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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 1.10.22

January 10, 2022 | Posted by Tony Acero
Bobby Lashley Brock Lesnar WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 1.10.22  

Hello everyone! Just got my booster shot, so if my right arm turns into some sort of numb and dead appendage mid-show, I’ll depend on my talk-to-text feature that I hope this MacBook has.

Speaking of boosters, it appears that my sudden surge of happiness is shunned when compared to the vitriol of my weekly Monday Night Report, and although I won’t wax poetic ad nauseum, I will say this:

Perhaps, if the show I was hired to review was actually a BETTER show, it would get a BETTER rating. I enjoy what I do here at 411, and I wait anxiously, every Monday, for the presentation of a wrestling show worthy of my time. I do not hate-watch anything except for Batman Forever. At the end of the day, it’s a review, and I’ve made a career here allowing everyone to agree, disagree, or – as crazy as it sounds – let y’all review my review, but I will not waver. Ten years strong, ten years long!

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

After a lengthy recap of Brock’s win, and the Fatal Four Way from last week, Lumberjack Brock is here to man-bun us all to hell!

Backstage, Lashley and MVP are watching Brock. In come Shelton and Cedric to say that now that they are back together, they cant wait to see Lashley beat Brock.

Lashley says The Hurt Business is over, and they can just go on get the hell on, them and their momma.

Heyman introduces Brock in the ring, and Brock takes the mic to say he loves that. He is a chipper man, right now, all laughs.

Lashley’s music hits, and here he comes.

He says it’s an honor to be in the ring with Brock, and as one super athelete to another, it’s an honor to look him in the eye and say, with all due respect, tell him that for 20 years, Brock has been ducking and running from Lashley.

Lashley laughs this off heartily. He says he’s been winning championships for the last twenty years. He didn’t have a clue who Lashley was until Day One. It’s Lashley’s fault that he didn’t climb the ladder of success and meet Lashley at his level. Had he known Lashley years ago, he would have beat him then and we wouldn’t be here now.

He also says Lashley and MVP are dressed really freakin fancy. Lol.

Lashley calls him a comedian, says he and MVP wil be front stage at Brock’s first show, because he’s great.

Lashley says he is funny and makes money. He has a knock knock joke.

Heyman asks, “Bobby who?”

Lesnar: Exactly

Lesnar says it’s impossible to beat Brock, and it’s more impossible to beat Brock when you’re a Brock Lesnar wannabe.

SHELTON AND CEDRIC ARE HERE TO ATTACK LASHLEY!!! Unfortunately Lashley makes short work of them, sending Shelton out of the ring, and giving Cedric a spinebuster. Lashley leaves the ring and sends Cedric to the barricade then into the post on the outside.

That started off rough, with neither Brock nor Lashley being able to string together a sentence without flubbing. It got a little better, but Brock totally got the upper hand, and no – beating Cedric and Shelton up doesn’t remove the sting of the burn Brock just left Lashley.

Orton and Riddle have a moment backstage where Orton writes on Riddle’s hands, “tag in Randy” as some advice in the upcoming match. They argue over who has the better Philly Cheesesteak then head to the ring.

Cool little graphic of an IG post by Gable that shows he and Otis working out their neck so as to avoid the RKO and the pain it leaves.

Match 1: WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match
Randy Orton and Matt Riddle vs Chad Gable and Otis

Gable and Riddle to start. Gable cuts in front of Riddle, getting him out of the face corner. Gable with a side headlock into a spin and a drop toe hold. He floats over into a front face lock, but Riddle drops, slinks out, stands, go behind, locks up from behind, slams, Gable down, and Gable rushes to the ropes. That was nice.

Both men up, Gable works the arm, snapmare into a cravat. Riddle escsapaes, kick to the chin, another, Gable rolls outside. Riddle hits the apron, runs with a punt kick then bounces off the middle rope with a springboard floating bro to the outside.

We are back, and Gable gets rolled up for a pin, but kicks out at 2. He hits a Dragon Screw to the leg, then tags in Otis. Otis comes in and sends Gable into the corner hard. He whips Riddle into the wall that is Otis. Riddle to the corner! Floating Bro and Otis is down! Tag to Orton. Tag to Gable! Clothesline! Another. A third. Kick to Otis, Powerslam to Gable! He sends Gable to the apron, kicks Otis, hangs him up, grabs Gable, but Gable hangs Orton up then heads to the top rope! Orton clips the leg, and Gable crotches himself on the top rope! Orton heads to the top, locks the head, superplex to Gable, and it looked beautiful.

