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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 10.23.21: King Woods Celebrates, Sasha Banks Talks Crown Jewel, and More!

October 23, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
King Xavier Woods WWE Smackdown

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 10.23.21

-We open with the awesomeness that was the confrontation between Brock and Roman Reigns to start SmackDown. Just great stuff and it’s still amazing how much better this rivalry is with Reigns in his current role and Brock in his. Brock sticks Adam Pearce with F-5 and then another as he is a bit peeved he was suspended indefinitely.

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to WWE HQ and she is joined by Matt Camp. They discuss Brock being suspended and his loss to Reigns at Crown Jewel.

-Next they plug that this was the first SmackDown with the new rosters and go over some of the new faces that debuted tonight and those still to come.

-King Woods: Yep, Xavier did it as his dream of becoming King of The Ring came true. Good for Xavier and good on WWE for giving the fans a happy ending.

-Drew McIntyre threw out an open challenge and it was answered by Sami Zayn. Solid match from these two and Sami gets smoked with a Claymore. As others have pointed out Sami can get beat every week and get his heat back with his mouth, so this was a good first opponent for Drew.

-Megan Morant is standing by with Drew McIntyre and he discusses throwing out the open challenge. Drew calls Sami the most annoying man on planet Earth. Everyone can’t stand Sami Zayn and everyone is happy Drew kicked Sami’s head off his body. Drew mentions he takes it week by week and he will work his way to the top like he did on RAW.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-NXT Halloween Havoc commercial!

-Hit Row made their SmackDown debut tonight and they were able to SQUASH some jobbers to show off what they can do. This was what it should have been. Jackie is a fan of B Fab’s Canadian Tuxedo! Camp is a fan and put’s over all members of the group.

-We see part of King Xavier’s coronation from earlier. You is going to have a ball with this gimmick and Kofi looks like he is having a blast helping his fan.

-Kayla Braxton is with King Woods as he is in the middle of sitting on a throne for a photo-shoot. Woods says he could not have asked for anything more from his coronation. Kofi puts over Woods and calls him a King of The People. He plugs Up Up Down Down and how that came from Xavier’s brain. Woods calls King of The Ring the coolest thing in all of wrestling. Just being in the tournament was incredible and then he puts over Finn Balor. He talks about having a good and speaking it into existence. Kayla jumps in for a few photos as she throws it back to Camp and Jackie.

-Back with the close of Corbin’s win over Nakamura as that likely sets up an IC Title Match.

-Camp mentions Nakamura took the crown from Corbin and this was revenge for Happy.

-The much discussed Title Exchange happened between Becky and Charlottea as they reused the same idea they had for the Tag Titles a year ago. Sasha gets involved and attacks Charlotte as Becky takes her leaves and heads to RAW. Redmond respects what Sasha did as she made the night about her. Camp isn’t surprised to see Sasha get back into Title Contention.

-Kayla is with Sasha Banks and Kayla wants to talk Crown Jewel. Sasha calls being in that match one of the top 3 moments of her career and she gets a little teary eyed talking about seeing the kids in the crowd. She talks about creating history and she was honored to be there. She then goes through her catchphrases as she is The Boss and Blueprint of SmackDown!

-Redmond and Camp discuss before Redmond sends us out this week.

-More of the same with this show and with RAW Talk, which is fine. Thanks for reading!

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