. Morrison back to the modified chinlock/Million dollar dream, Finlay escapes and gets a clothesline. Another, atomic drop and then a dropkick for 2. Corner shoulder block by Finlay, eats a boot trying it again but gets the Finlay roll. Miz grabs Hornswoggle from under the rig, which distracts Finlay and allows Morrison to schoolboy him for the win.

    Winner: John Morrison @ 5:25 via pin

    -The champs celebrate.

    -We get some classic Batista moments; make your own jokes.

    -Eve is with Edge. He really hopes Batista wins, because if he loses tonight, Smackdown loses. Plus, he wants to beat Batista again. They are showing highlights of Batista’s career, just like the Undertaker was honored. CM Punk appears and reminds him that he has the MITB case, and could cash it in anytime, even at his wedding.

    -Mark Henry cuts a 1983 Superstars promo, and says he will make Show have two bad eyes when he is done with him.

    Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry

    Dreamer tries to battle with Henry throws rights but is knocked down Vader style. Henry stands on his chest, picks him up and then clubs him down. A slam by Henry, he talks smack and then chokes out Dreamer. Head butts by Henry, to another corner and Henry charges but eats a boot. Rights by Dreamer, lefts as well, a clothesline and nothing, DDT try, stopped and Henry gets the world’s strongest slam and that is all.

    Winner: Mark Henry @ 2:30 via pin

    -Vickie meets with the wedding planner, and talks about CM Punk potentially challenging him. MVP walks in and says he wants to renegotiate his contract. His talents are being wasted. Last week he watched the show and realized he is the most talented man on the roster. Edge disagrees, and after some discussion Vickie says she needs a favor. She brings up Punk, and says if he takes care of the problem she’ll look into it.

    -We get highlights from last week’s Diva Battle Royal.

    Cherry vs. Maryse

    Cherry with a Thesz press to begin the match. Maryse to the ropes, to stop that, Cherry tackles her and beats on her some more and then grinds her face into the mat. Maryse begs to the ref, and then Cherry clotheslines her. Maryse trips Cherry, and actually works a cravate. Elbow to the back of Cherry, and back to the cravate. Cherry battles to her feet, elbows to Maryse, rights and forearms. Maryse slams her to the corner, a whip and boot by Cherry. Maryse then is able to roll her up for 2 Boot by Cherry, and then gets a hammerlock DDT for the win.

    Winner: Cherry @ 2:45 via pin

    -We get a Great Khali video package.

    -MVP walks.

    MVP vs. CM Punk

    Punk tries to work some leg kicks, they lock up and a go behind by Punk. To the mat, back up and Punk takes MVP back down. MVP back to his feet, back elbows to Punk, who then rolls him up for 2. Lock up again, side headlock by Punk and down to the mat they go. MVP rolls for a pin try, but Punk holds on and maintains control. MVP counters out into a cravate, into a side headlock and takedown. Punk gets a leg scissors, but MVP counters and gets a side headlock. To the feet, rights by Punk, off the ropes and a spin wheel kick by Punk, and a cover for 2. Punk to the chinlock to keep MVP grounded, lays the boots to MVP and then back to the side headlock. Knees by MVP, he escapes and then works the kidneys and ribs of Punk. Belly to back suplex and a cover for 2 by MVP. MVP works the arm bar now, Punk to his feet and counters the hold and works the arm of MVP. They both roll and Punk holds on. Hammerlock now by Punk, escape by MVP and a forearm charge connects. A boot to the head, and a cover for 2 by MVP. He goes back to an arm bar, drives the elbows into the shoulder but Punk to his feet and only to get leveled by a big right, MVP covers for 2. Stomps to the shoulder by MVP, snap mare and back to the arm hold. Punk escapes, back elbows to MVP and a cover for 2. Basement dropkick by Punk and a cover for 2. A whip, counter by Punk, hip toss and a cover for 2. Figure four lock on the head by Punk, MVP rolls, escapes and misses an elbow drop. Kicks to MVP, off the ropes and a boot and neck breaker to MVP, cover for 2. MVP back with a boot, corner clothesline connects and then misses a second. Punk charges and collides with the steel post. MVP slams him to the post a second time and then a third time! To the floor and slams the arm of Punk off of the post as we head to a commercial @ 9:30.

    Back from commercial @ 12:45 as MVP is in control. MVP continues to work the arm of Punk, who manages a roll up for 2. Boot to the shoulder by MVP, single arm DDT connects and MVP remains in control. Back to the arm goes MVP, and is working the Anderson-like arm bar. Punk gets to his feet, knees to MVP by Punk, to the corner, a whip is blocked and a boot to the shoulder again by MVP gets a cover for 2. MVP sets and measures Punk…charges and eats a clothesline from Punk! Spin kick by Punk, knee lift connects and then covers for 2. Irish whip, but Punk slide counters and back with another spin kick. Knee by Punk, kicks and then a cover for 2 by Punk. Knee of doom blocked, but Punk gets a RANA for 2. Punk to the 2nd rope, now up top and MVP dropkicks the rope and Punk crotches himself. MVP up with him, but Punk battles back, head butt and MVP to the mat. 2nd rope elbow drop eats KNEES and Punk is hurting. MVP takes off a turnbuckle pad, the ref sees it and puts it back on, MVP grabs he MITB case, which allows Punk to get the KNEE OF DOOM. Unfortunately for Punk the ref sees him holding the MITB case, and he gets DQ’d.

