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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 7.20.20

July 20, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Randy Orton RAW
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 7.20.20  

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Hey, y’all! Currently in Idaho, and I’ve seen more Trump flags in a five mile radius than I’ve seen stars in a Sasha Banks match. Fucking wild. Anyway, the wi-fi is powered by horse manure and cow milk, so I’m hoping this goes well!

RAW starts with covering the whole eye for an eye thing.

Seth starts RAW proper with his biggest fan above him.

Murphy is with him, and he hands Seth a mic once they get to the ring.

Seth is showered (drizzled?) with boos. They throw shade his way.

Seth says that Rey’s eye came out of its socket. He wants to be honest with us; he understood going into the match what the stip meant, but what happened to him will stay with him for the rest of his life. The visual will stay in his memories forever. It was disgusting, barbaric, more than he expected. It made him sick to his stomach. He has asked himself if he regrets it, and he doesn’t mean to be obtuse, but he has a question for us; do we regret what we have done to him? This was not his decision. We were the ones who made him the Monday Night Messiah and demanded that he become this person. We made him. Do we regret what we’ve done to him and to Rey and his family? Speaking of Rey, let’s remember who asked for this stip. It was Rey.

Seth says we cannot afford to dwell in the past. The beauty in all of this is that Rey is out of sight. The greater good of this show can and will happen, and there is nobody left to stand in the way

Except the dude he is scheduled to fight with. Idiots.

Aleister Black tells Seth not to deflect any of this blame on anyone but Seth. This is all on Seth’s hands, and right now he is here to rectifiy all of this.

Black drops the mic and runs down the ramp. Murphy meets him and eats a kick in the chest. Black enters the ring. Murphy pulls him out and attacks. Seth barks orders as Black sends him into the barricade. He sends Murphy into another one then kicks him in the chest. He is able to stand tall in the ring as we go to break.

Match 1: Seth Rollins vs Aleister Black

We come back and the match is on. Seth has Black in the corner with some right hands. He argues with the ref, telling him that the ref listens to him. Black with a kick flips Seth in the middle of the ring. Black attacks in the corner, with punches and kicks. He whips Seth to the ropes and chin checks him with a thrust. Seth rolls to the outside. Lack leaves the ring, attacks Seth with a right hand, a left to the stomach, then he sends Seth into the apron face first. Right to the face. Seth locks the hips and Black backs him into the post. Black goes for a right hand, Seth ducks, and Black punches the post. Seth sends him into the announce table then back into the ring. Slingblade to Black. Seth drops a knee. Seth works the arm behind Black and whips him into the corner. He hits a suplex. Rollins covers for 1..2…NO!!! Seth works the arm again, chokes Black up with it, and shoves him into the corner arm first again. Seth chokes Black up, rip chord, but Black reverses and hits a hard right. He kicks, another to the fae, and a third is missed. Seth kicks the gut, locks the head, goes for a Falcon Arrow, but Black lands on his feet, hits the ropes, holds them, Seth dives and falls to the outside. He runs up and springboards, roll through, but Black with a right, an elbow to the face. Kicks and a leg sweep. He hits the ropes and a running knee to the face of Seth. Black knocks Murphy off the apron. He goes for a moonsault, but Seth moves and pushes him down. Seth with the stomp! He misses! BLACK MASSS!!!!! Black drags Seth to the center, but Murphy is up ni the ring. Huge kick sends Murphy flying. Black grabs at Seth. Seth rolls to the outside. Murphy in the ring. BLACK MASS to Murphy.

Back from a break, and Black hits a kick to the mid section in the corner. He’s still favoring the right harm. He locks the head and hits a kick to the chest. Black wants Black Mass again, Seth rolls up for 1..2..NO!!! Black Mass attempt again, but Seth ducks. Superkick to Black! Another Superkick to Black! Seth screams for Murphy, who is seated against the announce table, holding his chin. Seth climbs to the top buckle. Black is up. Right hand to Seth. He jumps up and grabs Seth, Seth works the arm, kidney shot from Black. Seth drops down and holds the arm, and that arm is hung over the top rope. Black dives, lands on his fet, Black catches him, Seth grabs the arm. Kick to the face from Black.