Otis gets a surprise tag, Orton tries to RKO Gable, Gable shoes Orton into the arms of Otis, and he hits a huge powerslam that needs an actual name. Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: The Alpha Academy
Well that was certainly a surprise, and a surprise I’m kind of ok with. They set the stage last week, gave us Orton in the match, and Otis was still too much of a problem. Orton gave them a clean win, and we have a team with the titles. Maybe Riddle v Orton can start now for Mania. Who knows.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 9:11

Priest talks about debuting in the RR match last year. How does he upstage it? By winning the whole damned thing. He will enter, win, and headline Mania with the US Title.

Priest is backstage with The Street Profits. He tells them that it’s every man for themselves, but tonight he is glad that they have each others’ back. Ford drops a cliché till Dawkins wonders which side of Priest they’re dealing with. Is Damian coming out, who is supposedly the bad side, or if it’s Priest, the good side? Priest says please give him a solo cup. As far as what side, their opponents have gotten beat down by both sides.

Match 2: The Street Profits and Damian Priest vs Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, and Apollo Crews

Ford and Apollo to start. It’s short lived as Apollo tags in Dolph. Ziler with a few kicks, pretends to superkick the faces, then swings with a right, and gets blocked. Ziggler tries for a splash in the corner, Ford drops, Priets gets a tag and hits a kick, then enters with some rights. He boxes the ears, single arm flapjack, Roode in and gets some kicks, right hand, spinning leg lariat, right hand to Apollo! Priest sees Ziggler and hits a back elbow, one for Roode. Locks the head, foes for a suplex, but Roode stops him, drops, high enziguri from Ford to Roode! Dawkins enters with a dropkick! Spinning kick is missed by Priest, but he hits a huge clothesline off the ropes. Profits and Priest are in the middle of the ring to send us to commercial.

Back from the break, and Apollo and Ford are at it again. Crews gets a pin but only gets two, so he tags in Dolph, who comes in and stomps Ford. High dropkick to Ford. Cover for 1…2..NO!! A cradle from Dolph gets antoher 2. Cravat with an arm lock to Ford. Ziggler stomps Ford. Dolph with a surprise superkick to Priest! He sees Ford struggling, goes for a Fameasser, but Ford lifts and hits a powerbomb! Tag to Crews. Tag to Dawkins. He comes in and hits a suplex to Apollo, one for Ziggler. Spinning splash in the corner to Roode. Suplex and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Crews breaks it up. Priest comes in to hit a kick to the side of the head, then heads outside to powerbomb Apollo, but Yabba Dabba comes up to distract. It’s ok, though, because Ford hits the ropes and flies over the top onto Apollo and his friend. Rollup from Roode in the ring gets a 1..2..NO!!!! Blind tag from Ziggler.

Spinebuster to Roode, but Ziggler hits a surprise Zig Zag and a cover for 1..2…3!!!!!

Winners: Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, and Apollo Crews
This was a match where regardless of who won, it wouldn’t matter, and the apathy after the bell rang is proof. Priest said it himself; he has beaten all three of them already.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:11

After a recap of the reveal that Rollins would be facing Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble, we return to RAW, and that’s enough alliteration for today.

Seth is here to laugh loudly.

Why are we all excited for the Royal Rumble? Brock vs Bobby? No. The Royal Rumble match itself? No. Seth is excited because it is the night where he will become the new Universal Champion.

Big E interrupts after a short time. He is thrilled, so excited. Seth has a few questions for Big E. Big E has some answers, but he is most excited to face him if he wins the title, because he will be in the Royal Rumble, and he plans on winning.

Seth says Big E cant beat him. Big E wants to face him tonight, just to test the theory. Seth says next week, next week in a better town.

Big E wants it tonight, and he wants it right now. Big E is calling Seth out right now, questions Seth? He’s on. Let’s do the damned thing.

Match 3: Seth Rollins vs Big E

Seth corners Big E, Big E escapes, hits a dropkick off the ropes. Leap frog from Big E. Big E hits a belly to belly, hits the ropes, runs into a kick, Big E rushes, gets sent to the outside, and Seth hits a suicide dive. He re-enters the ring, goes for another suicide dive, but Big E is there to punch him in the face. Big E grabs the wrist, sends Seth onto the apron, hops up on it, and hits a splash.

