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Acero’s AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash (Night Two) Review 1.13.21

January 13, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash (Night Two) Review 1.13.21  

Ed. Note: Hey folks, Jeremy here! Just a reminder that we’ll have LIVE post-show analysis and review of tonight’s Dynamite from Andy Perez and Steve Cook on Dissecting Dynamite! You can set a reminder below, or watch right after Dynamite goes off the air. Enjoy tonight’s show!

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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

Ok, let’s go! I just signed a two-year extension with Tony for that sweet Khan money, so I expect this show to be a solid 9 out of 10, at least.

Oh, we are starting off hot with Kingston vs Pac!

Match 1: Eddie Kingston vs Pac

The bell rings as soon as Pac heads out to fight, and Kingston rolls to the outside. Pac hits the ropes. He flies to the outside onto Kingston! I should note that Blade is out with Kingston, while Penta and Rey are with Pac.

Back in the ring, Pac hits a pump kick in the corner. Another kick in the adjacent corner. Pac boots the chin of Kingston into the third corner and hits another pump kick! Running knee to the head of Kingston. Kingston on his knees. He eats another knee. Kingston stands in the corner. Pac with a right hand. Kingston hits an elbow, then kicks out of the corner. To the 2nd rope, and a knee to the back of the head. Kingston sends Pac to the outside. He tumbles out in front of Butcher and Blade. Kingston rolls out and grabs Pac then sends him back in the ring. Neckbreaker gets a 1..NO! Kingston with a chop. Another in the corner to Pac. Another! Elbow to the back of the head. Eddie rips at the ear, pushing Pac against the ropes. Elbow to the head from Pac. Chop from Kingston. Elbow from Pac. HARD chop from Kingston. Forearms then some kicks from Pac, Kingston wants it! Pac sends him into the ropes. GERMAN! Kingston is on his knees. Kick from Pac. Another kick from Pac. Back suplex. Cover! 1…2..NO!!! Kingston gets Pac in the corner. ANOTHER chop! Pac side steps an elbow, then runs into a hard shouylder from Kingston. Kick from Eddie. He hops to the top rope. High kick from Pac! Eddie is SHOOK! Pac to the top rope! He locks the head. SUPERPLEX attempt! Eddie with some right hands, but Pac still hits it!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Pac kicks Eddie hard in the face. Again. Eddie in the corner. He stands, Pac rushes him with a HUGE uppercut! He sends Eddie down to the mat face first. Eddie is pissed at his weakness. He stands, hits a clothesline. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Dropkick from Pac!!! Pac to the top rope! BLACK ARROW! Cover for 1..2..3!!!!

Completely surprised as how this match was booked, as it really came off as a Pac squash more than anything. Sure, Eddie got some moves in, but this was all Pac. What’s interesting, though, is just how good Eddie is. Eddie is one of the few wrestlers I’ve seen that shows massive frustration with HIMSELF – not his opponent – while attempting to get the upper hand. He looked completely outmatched here, and he acted like it. Fuck man, this guy really is good…
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:33

After the match, Pac locks in The Brutalizer! Butcher and Blade enter, so too do Penta and Rey! They want action. Pac wants it, too! But music hits, and it’s LANCE ARCHER!!! He enters the ring, chases Butcher and Blade out of it, and Butcher and Blade leave.

Interesting, considering Butcher and Blade were already outnumbered.

Archer rushes to Pac, yells at him to get on the same page. Same page as who? Interesting.


Match 2: Chuck Taylor vs Miro

CHUCK ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!!! He sends Miro into the corner and kicks at him till Aubrey holds him back. Chuck rushes with a clothesline, sending Miro to the outside. Miro tries to get in, but Chuck knocks him off the apron. Chuck follows and sends Miro into the stage. He sends him yet again, then heads back into the ring with Miro. Miro rolls out, Chuck hits the ropes, and flies over with a front flip onto Miro! Chuck with a right hand to Miro. He high fives Orange Cassidy, then heads to the top rope. Kip attacks Orange, Mule kick from Chuck to Kip! Knee to the jaw of Miro! Samoan Drop from Miro! Miro with a leg lariat! He’s hyped.

Miro stomps, stomps again, gets ready for it, rushes Chuck, huge thrust kick to the jaw. Miro calls for the end with a GAME OVER! He pulls back on Chuck. Tap out.