Waist lock, Seth grabs the right and rings it forward. Stomp to Black! Seth rolls over. He rolls back and covers for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
Black has got it goin on, and Seth is a formidable opponent. I don’t like that delayed cover at the end, but that’s just nitpicking. If you recall, one of my biggest gripes is how little the first half of matches mean when there is a commercial involved, but that problem didn’t exist here, as everything mattered. Solid affair, even if a bit long feeling before the break.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 11:49

AFTER THE MATCH, Murphy and Seth run back to the ring and attack Black. They pull his arm through the bottom rope into the post then slam the arm down hard on the mat outside. Seth asks when is enough enough, and Seth grabs his arm and continually slams it on the announce table over and over, then lifts the lid and tosses it atop Black. Seth wonders who is here to save Black. Murphy sits on his back, and holds his head up. Seth says Black’s Messiah is here to save him, and stomps the hand.

Murphy chews his gum menacingly.

Last niht, MVP was crowned the NEW United States Champion.

Backstage, Farooq is telling MVP and Lashley that there’s a better way. In comes R-Truth, and Truth calls his title a pretty nice replica, then winks and calls him “champ.” MVP says it would be awesome if R-Truth joined them in the ring. Truth says he doesn’t want to be put in the Nelson from Simpsons again.

Lashley says he will be the new Champ, and brings in a ref. Out of nowhere comes Shelton Benjamin, and he clocks Truth then covers for 1..2…3!!!!

MVP invites Shelton to the ring with him.

In the ring, MVP wonders if we’ve been under a rock. Last night, he was crowned the NEW US Champion, and he ddin’t even break a sweat. He brings up a few weeks ago when Lashley hurt Apollo so badly, he stayed home to nurse his wounds. MVP don’t make excuses, he makes history. He calls Ricochet and Alexander Dumb and Dumber, and says that when they get done with them, they’re going to jump in thr whip and head to the after party.

Guys, there’s a pandemic going on.

Ricochet doesn’t like this nickname, but tells Cedric to get him. Cedric says Dumb and Dumber was funny in 2006 when MVP was relevant. A quick search says Dumb and Dumber came out in 1994. Cedric says he and Ric have been champs before and will do it again. Without them. MVP says three grown ass men are in the ring, and sees two little kids outside the ring, that should still be sitting in catering. He wants to make it fair, he tells them to pick any two to face thm. But Ric and Cedric have another tag team partner, someone who is making their return.

It’s Mustafa Ali.

Lashley runs out of the ring, gets Superkicked by Ali, then double superkicked by Ricochet and Cedric. They run into the ring to send out MVP and Shelton, then springboard and flip into position with Ali because they think they’re The Avengers.

Weird; we come back from the break with the match in play, then it cuts out and we come back to the match just starting.

Match 2: MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin vs Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and Mustafa Ali

My feed freezes for about 20 seconds and I come back to Shelton beating on the back of Cedric. Cedric hits a chop. Shelton drops Cedric then lifts and chops him down hard. Tag to Lashley who comes in to hit a stalled supelx to Cedric. Huge shoulder in the corner. Tag to MP who comes in and hits a HUGE kick in the corner. MVP with the BAAALLIIINNNN elbow drop. He covers for 1..2….NO!!! MVP locks up from behind then sends Cedric into the corner. Cedric with a chop. Another chop. Another. He grabs the head and hits a right, then hits the roeps and gets hit with a huge boot from MVP. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Shelton. Tag to Ric. They double team Shelton and kick the bck pof the head. Tag to Ali who flips over the top rope onto Shelton. Shelton rolls to the outside immediately.