We are back and Big E slams Seth into the announce table before sending him back in the ring. Big E grabs the head, sends Seth into the ropes, Seth with a kick off the bounce, chop to Big E, another chop. Big E misses a right hand, waist lock from Seth, which Big E breaks and sends She flying over his shoulder. Whip to Seth, Seth rolls off the conrer, tries to lift up off the oher one, Big E catches him, Seth slips down behind him, chop block into a DDT from Seth. Big E to the outside. Seth to the apron. He runs with a knee to the face of Big E on the outside! Seth sends Big E into the corner, Seth to the top rope! He flies with another knee to the face! Cover for 1…2….NO!!! Cravat to Big E from behind. Big E stands, hits some elbows to create separation, Seth clubs th back, hits a chop. Seth to the apron! Big E hits the ropes! SPEAR FROM BIG E!!!!

Back from another break, and Big E hits a belly to belly, another, gets a third. He stands over Seth, gyrates, hits the ropes, again, big splash to Seth! Big E ain’t done. He waits for Seth to stand, lifts ihm on the shoulders, She slinks behind, runs out of the corner, rushes, arm drag to Big E, elbow to Big E! Seth locks the head, tries for a suplex, but Big E blocks. Big E lifts up instead, Seth over the head, ducks a clothesline, high kick to the side of the head, rollup for 1..2…NO!!! Seth with a superkick to Big E! Cover again for 1..2…NO!!! Seth to the top rope! He flies with a frog splash! HITS IT! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!! Seth in the corner, waiting for the stomp. He runs, Big E lifts. Powerbomb! 1..2…….Seth kicks out! STRETCH MUFFLER TO SETH!!! Seth hits some elbows, Big E drops him, Seth grabs the ropes, Seth flips up, holds the abs. Nice! Elbow to Big E, another, Big E misses a right, another right, big slam from Big E. Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Big E runs into a knee in the corner! Seth to the top! Big E with a right, another, He walks up the corner! He grabs Seth onto his shoulder. BIG ENDING OFF THE—NO!!! Seth elbows over and over! Headbutt to Big E!

Seth flies, misses a knee, Big E catches him, spins, Seth lands on his feet, locks the head, PEDIGR—NO!! Big e escapes, but Seth hits a right, another, STOMP TO BIG E!!!! Seth flips big E. Cover for 1…….2…….3!!!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
First and foremost, this match was amazing. The only issue I have stems from the problem I had last week, with Big E losing yet again for the sake of making Seth “strong” for Roman Reigns. It’s an antiquated mentality that the WWE continuously falls back on, assuming we, as viewers, need to see that Seth can beat a big name to even be a match against Reigns, thus sacrificing the already damaged Big E for the sake of it. We don’t need it, because Seth v Roman tells its own story, even if we ignore the brand extension. But still….what a match.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 17:48

Nikkia and Rhea are in the middle of the ring with Sarah, and they have an announcement. Nikki announces that they want a rematch for the tag titles. Rhea says that’s not what they were out here to talk about. Sarah asks about their recent division amongst them, but Nikki says they have no problems. Rhea says Nikki didn’t let her finish, then says they should talk about it later. Nikki wants to talk about it now. She wants to talk about the future of their team. Nikki wonders if they are breaking up. Rhea says they had a great run, but it’s time for them to go their separate ways. Rhea says she is ready to go on her own. Nikki says they’ll get the titles back. They are great together.

Rhea says its not about the titles. Nikki then says oh, Rhea thinks she is so much better than her? She was thinking it, at least. Nikki wonders if it ever occurred to her that she was doing Rhea a favor by staying in this partnership. Friends stay together through thick and thin, even when one is better. Rhea says she never said that. Nikki says she was talking about her. Nice to know where Rhea’s head is at, though.

Rhea doesn’t like where this is heading, so she is out. Rhea says she is uncomfortable and wants to say goodbye with a handshake. Be civil, she says. Nikki says fine, but she wont shake her hand until Rhea looks her in the eye and says she still believes in her. Rhea says she always will, but whether with or without her, she hopes Nikki doesn’t stop believing in herself and that they can be friends. Nikki looks to cry, composes herself, asks if Rhea means it and they can still be friends. Rhea gives her a hug. Nikki hugs her back.

Nikki turns to the ropes, stands on them and raises her hand in the air as Rhea looks all sad. They go for knuckles…until NIKKI CHECKS RHEA IN THE THROAT!! Nikki continues the attack with a bunch of right hands! Nikki leaves the ring, hands on her hips, and says, “Almost superheroes don’t need any friends.”


Backstage, 24/7 stuff happens.

Had to take a small break and came to Omos murdering a small white man, giving Reggie an example of what’s going down with him eventually.

Recap of the opening of the show.