Winner: Miro
I’m so glad they flipped the switch on psycho Miro, because the pure “wrestler” debut just wasn’t it. This was far more impactful, and now we get to see Young Boy Chuck.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:22

BACKSTAGE, Matt Hardy is with Private Party and Dasha. Dasha brings up Matt being their Manager, and what this means. Matt says he speaks first. He says things are great. Kassidy says this is called show business, and not friend business. Quen says things got better when they signed with Matt. He’s a legend, an icon. Quen has some qualms, though. 30%. Third party platforms was in the contract.

Quen calls Matt a money-grabbing carny. They were no one before him. He is the only person that cares about them. No one else does. He learned this the hard way – nobody cares. The sooner they get this through their head, the better they will be. When he jumps, they will say how high, now go!

That was a little on the awkward side.

The Inner Circle is here for their resolutions!

WE COME BACK from break, and Jericho says this will be a huge year for them. They have plans and resolutions, and they are going to share them today.


MJF says off the top of his head, it would be to continue to strengthen these bonds with these men, and also – fat people gotta go.

Ortiz wants to perfect his grandmother’s sofrito recipe. The crowd boos, and MJF questions this. Lol.

Jericho wants to give his. He thinks this is the year that Chris Jericho and MJF wins the tag team championships of the world. Sammy and Santana seem a little bothered.

Santana says that he and Ortiz were handpicked to be in The Inner Circle. THE tag team in the Inner Circle, right? So….

Sammy holds them back, says he knows what’s going on. He sees it. Jericho is is a little tag team slut. The writing is on the wall! Jericho teams with mJF now?


Sammy saw Jericho dabbin it up with Snoop Dogg. Gonna team with him next?

Jericho: “Maybe…”

MJF wants to get the trains back on the track. All Jericho is trying to do is his job.

Sammy: SHUT UP, MAX!

Jericho says they are all top-level professionals, huge stars, sexy hooligans. Any one of them can team with the other and win the tag team titles, but much like Hager and Wardlow did last week in getting rid of some steam and animosity, they should do the same. Live on Dynamite next week, a three-way match to decide who will be the official tag team of The Inner Circle. Jericho thinks it’ll be MJF and Jericho. Santana thinks it will be he and Ortiz. Sammy says it will be him and Hager.

Sammy: “Sammy Hager!”

Jericho laughs this off, saying that’s funny. Nevermind, says Jericho. Lol.

MJF wants to relax. At the end of the day, no matter what happens, they are still all family. Nothing can break them. They are the Inner Circle, they are better than us, and we know it. HANDS IN

Santana to MJF: “Yo, why is your hand darker than your face?” lol

MARVEZ is with The Dark Order backstage!

Evil Uno says everything they do will be in the name of Brodie Lee. They have to be better people, and it starts next week when Hangman Adam Page teams with The Dark Order.

Silver wants to interview Page. He gushes over Page, saying he loves Page. Reynodls takes the mic and says Silver gets nervous around him, still, sorry. Reynolds wonders if Page will join. Silver says how about next week, after the match.

Silver: “He is in!!”

A little history lesson of Tazz, Darby, and Cage, all done pretty well.

BACKSTAGE, Omega, Callis, and The Young Bucks are talking to Dasha. They got all the belts, says Callis. Omega asks The Bucks if they wanna go out all together, but Callis says the Bucks need their own entrance, they should do their thing. Interesting.

IN THE RING, Don says Justin has this moment off, because tonight is history. The band is back together. Courtesy of he and Omega, this is a dream six man, so he is here to introduce OUR World Tag Team Champions…..



The Young Bucks are watching backstage, and are very bothered. So, too, is Khan.

Match 3: Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows vs The Varsity Blondes and Danny Limelight

Kenny and Co attack!!! Gallwos takes out Griff and Anderson attacks Pillman. In the ring, Omega gets taken out by Danny, but Gallows is in to truck him down! In come Pillman to send Gallows and then Anderson outside. Tag to Pillman, who kicks Omega then chops! He works the arm and tags in Garrison. Griff flies off the 2nd rope to the arm with an axe. Griff works the arm, tag from Pillman. Tag to Danny, who eats some rights, but kicks back and hits omega. Whip and Gallows kicks Danny in the back. The ref admonishes but Kenny takes no time in hitting the ropes then hits a leg lariat to the back of the head. Anderson gets the tag. He comes in and beats him down, then shoves Griff off the apron. Whip to the corner by Anderson.