We are back and Shelton is sending Ricochet flying over his head. Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Ric with a right, Shelton drops him then side headlocks him. Shelton grabs the boot, pulling Riccohet to prevent a tag. Shelton gets MVP in the ring, stomps the back of the leg, and corners Ricochet. MVP attacks the back. Tag to Lashley who sends Ricochet out then right back in and hits a back elbow to the face. Antoher. Lashley mushes the face till the ref stops him. Lashley grabs the head and sends him to the heel corner. Lashley chokes him up a bit then shoves his head down hard as the ref starts the count. MVP with acheap shot to the face as Lashley distracts the ref. Tag to Shelton who comes back in to knee Ricochet in the corner. Shelton with a right elbow. Whip to Ricochet into the corner. Ricochet hits a kick out of the corner. Dropkick to Shelton. Tag to Ali, Tag to MVP. Right hand. Another. Whip to MVP. Reversed, MVp shoots him up, and Ali hits a dropkick. Chop to MVP. Whip to the corner is reversed, Ali slides, rolls through, high kick to the face, he dives through the ropes and hits an X-Factor. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Lashley in to stop the pin. Lashley gutwrenches and Ali falls to his eet, then holds the ropes and Lashley tumbles. Ricochet hops off. GOOZLE! Cedric flies. Lashley grabs his neck, too. Ali with a suicide dive! Shelton to the outside. He big boots Cedric! Ricochet to the apron. He flies off with a moonsault onto Shelton. Ali rolls back into the ring. Knee from MVP corners him. He hits some right hands.

Whip to the corner, hard, and MVP misses a kick. Neckbreaker from Ali. Ali to the top rope. 450 Splash. Cover for 1…….2…..3!!!!

Winners: Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali Sorry, but adding Mustafa did nothing to me. It has nothing to do with the man, his skill, and what he is capable of, it just doesn’t make sense. Ali could have had a return with enticement and shock, but this was just lackluster. Aside from Edge, when was a return done with any type of wow factor (and, no, Byron being shocked as all hell doesn’t count).

Total Rating: **
Match Time: 13:48

BACKSTAGE, Orton wonders if we ever think to ourselves about the moments that changed our lives. To some, we may think that Orton’s moments are when he joined Evolution, or when he beat Mick Foley, or when he became the youngest champ in history. No, those are not the moments. The moment he is referring to is the same moment he sees every time he shuts his eyes.

He shuts his eyes.

The moment is the one that happened 175 days ago when he swung a chair down on the surgically repaired neck of Edge. He’s made a lot of friends in this business. Those friendships were etched in stone, he thought, but they’re not. They are done with – gone. Edge, Christian, Big Show, he swears that at one time, they helped Orton save him from himself, which baffles him that a moment in his history could have brought so much pain to so many different people, yet makes him and brings him so much satisfaction. It felt good. Fan freakin tastic. The night after, Christian came to his defense, and Orton ruined his chance at one last match. And tonight, he will punt kick Big Show in the skull and enjoy, immensely, ending his career once and for all.

We get a little interview between Joe and Christian, who says that he will never look at Ric Flair or Orton the same, and he is not sure he will ever be the same. Joe asks about his health. Show is also in an unsanctioned match, and does Christian feel this is another trap?

Christian says some days are bette than others. He doesn’t feel good. He’d do it one more time if it guaranteed Orton could never do it again. Show has a lot of people in his corner, and Christian cant wait to watch Show knock Orton’s ass out cold.

Bianca is backstage with Sara. She wonders what we can expect from Bianca. Bianca says that her rise will be quicker than everyone. She just wanted to put the thirstiest team in the locker room in their place.

In come Peyton to send Sara away to call Biance the dumbest. She should have found herself a better partner.