    Winner: MVP @ 18:44 via DQ

    -We get clips from One Night Stand, where Edge won the title and the Undertaker was BANISHED from the WWE.

    ~Chavo Speaks~
    -Chavo Guerrero is out now, Bam is with him, and he reminds us that he will be Edge’s best man when he marries Aunt Vickie. He then introduces the man he will be facing for the US Title at Night of Champions, Matt Hardy.

    NON-TITLE MATCH: Matt Hardy © vs. Chuck Palumbo

    Palumbo is obviously a Lance Hoyt fan. Lock up to begin, side headlock by Matt, off the ropes and they collide. No advantage, they lock up again, full nelson by Matt, to the corner and Palumbo slams him into it to break. A whip, back elbow by Matt and as he goes to the 2nd rope, Palumbo knocks him to the floor. Rights by Palumbo, tosses Matt back into the ring and then gets a belly to back suplex and covers for 2. Kicks to the back by Palumbo, into the chinlock and he has control. Matt to his feet, but gets clotheslined down and covered for 2. Headlock by Palumbo, Matt fights to his feet again and slams Palumbo to the corner. He sits Palumbo on the 2nd rope, Palumbo knocks him back and misses an elbow drop. Boot by Matt, rights to Palumbo and then knee strikes. A boot, TOF countered but Matt gets the side effect and covers for 2. A 2nd rope elbow by Matt, a boot, the Twist Of Fate and that is all.

    Winner: Matt Hardy @ 4:10 via pin

    -Chavo announces Hardy as, “The winner of the match and loser of the US Title at Night of Champions, Matt Hardy.”

    -We get another Batista moment.

    -We get highlights of McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania.

    -Eve is with Vladimir Kozlov. He says, “Я действительно хочу к продолжить, чтобы использование моих навыков САМБО доминировало над маркой Smackdown. Мои надежды – то, что я могу взять Викки Гуеррро к кровати, и зарабатывать меня выстрел названия. Это – много женщины. Thank you.”

    -We get another Batista moment.

    Jesse and Festus vs. Deuce and Domino

    Festus goes wild at the bell, Deuce and Domino bail and Jesse tries to calm down Festus. Deuce and Jesse to begin, snap mare by Deuce but Jesse gets a dropkick to the knee, back splash and a cover for 2. To the corner, a boot by Deuce, but Jesse with a Thesz press to take him down. Takes Domino out, Deuce gets a leaping side kick and flattens Jesse. A suplex onto the top rope by Deuce, tag and Domino win with an ax smash. Festus tried to get in, stopped and Domino with a leg drop and cover for 2 on Jesse. Jesse got busted open, likely with the kick and fights back, but eats double knees to the face. He fights off Deuce and Domino, but Deuce stops a tag. Snap mare, tag to Domino and he holds Jesse, Deuce goes for a springboard splash but eats knees. Jesse tags in Festus and tosses Domino across the ring. To the corner, charges in with a back splash and then a big shoulder block. Bicycle kick to Deuce, Domino tries a roll up, kick out and a bit right by Festus. A seated splash follows and that is all

    Winner: Jesse and Festus @ 3:40 via pin

    -Deuce and Domino argue after the match, and then Domino drops Deuce. They brawl like a pair of ladies and no one cares.

    -We get a video of Khali using the vice grip on Batista.

    -Khali walks.

    The Great Khali vs. Batista
    If Batista wins he gets his World Title Shot at Night of Champions, if he loses, he is BANISHED from the WWE.

    Batista circles Khali as Edge wheels out Vickie to watch the bout. Batista works the arm, but Khali gets a big right and chops to stop that. Batista kind of avoids a shot, rights to Khali, a shoulder block and nothing. Big boot by Khali and Batista falls to the floor. Khali celebrates as Jeff Small gets that feeling in his pants, like when he used to climb the rope in gym class, and then goes to the floor. He rolls Batista back in, covers with a boot for 2. A body slam by Khali, leg drop follows and he covers for 2. To the corner, back elbows by Khali, who appears to be using the Kevin Nash playbook. Boots now, misses a right and shoulder blocks by Batista in the corner. Tries a whip, fails and then goes to the top rope…GOOZLE BY KHALI as Batista flies in, TREE SLAM by Khali! 1…2…NO BECAUSE BIG DAVE DOES NOT APPROVE! Vulcan neck pinch by Khali, Batista gets to his feet and then Khali gets a clothesline to take him back down. JUDO CHOP blocked, Batista tossed down but then comes back with a spear off the ropes and that is all.

    Winner: Batista @ 5:10 via pin

    -Batista celebrates and points at Edge. DRAMA!

    -End Scene…

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