Shit, my food took too long! Anyway, I come back and Griff is missing a splash in the corner. Omega sends Danny off the apron. He runs with an uppercut to Garrison, then a kick from Anderson, then Gallows with a huge arm, and the three of them hit a neckbreaker to Griff. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! It’s broken up by Pillman. Cover from Anderson after a big boot for 1..2..NO!!! In come Gallows. Anderson gets a fireman’s, spins, Griff lands on his feet, tag to Danny.

Anderson kicks, whips to the corner, high kick from Danny, he hits the corner, flies off the ropes and right into a Spinebuster!!! MAGIC KILLER! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows
Don is such a dick. Interested to see where it goes from here. Wrestling wise, it was average, as Gallows and Anderson never really did anything for me. But the story here is fun.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:24

The music of Jon Moxley hits!! He heads down slowly, but once he gets to the ring, he attacks Omega!! Anderson and Gallows, of course, attack, and it’s a three on one, as they boot Moxley in the corner.

Out come Penta and Rey! Penta assists his brother in an attack off the top rope! Penta and Moxley attack Gallows and Anderson as Moxley attacks Omega. Some nobodies in the locker room run out to stop the attack, so Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift on one of them. Suicide dive to everyone outside, including Omega. Jon sends Omega into the ring, looks to attack, but out come The Young Bucks!! They stop Moxley. In come Penta and Rey. SUPERKICKS TO YOUNG BUCKS!! In come Gallows and Anderson. Omega and Callis leave the melee as people hold back everyone.

Yeah, I don’t fully appreciate pull-apart brawls, especially when people come out yet really have no discernable reason as to why, and this was no different. Fortunately for me, the story is fun. Just not a fan of pull-aparts like this.

WE RETURN to Rebel introducing us to the newest segment of AEW, and it has a talk show format with fake applause and a fake audience. Ok, oops, the audience is real. Lol. Britt comes out to tell everyone there is a surprise under their seats! They look, and it’s a rib! There’s nothing! Britt has a huge guest tonight, and she talks a bit about Cody and the show he is a part of. She says there are three HUGE celebrities, and randomly, Cody Rhodes. She isn’t sure how he got that job, but whatever.

Britt then tells Cody to make one good choice; Snoop, Shaq, Sting? Make one good choice, unlike the one on his neck. During all of this, Rebel is laughing in the most annoying way possible.

Cody is introduced and he comes out, as Britt and Rebel hold sparklers. Cody has kept the Snoop entrance.

Britt says this is a huge year for Cody. Go Big Show, baby on the way. WAIT! Britt has another surprise guest!!!

Here comes…Jade Cargill.


In comes Jade, wearing wrestling gear, and Britt voices my thoughts, “Do you always wear this in a dental office?”

Jade says no one gives a damn that Brandi isn’t here. Her and Shaq are tired of waiting. Jade wants an opponent. She is a bad ass mom. And if Brandi ever retruns, she is going to beat that ass.

Jade shoves the face of Cody.

In comes Red Velvet! Jade ducks down to the level of Velvet and shoves her. Red slaps Jade in the face. Jade gives her one right back. They fight, and Britt is hyped, standing on her casting couch and clapping, then taking photos with her phone.

The audience runs in to stop the attack, but Red rushes though the door to attack yet again.

Randomly, we get a recap of Britt attacking Thunder Rosa and pouring water on her.

Thunder comes onto the screen, saying that Britt and her big nose like to get in people’s business. But soon, she’ll have to actually wrestle. Tony told her that Rosa vs Baker is a huge deal, and they need time and a big stage. Rosa says that Britt gets to face her on 2/3 at Beach Break.

Britt takes offense, saying this match is not happening. Tony said she didn’t have to do it. GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!

Yeah, not sure I’m a fan of that entire segment. Jade is still stilted as all hell, there’s no reason why the “audience” would stop this SECOND pull-apart brawl of the evening, and that transition to the Rosa promo was rough.

Match 4: Jurassic Express vs FTR

Cash and Stunt start. Cash lifts him like nothing and sends him to the corner. Tag to Dax, Stunt leaps over and under and rushes the corner to tag in Jungle. They flip FTR off a bit. Dax corners Stunt. Stunt shoves, then slaps Dax in the face. Right hands to Mark over and over in the corner.

Marko looks like he enjoys Second Breakfast.