In comes Ruby who looks like a Little Monsters reject and says they won last week. Peyton gives Bianca a tip; talk less and think more before they wind up like Liv Morgan. Ruby protects the name of Liv, and Bianca likes what’s in front of her. She hopes Billie enoys watching Peyton get whooped.

Match 3: Ruby Riott vs Peyton Royce

Peyton talks some shit so Ruby sends her int othe corner, and Peyton comes out of it with a leg lariat. Peyton mounts her and hits some punches. Peyton yells that Liv can’t stand Ruby. Whip to the ropes. Ruby comes back and gets an axe handle to the chest. Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Peyton grabs the hair. Peyton locks up Ruby on the ropes with a submission till 4 then kicks Ruby down. Peyton on the apron. She walks bac in the ring and calls Ruby a loser, then kicks her in the chest. Peyton attacks the back. Peyton grabs the hair from vehind, yells some more, then gets hit in the stomach with a right hand. Peyton sends Ruby in the ropes, reversed, Ruby rolls through, flies and glands on the apron, hits a shoulder to the gut and Peyton drops with a pni, but uses the ropes. Ruby rolls forward for 1..2..NO!!!

Jumping kick to the side of the head. Ruby with a RIott Kick out of nowhere! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Ruby Riott
Try as they might, I just don’t care about the Ruby return, as they’ve done very little to make it make sense. Peyton, however, love her and her growth.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:59

We are reminded that RAW has tag team champions, and that Garza and Andrade exist.

Backstage, Charley stops Andrade and Angel and Zelina. She wonders how they get on the same page considering they have a match next.

Zelina stops them from answering, says play time is oer. Both of them have been on the same page, and they’ve been ready. Where are The Street Profits? They’ve been in hiding. Who knows, maybe they’ll win the match on a countout. The champs are scared.

Andrade says when this happens, they will be one step closer to becoming RAW Tag Team Champions. Garza says they’ve been waiting for this for a long long time. Garza is always ready for the opportunity. The anticipation is…

In come Street Profits who attack from behind. You know, like every other face does in the WWE…

Match 4: The Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza

Andrade and Angel quickly send Ford to the outside off the apron and attack Dawkins. Angel gets him in the corner then tags in Andrade who stomps him into the corner. Tag to Angel who come in to wishbone Dawkins. Kick from Angel. He works the arm from behind, pulling on the neck as well. Angel attacks the back, then kicks the face. Tag to Ford. Tag to Andrade. Ford goes buck wild, sending everyone to the outside. Ford dives over the top rope onto Andrade as we go to break.

We return and Dawkins covers Andrade for 1, then works the left arm behind Andrade. Dawkins yanks the arm and tags in Ford. Ford flies over the top rope and hits a dropkick. He gets a front face headlock and gets backed into the corner. Tag from Angel. He boots Ford in the corner then runs with a kick to the face. Garza beats down on Ford with some kicks then in comes Andrade who kicks Ford in the side. Andrade locks the head and hits a suplex in the center. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Andrade sends Ford down to the mat then works the left arm like Dawkins just was. Andrade sits on the back until Ford stands up and turns into it. Knee frm Andrade. Tag to Gara. Garza with a cheap shot as Andrade holds Ford. Knees from Angel. He attacks the back with some clubs. Angel works the right arm from behind. Angel backs into his corner. Andrade tags. He works the left arm, hits a back suplex, releasing Ford to drop on his arm. Andrade works the arm again. He elbows the side, locking in a modified abdominal stretch. Ford turns into the hold and hits a belly to belly like toss. He hits an enziguri then tags in Dawkins. Right to Garza. Back elbow. Flapjack to Angel. He lifts Andrade with a fishermans. Dawkins waits in the corner, runs, and spins with a splash. Bulldog and a cover for 1…NO!!!! Garza breaks the pin. Tag to Ford. Ford to the top rope. Dawkins gets Andrade on his shoulers. Andrade drops, sends Dawkins into the ropes, Ford is crotched. Tag to Garza. Superkick to Dawkins. He runs up the ropes and holds onto Ford, looking for a superplex. Ford fights back with a huge right. He’s to the top rope. He dives.

