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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report – 01.02.21 – Roode and Ziggler on Attacking The Street Profits, Paul Heyman Councils Jey Uso, and More!

January 2, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Talking Smack 1-02-20

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.02.21

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to today’s WWE Talking Smack show, and she is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. He immediately corrects Kayla for calling his pocket square a handkerchief. She asks Paul if he has made a New Year’s Resolution. He is impressed by the question and wants more ambitious opponents for Roman Reigns. Unlike Kevin Owens who has nobody but himself to blame for his mediocrity. He made the mistake of messing with the wrong big dog and he’s gotten bit. He paraphrases an old saying, “If you come at your Tribal Chief, you best not miss.” Owens will now go down as someone who came up against Roman Reigns and learned the island of relevancy belongs to Roman Reigns and Owens is not welcome.

-Kayla covers some of the other happenings as Carmella pinned Sasha to keep that story going. Daniel Bryan and Otis got a win and Kayla mentions Bryan as his eyes on winning The Rumble. Heyman has no real thoughts because everyone has their eyes on Roman Reigns if they are ambitious enough. He mentions The Rock and people outside the WWE have their eyes on Roman Reigns, but be warned by what happened to Kevin Owens.

-Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler are our first guests and Kayla brings up their attack on The Street Profits. She has breaking news as The Profits will defend their Tag Titles next Friday night against Roode and Ziggler. Dolph says it is very deserved and apologizes to Kayla for their actions on SmackDown when Kayla interviewed them. Roode says that what happened was deserved as they have been the butt of the Profits’ jokes. They are out to prove they are the best tag team in the WWE and again, what happened tonight was deserved. Kayla brings up that she understands that Dolph may have been annoyed by The Profits calling him a Shawn Michaels rip-off. Dolph understands as he knows Shawn has been compared to him a lot. He takes credit for inventing “that kick” and maybe one day when he is old and feeble working behind the scenes others will be compared to him. They aren’t here to be laughed at, but to be respected and be the best team in the WWE. Heyman says he is a huge admirer of The Street Profits and with a all due respect he doesn’t think the attack was deserved, but it was effective as it got them what they wanted. He says to blame Adam Pearce and now The Profits have to fight back from this beating to get to next week. Kayla asks about New Year’s Resolutions and says it is perhaps to win the Tag Titles Heyman jumps on her for answering her own question and Dolph asks if she is going to win the Tag Titles next week. She starts “me and Paul,” and both Heyman and Ziggler correct her with “Paul and I.” She calls them the grammar police and Dolph closes by saying they will back up what they say.

-Billie Kay is out next and she tells Paul he looks great. She has her resume with her and Paul blocks it as he mentions they can probably see her phone number if she holds it up to the camera. Kayla recaps everything that happened tonight and Billie gives her credit for a great recap. She goes on to say she has experience and credentials and can help anyone in the division. Kayla asks her if she knows about bandwagon fans and Billie says no and she doesn’t appreciate Kayla’s tone. Heyman: “Don’t smack her more than once.” Billie shows off her new shirt and will send numerous quantities to Paul, but Kayla has to pay for one after her comment. Billie says her Resolutions for the year are to be a two time tag team champion, and she wants to learn to do splits as she has signed up for gymnastics lessons. Kayla mentions that Billie will be on The Bump next Wednesday at 10 AM. Billie says she is a hot commodity and in high demand.

-Jey Uso is out as our final guest and Heyman tells him that he is so proud of him and Roman is so proud of him. Kayla says that she has some questions that Jey may not like, but she wants answers. Her first question is if the credit for Roman’s run as Universal Champion belongs to Roman or him. Paul doesn’t let Jey answer as he says he isn’t his special council, but is to Roman Reigns. He mentions he has known Jey’s family longer than Jey has. He is not his council, but he advises Jey to invoke his 5th amendment right. “You right Paul and you would have saved me a lot of money with lawyers.” Paul vows to sit this next question out. Kayla asks if Jey’s success is from his own talent or from Roman’s help and again, Paul interjects as he is amazed at how great the question is. Heyman: “Kayla, damn it, you, Charly, whatever the blonde’s name was that isn’t here (ouch!)..you are the best.” He puts over Kayla for being great and Paul says 5th amendment again and Jey agrees. Kayla is rather pissed and Jey promises he will answer the next question. Kayla is done with this, but gets convinced to ask her final question as Heyman turns his back and takes out his inner ear piece. Before she can spit it out, Jey says that is a great question and puts over what he did to Drew, Daniel Bryan and now KO. “Got Emm!.”

-This show is just on a roll pumping out entertaining closing segments and just being a fun show to watch. Ziggler and Roode came off well and Ziggler is very good at shows like this. Kay was a lot of fun and is sticking the character right now while also playing well off Heyman and Kayla. Then you knew where the Uso segment was going, but it was still great and made perfect sense. Wonderful stuff this week. Thanks for reading!

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