Tag to Cash. Chop from Cash. Cash with a huge uppercut in the corner, treating Marko like a Pez Dispenser. Whip to Stunt, who hops on the 2nd rope, trise for a moonsault, Cash catches him, head scissors from Stunt, dropkick, tag to Jungle Boy, Inverted atomic from Jungle, Enziguri from Stunt, same to ax, another kick to the head, whip to Cash and Dax, reversed, Jungle and Stunt meet iin the middle of the ring, stop, pump kick to FTR, an assisted head scissors sends Dax out of the ring, kick to Cash, suicide dive to FTR from Marko Stunt, and a springboard moonsault from Jungle Boy onto FTR!!!


WE ARE BACK, and Dax sends Stunt into the ropes, tags in Cash, Cash comes in. SPINEBUSTER!!! Cover for 1..2…N!O!! Dax back in. Stomps and covers and stomps and covers and Stunt keeps kicking out. Ref is distracted a bit, Cash nearly attacks, but tags in instead. Cash grabs Stunt off the ground and locks the head under his dick. Lifts up for a backslide. Gory Special setup. Cash pulls the feet back, turning it into a submission. Stunt releases with a hold, then rolls through for a 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Dax, cuts the ring, grabs the head, its up and Stunt drops down, rolls through, tag and in comes Jungle Boy!!! Chop. Hop. Dropkick to Cash, back elbow to Dax, front elbow to Dax!! He gets shoved to the ropes. Clothesline from Jungle Boy! One for Cash!!! BANK STATEMENT! COVER FOR 1..2…NO!!! JUNGLE GETS DAX TO THE TOP ROPE! Oops, that didn’t need to be capitalized. Hurricanrana off the top to Dax! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! In comes Cash, goes for a suplex, Jungle Boy reverses. BRAINBUSTAAAAAHHHH!!! Dax rolls Jungle Boy up, but Jungle escsapes, tags in Stunt. He drops Marko onto Dax. Looking for Sliced Bread, but Dax catches him and tosses Stunt onto the mat. HUGE CLOTHESLINE!!! Dax sends Stunt into the corner. STUNT WITH A LOW BLOW!!! SLICED BREAD #2!!! Cover for 1…2……NO!!!! Stunt, from outside, hits a right, another. TULLY SENDS HIM INTO THE POST!!! Hahaha. Jungle Boy rushes over to yell at Tully.

Tully tries for a clothesline, Jungle Boy ducks, but cash is there to hit him with a clothesline anyway! He sends Jungle Boy into the barricade. Cash sends Stunt into the ring. BIG RIG!!! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: FTR
I know Stunt’s whole gimmick is that he’s a big guy in a small package, but he was a bit off his game tonight, slipping at least twice, and getting some botchworthy moments in. FTR did their thing, and Jungle Boy was just…wow. Still, the story was there, and even if this was a little longer than it should be, the hope is it leads to Lucha and Jungle taking on FTR.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 12:18

Match 5: NWA Women’s World Championship Match
Serena Deeb vs Tay Conti

Lockup! Deeb works the left arm. Tay escapes, but gets arm dragged down to the mat. Deeb mounts the back, locks the arm, turns this into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Tay shoves Deeb. Tay spins with a kic, Deeb catches it, Tay trips her up, heel hook and Tay locks the leg. She turns Deeb on her stomach, Tay pulls back on the leg, but Serena grabs the head and gets in a chinlock. Nice. Shoulder toss from Tay, and both girls are up. Test of strength. Deeb kicks the arm, breaks the hold, takes Tay down, and bends the fingers back, then contorts the wrist. Tay kips up and out, turns into the hold, locks in a Triangle! Drives elbows into the face, Deeb esapes, hits the ropes, shoulder tackle. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Deeb rolls her up, Tay moes forward, cover for 1..2..N!O!! Reverse for 1..2..NO!!! PUMP KICK FROM TAY!!! Deeb rolls to the outside, nearly tumbling after that kick.

We are BACK, and Deeb has the leg around her neck, trying for a Stretch Muffler. Tay breaks the hold with the ropes, deeb grabs the arm, Tay counters! Rollup for 1..2.NO!!!! Deeb with the fireman’s, drops Tay onto her knee! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!

Tay to the top rope! She kicks Deeb away, flies over her, bug pump kick, looks for the TAYKO, Deeb with a backslide, rolls through, DETOX! Pin for 1..2…3!!