Frog Splash and he spins in mid-air. Dawkins sends Andrade off the ropes. Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: The Street Profits
A good win for The Street Profits that doesn’t necessarily hurt Angel or Andrade considering they’ve been spotty at best. Something’s gotta give, though, because these teams seem like they have been fighting for months even though they really haven’t. That’s a problem.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:10

Recap of my beautiful and beloved winning the WWE RAW Women’s Title fair and square.

BACKSTAGE, Zelina wants to know what the hell happened out there. She scolds them. Garza tells her that they are on the same page. She says to prove it.

Bayley is here to make her entrance with Sasha.

Sasha is holding the RAW title in the air in the middle of the ring.

Sasha says thank you, and Bayley demands respect for our new champion. Bayley shmaes their pettiness. Banks says she’s got this. She knows a lot of people have been talking about her, accusing her of stealing the title, but either they have a bad memory or low-def television. Last night, she fought for the title, unlike Asuka, who got the title handed to her. Becky handed the title to Asuka, because Becky went to have a baby. It appears everyone forgot this, just like they forgot that last night, Asuka spit her green mist in that poor ref’s face, almost blinding him. The ref couldn’t continue, and Bayley didn’t steal the shirt, she borrowed it because someone had to do it. Someone had to officiate the match.

Bayley is our role model, and when she saw Sasha make the cover, she had to do the right thing. She made the count. She is not just Bayley Dos Straps, she is our role model. You said that already, Bayley. Jesus. She repeated it word for word.

Sasha says we don’t need to understand. She is the boss, the standard, and now she is Two Belts Banks, and now they have all the gold.

Here’s Asuka.

She isn’t alone. Asuka comes out to cut. Promo, then says that the title is hers.

Sasha tells her to come and get it.

ASuka removes her incredibly heavy-looking jacket and walks down the ramp until…

Lord Stephanie McMahon comes on the screen. She congrats Bayley and Sasha, but calls her match last night a Horror Show. Steph says that she didn’t win last night. Then again, neither did Asuka. Therefore, next week, they will have a title match to determine the rightful champion. To be clear, Steph says, Sasha can lose via pinfall, submission, DQ, countout, or if a certain role model gets involved. Good luck.

ASuka and Kairi run into the ring, and Bayley and Sasha. Leave.

Match 5: Bayley vs Kairi Sane

Sane with the attack just before the bell as McMahon’s announcement is unfairly called a “bombshell.” Bayley backs into the ropes to break an attack. The ref holds back kairi. Bayley stomps the foot then sends Kairi down hard. Bayley whips Sane int othe ropes, Sane hops up and hurricanranas Bayley to the outside. Bayley back to the apron. Hip Attack to Bayley, squashing the arm between her back and the ropes! Sane hops down to the outside. She sends Bayely into the ring then rolls in and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Sane runs and gets lifted with some snake eyes. Bayley stomps away in the corner. She chokes her up on the bottom rope. Bayley with a right hand. She clubs the back and sends Sane into the corner hard. Shoulders to Sane in the corner. Side headlock. Sane breaks out. Crossbody in the middle of the ring. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Clothesline from Bayley. She mounts and hits a right hand. Another. Another. Bayley covers for 1..2..NO!! She shoves Sane against the ropes. Bayley locks and hits a suplex. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Bayley tries for another suplex, but Sane rolls her up with a cradle for 1..2..NO!!! Bayley is right on her. Ref holds her back, Bayley attacks the back. Bayley drags her into the center, hits a suplex. Cover again for 1..2..NO!!! Sane barely kicks out. Sane sends Bayley to the apron. Bayley with a shoulder. Bayley grabs the head of Sane and tries to lift her for a suplex, but Sane blocks twice and hits a few right hands. One to the back of the neck. An axe leaves Bayley reeling. Sane ot the top rope. Stomps off the top! Cover but Bayley rolls out and Sasha is there to help her.

