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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 12.27.16

December 28, 2016 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 12/27/16

-Welcome to your weekly Talking Smack report. The big news this week (besides American Alpha winning the tag titles) is the return of John Cena and his getting a WWE Title Match against AJ Styles at The Rumble. With Cena and Reigns both being in Title Matches that means they should be out of The Rumble which makes that thing wide open.

-Renee Young welcomes us, but instead of Daniel Bryan by her side, we get JBL. Well, last time we didn’t have Daniel the show sucked, but I suspect JBL will do better than The Miz did.

-Renee brings up American Alpha winning the Tag Titles. JBL says everyone knew AA was the future of the division, but he thought The Wyatts would hold the titles a long time.

-They quickly bring out John Cena. He feels great and he has a special place for the AllState Arena since he had his first match there. He says the Chicago fans are the most vocal. They discuss the new era and John says they haven’t had this much talent in 15 years (going back to when he, Brock, Batista, and Orton debuted).

-JBL brings up Cole calling Cena the greatest WWE SuperStar of All Time, and Cena says you can’t believe what Cole says. JBL wants to know if considers himself a part timer like he busted on The Rock for during their feud. Cena back tracks and says what he said back then was stupid and he has apologized to The Rock for it. They move on as Cena never really answered the question.

-Cena puts over SD’s Main Event tonight and the 3 guys involved. JBL brings up Cena going for his 16th Title Reign. Cena says he is angry with the people thinking that the WWE is angry with him for doing outside projects. He is pissed that people already have him out the door, but before he can say anything else, AJ Styles interrupts. Awesome!

-Styles says that Cena tried to punk him by offering a hand shake. AJ brings up his win at SummerSlam and how he embarassed him. Cena is full on cocky ass mode her as he says that won’t happen again. He claims he spent most of last year with a torn shoulder, and AJ calls him out for making excuses. Cena says he is going to take the WWE Title at The Rumble. Styles shoots back that he is going to do what he does best: Beat Up John Cena. Then says too bad Cena can’t beat up AJ Styles and walks off the set. That was amazing and in 40 seconds have me more hyped for that match than anything RAW has done with their Universal Title.

-Cena says he puts himself in awkward situations. JBL asks about the awkward looks he gets from superstars. Cena says he is one of AJ’s biggest fans as he runs his mouth and backs it up. He is just pissed that people thing he is going Hollywood and has one foot out the door. The WWE is what he does, and it bothers him that he has yet to beat AJ Styles. He isn’t focused on winning his 16th World Title. He wants to earn back the respect from the boys that think he is a part timer. He is no different than any of the other guys who left for a few months to shoot a movie. His shoulder is healed, but no excuses as he was beaten by AJ Styles. 2016 was the year of the Phenomenal One! With that said he is just getting warmed up and it starts again at The Royal Rumble.

-JBL asks if this is the same guy that beat him for the WWE Title or the same guy that feuded with Edge. Cena says no because that guy was wild and young and made mistakes. Now he is the guy with all the wisdom and experience. He is no longer the guy on the top of mountain, and he has something to prove. JBL asks if The Rumble will be a defining moment for him, and Cena says that he is going in there with the attitude that he is going to win the WWE Title. He thinks it is funny that AJ thinks he has taken his best shot. Cena admits he may be approaching 40, but he has a big middle finger to throw up to everyone who thinks he is past his prime. He begs AJ to think what happened before is going to happen again before he exits the set.

-JBL and Renee discuss what Cena just said. JBL talks about how Cena feels he is an underdog for the first time. He brings up how he held the title for nearly a year, and went through a lot of WWE SuperStars, but couldn’t beat Cena.

-The New SD Tag Champs next as American Alpha join the set. Renee brings up that when the Brand Split happened everyone was looking at AA as the future of the division. They admit there was a lot of pressure, but it is what they wanted. JBL brings up that he saw them giving away a bunch of free tickets and AA goes over they were for family and friends.

-JBL asks if it means more because they beat a team like Orton and Bray. Everyone thought they were on another level, and would hold the titles for a long time. Jordan says it was definitely sweeter to be in the ring with talent like that and that they expected to be in matches with guys like that. Gable says they are Tag Team Specialists while Orton and Bray aren’t. JBL crushes on them for “Ready, Willing, and Gable.” He calls them the modern day Steiners and Bricoes. He wants them to stop with the towels and merchandise and just be wrestling bad asses. They talk about the Wyatts having issues after the match, and then JBL goes on a rant and gets in a dig at Daniel Bryan. Renee gets things back on track and congratulates American Alpha as they leave.

-They cover the Women’s Title Situation and Renee asks JBL who is La Luchadora. He has no clue as he thought it was Becky Lynch pretending to be her, and now the real one has apparently shown up. They bring up that there has been 2 Sin Cara’s in the past. They talk about Bliss nearly having her arm ripped off, but Dean Ambrose hits the desk.

-He jokes that he looks good in collared shirts and Renee says maybe he should start wearing suits. JBL thinks he should have a little makeover. Dean feels he is being insulted and says he will slap the piss out of him. He says he has always liked The Miz and he doesn’t know why he has a problem with him. JBL brings up Renee slapping Miz last week and wants Dean’s thoughts. Dean says he is not her daddy so she can do what she wants. He says Renee is Canadian and a former hockey enforcer so why would Miz want to test her. JBL asks Renee if she thinks there is a conflict of interest with her having to cover things involving her boyfriend. She doesn’t think it is a conflict of interest. Dean says he learned at young age not to mess with a woman. He would rather fight Bray Wyatt than be looked in a room with a pissed off woman. Dean asks Renee why she apologized and she said she apologized to Daniel. Dean thinks Daniel probably loved it, but she knows she shouldn’t touch anyone. Dean again says he should slap JBL, but that would ruin the show which would piss Renee off. Then he has a pissed off woman to deal with and the kids need to know you should never do that. Renee is fantastic here as you can see she is loving the craziness from Dean as he talks about his grandma sicking a dog on him. Dean then promises to maim The Miz, and admits The Miz is building a Hall of Fame career. Yet he gets to be the guy to dethrone him. The show ends with Dean still screaming that he will maim The Miz.

-Amazing show that has me jacked for Styles/Cena and I am a sucker for the Renee/Dean storyline as well. JBL was great here as he needs to be the one to fill in when Bryan can’t make it.

-See you all next week!

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