Edge is here for The Cutting Edge, and his guest will be Beth Phoenix. He introduces her as a woman with thighs that can crack a coconut. Edge wants to remind us how much ass Beth can kick in this ring. Edge relates to the sports teams of Philadelphia and says that he and Beth have collected 35 titles together. They are also the only couple in the WWE Hall of Fame. More than all of that, Beth is a wrecking machine, and here’s a video package to remind us.

This turns Beth on, and they’re going to totally knock boots tonight.

She wants to talk business, though. She says we just saw a little sampling of the damage she will give to Maryse. Maryse has got to stop, and at the Royal Rumble, they wil shut Miz and Maryses’ mouths for good.

Here come the mouths!

Miz comes out to say that he stands with Ben Simmons. He would also give up 33 mil just to not play in this crap city. Can ya blame em? Oh, and hello Edge. He knew Edge would come out here and slander their good name. He gives love to Maryse, says his inside sources told him that Edge was prepping a Beth video, so he did one better and has a Maryse one.

Miz says Edge and Beth should feel honored to be in the same ring as Maryse.

Edge says both her and Miz work hard at everything they do. They proved everyone wrong. They don’t want to take anything away, but Beth can deadlift a Buick. She smashes things; mostly people.

Beth says it’s interesting that suddenly shes become so shy, because she’s ben attacking Edge for weeks, but now that she’s back, Maryse has become as quiet as a mouse. Time for apologies is long gone, at Royal Rumble, she will wreck Maryse, and everyone will be chanting bye…but in French.

Miz goes on a tirade on how badly Maryse will humiliate and destroy and demolish Beth, but Maryse runs to the back while he’s going off. Beth says if Maryse is too afraid to show up at the Rumble, Beth will take pleasure in knocking his teeth in.

Theory is backstage, and he said he spoke to McMahon earlier, who reminded him tht AJ Styles is a big deal. Tonight is different, says Theory. He will beat AJ, and Mr. McMahon will continue to invest in Theory. Vince also said not to screw this up.

Match 4: AJ Styles vs Austin Theory

Theory starts with a kick, gets a little cocky, but Aj hits a backbreaker to slow the kid down. Theory corners him, drops him, stomps the chest, then deadlifts a suplex with a hook and a cover for 1..2.NO!!! AJ with a high dropkick. Theory to the outside, AJ hops over the top rope, to the apron, slides underneath, but Theory sends him flying outside, Theory rolls forward with a dropkick, sending AJ to the outside.

Back from a break, and AJ is chopping Theory away in the corner. Whip and AJ kicks out of the corner. Theory goes for a suplex, AJ lands on his feet, hits a right, left, right, clothesline. Another drops Theory. Hooks the head, and AJ flips, Theory lands on his feet, so AJ hits a neckbreaker. Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! AJ lifts Theory, clubs the back, sets up for a Styles Clash, but Theory escapes, hits aback elbow. Hooks the head and drops it on his knee! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Theory gets AJ on his shoulders, to the apron, hard forearm from Styles! He calls for the forearm!

Grayson Waller is here to pull AJ off the apron and cause the DQ!

Winner: AJ Styles via DQ
Quite a bit was during the commercial break, so that kind of killed it, but what we saw was fun.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:01

Waller continues to attack, Theory comes outside to take a selfie, AJ recovers and tries to fight back but Waller leaves up the ramp, and the invisible wall in the ring goes up, causing AJ to stay put.

AJ continues to the back, but Waller is stopped to asked about his underhanded attack. Waller says this wasn’t underhanded, it was a preview. The Phenomenal One will be taken over by the Grayson Waller effect.

Further backstage, Liv Morgan cuts an over-enunciated promo about giving it all she’s got.

Becky lynch is here, presumably to watch the triple threat.

If you were wondering if the Alexa Bliss kookiness would stop, sorry. We see her sitting with a psychiatrist. He asks her to breathe deep, and she does, comically. He says admitting there is a problem is step 1. Alexa says yes, she has a problem; “Fix me.” Hot.

Dr. tells her it’s time to heal. He needs to know where Alexa is right now. The doctor shows her the dismemberment of Lily. Bliss shows anger, frustration. How does it make her feel? She smirks, grabs a glass of water, and says it makes her feel thirsty.

She fills a glass of water to the brim, and then some. She grabs the tie of the doctor, asks how it makes him feel. He says not great. She says she feels dandy, then tosses the empty pitcher across the room. She admits that she has a problem, while she rips pages out of a notebook. She grabs a keyboard and breaks that, then a vase of flowers, and tells the doc she’ll see him next week.

Becky is in the middle of the ring.