Winner: Serena Deeb
Deeb is a godsend, but Tay seriously proved herself here. This was great. Amazing, I’d say. Deeb was definitely the ring general here, but she walked Tay into and through an amazing match. I’m thoroughly impressed.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:05

Tay is noticeably sad. Anna Jay is there to hold her hand, taking her out of the ring.

Match 6: TNT Championship Match
Darby Allin vs Brian Cage

DARBY attacks the leg!!! He dropkicks Cage to the outside! Darby with. Suicide dive INTO THE BACK OF CAGE! HOLY SHIT!! Lol. Darby sends Cage into the barricade!! Again!!! Jesus. Darby enters the ring, hits the ropes, SUICIDE D—NOPE! Cage catches Darby by the head and suplexes his ass to hell. Cage sends Darby into the ring. Darby slaps Cage in the face. Clothesline to Darby! Cage grabs Darby and just launches him over the top rope into the table outside!!! Holy shit! Cage heads outside. Darby is bleeding. Cage grabs him, suplexes him back into the ring. Cage lifts Darby by the belt and slams him back down onto the mat. Cage runs with a huge uppercut, huge high kick, german suplex! Jeeeeeesus. Cage launches Darby into the corner back first. Cage grabs Darby from above and hits a few cross faces.

WE RETURN and Cage has Darby reeling in the corner. He runs right into a kick .Darby hops to the top rope and onto the shoyulders of Cage. F5!!! Cover for 1….NO!!! NOT EVEN A 2!!!! Starks is SHOCKED! SHOCKED I SAY!

Darby flips off Cage, so Cage lifts him and powerbombs him over the ropes to the outside. Darby flips him off again!!! Cage exits, grabs Darby by the neck. He drags him over to the apron, walks up t he corner, and sets up for a Superplex. Cage hits it! 1….NO!!! Cage grabs the steel steps and drags them towards the ring. He grabs Darby’s head and sets up on the apron with the steps chillin in front of him. Brian has Darby on the shoulders, Darby hops off. Dropkick to Cage. He bites the hand of Cage and drops Cage onto the steel steps. COFFIN DROP TO CAGE!!!!! Darby sends him into th erring. He removes the wrist tape. Right slaps! Cage grabs him. Bear hug Darby bites Cages! He has a belt, flips over Cage, CUTTER!!! Darby with the belt, wraps the legs of age up!! He attacks on the back of Cage!!! He runs, cage catches him and slams him right back down. CODE RED TO CAGE!!! 1..2….NO!!!! Darby kicks, covers for 1…..2….NO!!!! Ref fucks that up, but Cage shoves Darby up and Darby lands on the corner, flies off onto Cage!

Hobbs is on the apron. Starks is, too!!! LIGHTS GO OUT!!! They are back on and Sting hits Starks with a bat, then sends him off the stage!!!

Cage hops to the top rope, has Darby on the shoulders, Darby pulls and we get a crucifix bomb into a pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Darby Allin
I’ve seen Cage wrestle small dudes countless times in the indies, and he knows just how to sell as a big guy and destroy them as a big guy. Tonight was no different, and Darby is a resilient little scrapper. That ending was a little odd, with the ref hitting three, but at the wrong time. Other than that, a nice main.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:41

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight was a bit of a mixed bag, admittedly, but although it was a step down from last week in terms of in-ring quality, there was still a hell of a lot to enjoy. First, I give the WWE a lot of crap for doing the whole pull-apart brawl thing with people who really have no business breaking things up coming out to do so, and we got that TWICE tonight. I would love to forgive it, and consider the ideology of the Young Boy, but that hasn't been explained or mentioned, so it really just comes off as a means to an end that could have been done in other ways. It was more offensive during the Britt Baker segment, which brings me to my second complaint of the night in that this segment screamed potential, but ultimately fell flat on its face. First, Britt as a host was amazing, and Rebel doing the worst laugh ever added so much to it. You also had Britt with some great digs to Cody, and he standing on the couch and cheering on the fighting was great. Sadly, there was far too much awkwardness coupled with this. Jade should just stop talking altogether, and the transition to the recap/promo from Rosa was poorly done. Cody looked thoroughly confused at times. Just a bad segment. As I said, the wrestling quality wasn't that high. Still good, but some people couldn't find their footing tonight, such as Stunt, who I don't think has every really been a spectacle, but continued to slip up a few times. As far as the positives, I loved the main event, with the exception of the awkward ending, and Tay vs Deeb was waaaay better than it had any right to be. A solid effort tonight.

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