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411’s WWE The SmackDown LowDown Report 09.17.22: Ricochet on Win Over Sami, Brawling Brutes Are Ready for The Usos, More!

September 17, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
The Smackdown Lowdown Image Credit: WWE

-Back at it with another episode of The SmackDown LowDown. Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Matt Camp. Jackie is excited that her favorite, JBL will be joining the show later.

-Headlines: Brawling Brutes are new #1 contenders to the Usos. Liv and Ronda will have an Extreme Rules match in Philadelphia. Otis and Braun met up and will have a HOSS FIGHT next week.

-We start proper with talk of Roman Reigns and his appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast. To the video where Logan opened up SmackDown and challenged Roman to show up in Vegas tomorrow. Paul Heyman makes his return with the rest of the Bloodline. Logan decks Sami and bails as the Bloodline tries to attack. That leads to a match between Ricochet and Sami with Ricochet getting the win.

-Ricochet is backstage as our first guest. He is proud he was able to shut Sami up and he gave the Bloodline a little bit of their own medicine. He’s not afraid of The Bloodline and won’t back down. Ricochet is asked about Moss helping him and Ricochet is cool with the alliance as he wants someone like him watching his back.

-JBL joins the show and Jackie asks about Paul having the balls to challenge Roman. JBL compares Logan to Gorgeous George as he is changing the game. He knows Roman is going to accept and he can’t wait to see it. Camp talks about how Logan feels he only needs one shot and that lets Jackie break out some Eminem and she notes that she loves Marshall. Just another reason to be a fan!

-Shotzi and The Brutes still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-Paul Heyman Extreme Rules commercial!

-To the video as Solo Sikoa defends the NXT North American Title successfully against Moss. Solo taking a liking to Sami and giving his brothers a cold shoulder is a nice character touch. Camp and Jackie discuss the issues within The Bloodline.

-To the video as Bayley beats Raquel Gonzalez thanks to help from the rest of Damage CTRL. Shotzi runs out for the save as she is back to being a face and it’s good to see someone else get some TV time.

-Shotzi is backstage and tells us she has a problem with bullies. Someone needs to make an example of Damage CTRIL and why not the ballsy badass?

-Camp and Jackie discuss!

-Peacock commercials!

-Lashley vs. Rollins US Title this Monday, plus Theory vs. Owens.

-To the video for Kayla’s sit down with Ronda that gets interrupted by Liv Morgan. They talk trash and agree to an Extreme Rules Match at Extreme Rules in Philadelphia.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-To the video as we get highlights from the 4 Team match that was won by The Brawling Brutes and they are next for The Usos.

-The Brutes are backstage celebrating and Sheamus lets us know that it was another BANGER. He calls Ridge, “Ridge The Fridge,” which made me laugh. They will end the reign of The Usos because they put on BANGER after BANGER after BANGER after BANGER.

-JBL is back and he loves the Brutes, but he thinks even the Road Warriors from the mid 80s would have a hard time getting the titles off The Usos. Camp notes that the Brutes get better the more they fight.

-They discuss Extreme Rules with Ronda and Liv and JBL thinks Liv can hang in this match. He knows she is trying to cement this title run and wants to beat Ronda in her match. If Liv can get the win then she comes out on the other side as a great champion. Camp agrees that at one point Liv was happy to be here and now she is more serious and confident, though she questions letting Ronda have weapons. I agree! JBL mentions they had the same thought when Shamrock would grab a weapon and says Ronda is this generation’s Shamrock.

-Camp asks JBL what is going on with him and Happy Corbin. JBL feels Happy can be a future World Champion and just needs some guidance. JBL takes his leave!

-Camp notes that JBL skirted the question a bit. Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week.

-Thanks for reading!