Becky brings up the triple threat, talking about how she has beaten Liv and Bianca, then give respect to a fellow Celt, who will go out and take what she wants. Anything can happen tonight, and these womens have notions of grandeur, that they will finally be the one to overthrow her. This will be a battle for the ages, all of them fighting to one day tell their grandkids that they lost to Becky. She’ll be on commentary for the next match.

Match 5: Bianca Belair vs Piper Nivens vs Liv Morgan

Piper and Bianca are quick to roll out of the ring, focusing on their own fued, but Liv ain’t one to be ignored, so she flies over the top rope with a flip onto both girls. Piper stays out while Bianca and Liv enter the ring and go at it. Bianca flips over liv, sends her to the ropes, hops over, then under, then ets hit with a rana from Liv. Liv misses a splash in the corner so ianca hits a shoulder. Bianca punches a few times, Piper runs in, Bianca flips over them and corners both, but Piper walks with her looking for a possible powerbomb, Bianc kicks her into the corner, Liv dodges the hit, goes for a suplex, but Bianca lands on her eet and hits a suplex, then Piper runs across and hits both of them with a crossbody. Michinoku Driver from Piper to Bianca. Liv on the top rope, flies for a rana, but Piper holds on and twists Liv in the air, dropping her face first onto Bianca. Piper covers both for 1..2…NO!!!

We are back, and Piper and Bianca are alone in the ring. Piper misses a shoulder, Bianca to the top rope, Liv runs up the back of Piper, head scissors Bianca down, locks the hips of Piper for a rollup but cant get it! Bianca with a kick to Piper! Liv pulls herself up as Piper rolls to the outside. Bianca and Liv ho at it like they owe each other money. Liv misses a kick, Bianca rolls up for 1..NO!!! Liv with Rings of Saturn!!! Bianca pulls back on the head, liv drives some elbows into Bianca. Live cinches the hold, Bianca won’t tap! Some more elbows from Liv. Bianca is fading. No, she says! She gets to her knees! Struggles, gets to it! Bianca with Liv on her shoulders! She spins lIv, but Liv with knees to the face!! Piper in! Liv with another set of knees! Liv ducks under Biana, goes for a backstabber, but kicks Bianca into the corner. Liv sits Bianca up on the top rope. Attacks the back! Piper drops Liv hard! Cover for 1….2..NO!!! 450 splash from Bianca!!!! She covers piper for 1..2…NO! Cover for Liv. 1..2…NO!!! Bianca up first. SPINEBUSTER TO PIPER!!!!! She hits a Glam Slam on Liv ONTO PIPER!! SPtingboard moonsault! KOD ON LIV!!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!!

BECKY STOPS THE PIN!!!! Did the bell ring?

Weird. Anyway, Bianca chases Becky, but Becky sends her flying over the announce table!

In the ring, Piper drags Liv to the corner. She flies off, drops her ass onto Liv’s chest softly…cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Piper Niven
I have got to give major props because I feel like these three huddled up together before the match and said, “Whatever we do, please let’s not treat this like every other triple threat we’ve ever seen on RAW over the last several years, yas queens?!” I say that because, they did everything in their power to be innovative and include all three of them. The succeeded for the most part, with only SOME of the match seeming a bit contrived. Considering the greenness that is Liv and the sometimes overproteting (which isn’t a bad thing) that Piper tends to do, I expected something far less appealing. Kudos to the three of them, big time.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 14:34

Becky enters the ring to shake hands with Piper, slaps her across the face. Piper eats it, looks to lock up, but Becky rolls out of the ring with a scowl. Piper is ready.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
On the same week that I defend my disdain for the doldrum of the wrestling landscape known as Monday Night Raw, they put on a show that was really, really solid. While I can't give a pass to things like the 24/7 title, or even the Alexa Bliss segment, their impact is next to none when it's surrounded by good wrestling and a solid push of forward progression in story-telling. Tonight, we had Seth Rollins NOT be a chickenshit and take the challenge from Big E only to put on a great match. Did I like the result? No, not necessarily. I don't think you need to hurt someone to help Seth because a Seth v Roman story writes itself, but alas... Anyway, we also had a really interesting main event wherein the three women involved didn't HAVE to do what they did, yet put every effort into giving us a main-event match. Did they succeed fully? No, there were some hiccups, but the effort was there, and damn if that doesn't count for something. Aside from that, we had a title change with a pin over Orton that damn well better give Alpha Academy the motivation within and for the audience to carry them into the next feud. I feel like RAW has been consistently bad for a long, long time, now, so this was a great change of pace.

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