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411’s WWE This is Awesome Episode Two Report: Most Awesome Superstar Entrances

August 5, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE This Is Awesome Image Credit: WWE

-Back at it with episode two of this series. This week it’s all about making an entrance. Let’s get to it.

-Run Time: 38:12

-I do like that the show intro is different each week as it is tailored to that week’s theme.

-Greg Miller welcomes us to the show (decked out in an Austin 3:16 shirt). He plugs being a photographer for shirtless Spiderman and throws out some hashtags. He touches on being at SummerSlam last week and ties that into this week’s entrance themed episode.

-Sizzle reel of various talking heads talking about the importance of a great entrance. Woods talks about Batista’s machine gun and yes, they show the footage from Mania where he nearly destroyed his throat singing along to Batista’s entrance. Cody Rhodes: “I like lots of pyro.” No kidding! We see the famous clip of the girl crying “thank you Bret,” and another fan telling Rey Mysterio he loves him.

-Montez Ford is a fan of Randy Savage’s entrance. Lacey Evans goes with Bianca. Lawler picks The Rock and Rikishi mentions himself. Woods is having a hard time picking. Ezekiel talks about how essential music is to WWE and that leads to the live performances: Orton, Rousey. Back to Woods who says he can’t pick.

-We start proper with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the glass shattering. Lawler says you could feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck when that glass shattered. Austin says he is already at 11, but that glass shatter and pop turned him up to 101. Sheamus covers how Austin makes sure to go to every corner to make sure everyone in the building knows he is there. Rhea is a fan of the beer drinking. BEER TRUCK! ZAMBONI! They specifically show the Jan 4 RAW where he blew the roof off the building coming down to help Mankind beat Rock for the WWE Title. Now, that’s a pop! They close by showing Austin making his entrance at Mania this year for his last match. Fun times!

-Miller segues to our next entrance. The Game!

-Priest says that HHH is like Taker in that they see what other’s don’t see with grand entrances. Ciampa talks about DX and how every kid at the time was into it. Lots of pyro and crotch pointing. Waltman is a fan of the Mania 21 entrance when Motorhead played HHH live to the ring. Molly talks about the music being perfect as it was intense which matched HHH’s character. Liv talks about the water spit and Cody says sometimes it is the simple things: like spitting water that people remember. They show the various Mania entrances and I am a fan of all of them because you should have special gear and entrances at Mania.

-Miller tosses it from one DX member to another!

-HBK: Liv Morgan says to her Shawn was hot shit and Godfather mentions the women loved Shawn while the men hated him. Cody talks about the music and how it needs to be catchy. We get a montage of various talking heads singing the song and it is glorious. TRUTH! Jimmy Hart said they didn’t have female singers so that was his voice stacked five times with echo on it. Cool!

-Miller throws to The Queen!

-Charlotte Flair: Alexa says Charlotte is the real definition of a Queen. Charlotte says it was trial and error with the robes. Her first one was at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. They she cosplayed with Cruella, Poison Ivy, etc. She wanted to evolve and wanted to take the “Flair” out of them and make them her own. Drew puts over Charlotte’s confidence and how she isn’t playing a character. She believes everything she does.

-Miller goes from a Queen to a Millionaire!

-Ted Dibiase: Finally, some old school! He had the character and package down from the moment he debuted in the WWE. Ted says Jimmy Hart wrote his entrance music. He asked Ted if he could sing and that was a no, so they decided to go with Ted talking his lyrics. Bring Jimmy Hart back to make more entrance music! We end with the laugh!

-Miller throws to an entrance full of pure adrenaline!

-The Ultimate Warrior: All the talking heads light up as they talk about pure energy. Batista says as a kid he felt Warrior was insane. The colors were everywhere as Boogs says you were magnetically sucked in. You can tell Batista was a fan as he gets into this one. Godfather says Warrior would be running back and forth before he even got to the ring. They all joke they would have been blown up doing that entrance and well, yeah, Warrior was all the time. That was part of the charm. Cody mentions this wasn’t slow burn like some other entrances. Waltman doesn’t think Warrior would have been as big without the entrance. Fun stuff here as again, it’s my childhood.

-Miller throws to a 2 Sweet Entrance!

-WOOO! nWo Wolfpack! I could hear that song all day! “Hey Yo!” RIP Scott Hall! Gable says he was red and black all day. Bischoff runs through the names and jokes that at some point everyone joined. Ha! I don’t want to type as I vibe out to the song. Of course Jimmy Hart wrote the theme and again I say, BRING THIS MAN BACK! R-Truth says when the music hits you are attached to it. Gable says as a teenager he wanted to 2 Sweet his friends and play the music all day. Jimmy Hart remembers hearing the song playing as walk up music in MLB games. TOO SWEET!

-Miller talks about songs getting a response and reaction.

-THE BROOD! YES! Oh that hits so well! Priest says it is one of the best written theme songs in the history of the business. We are told the whispering noise in the beginning is words being played backwards. Otis says he still has the song as a ring tone. Gable: “who walks out through fire like that.” Molly talks about how it combined a horror movie with wrestling. Gangrel and his red liquid as they couldn’t say blood, but the talking heads call it blood. We go back to SummerSlam from last year when Edge broke the entrance out. Still great! Priest calls it one of the coolest things he has ever seen.

-Goldberg: Yeah this one is kind of a slam dunk to include. Boogs is a fan of Goldberg’s traps and the intensity. Ron Simmons says the walk alone said it all. Then he stands in pyro which probably kind of sucked before breathing in the smoke and bellowing it like a dragon. Bischoff notes it had a prizefight feel and gives a shout-out to Michael Buffer for his ring introductions.

-We only have about five minutes left and it’s pretty easy to know who is left.

-The Undertaker: Duh! Sam Roberts says Taker’s entrance by itself is an attraction. Batista says he would get chills when he heard The Gong/Dong. Austin says he would forget everything he wanted to accomplish in the match when Taker would make his entrance. I mean you could have had this entire show about Taker’s entrances. Foley notes there was magic with that entrance every night. They cut through the different versions of the song and the Ministry of Darkness one is my favorite. Priest says the same. Ford loved the entrance at WrestleMania XIV with The Druids. We end with Taker driving off from his Boneyard Match at Mania with AJ Styles.

-Greg Miller wraps it up and next time it’s all about the women of WWE!

-I enjoyed this show, but I am a sucker for countdown shows and that’s kind of what this is without putting the entries in any kind of order. Just keep giving me flashbacks to my youth and childhood and I’ll continue to watch. The real star of the show this week is Jimmy Hart and again, someone needs to put that man back on their payroll. Thanks for reading!