We are back and Bayley covers for 1..2…NO!!! Bayley grabs Sane and elbows her in the face. Damn. She pulls the arm around the bottom rope for a few seconds then works the arm behind Sane. Bayley works the head.

SHAYNA BASZLER is backstage and gets asked if she has a vested interest. Shayna says she has beaten every woman in this division, and still hasn’t gotten a match. No one deserves this spotlight more than her. So does she have an interest? Yes, she guesses she does – the same way a shark has an interest any time it sees prey in the water.

Bayley is dropped on her head by Sane back in the ring with a DDT. Sane to the top rope. Bayley stops her. She drops Sane onto the top rope, cutting her arm. Bayley pulls the arms up and hangs Sane from the top rope. Sane is able to esacpe and hang Bayley up. Stomp to Bayley. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Spinning backfist! Spear! Both from Sane! She heads to the top rope. She calls for the elbow. Sane waits. She stands, salutes, dives, and hits the elbow!!! Sane covers. 1..2….ROPE BREAK! Whip from Bayley, reveresd, Sane hits the ropes, and runs right into a knee!!!! Back suplex! Bayley to the top rope. ELBOW!!!! Pin for 1…2…….NO!!!!!

Bayley rushes, goes for Bayley to Belly! Sane counters! Roll up for 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Kairi Sane
Yo, this shit was more fun than I expected, and they gave Sane a very well deserved win. Bayley isn’t hurt by it in the slightest, and we actually got some interest. Aside from that, the match itself was very well put together from start to finish. Bravo, ladies.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 15:33

Drew is here to make an announcement on his future. He wants to hand it to Dolph. He did everything he could to beat Drew. He almost had hid, but…almost doin things is the story of Dolph’s life. As for Drew, it’s onward and upward. SUMMERSLAM is comin and he wants a worthy opponent.

Here comes Ziggler. He says last night, he saw something in Drew he hasn’t seen in a long time. He saw fear for the first time in a long time. Drew says he just beat Dolph last night, is that not enough? Ziggler says the whole world saw them beat the hell out of each other. He saw the look, and he was THIS CLOSE to having that title. No one talks about what Dolph has done, what he deserves. Drew says he beat him 24 hours ago. No, he won’t get a match. BUGGER OFF.

Dolph say the look of fear was there because Drew knew Dolph was due. Drew says he’s embarrassing himself. Drew will save him the embarrassment. Drew is going to leave. Dolph tries to grab him so Drew headbutts his ass down. The answer is no, says Drew, and leaves. Dolph tells him not to walk away. Dolph deserves the shot. He doesn’t care when or where. Everyone deserves what’s coming to Dolph. He wants the match.

Drew says all the years of law school weren’t wasted. Dolph has changed his mind. Drew accepts.

Dolph wants to know the stipulation. Drew gives him the ol Dolpy treatment, saying he’ll know when the bell rings.

Big Show cuts a promo backstage, saying they used to drive together, and they had a nickname. Hammer and Chisel. It was their own nickname. They bonded a lot talking about comlplexities on how each one of them were presented in this business. They are like tigers that can’t change their stripes. Orton has brought back that sadistic legend killer. He’s got a boot with Show’s name on it. Is this the end of the line for Show? It might be. But there’s another saying about tigers. Tiger is most dangerous and fierce when it senses the end because it will do anything and everything just to survive. Orton will not write the end of his story.

15 minutes for the main? Oh boy…

Main Event: Unsanctioned Match
Randy Orton vs The Big Show

Show tries for a chop but Orton dodges. Orton kicks and Show uppercuts him in the corner. Again. Show gets Orton in the corner. He punches the gut again. A chop to orton’s chest. Orton falls to his ass. Show stares him down, asking if it hurts. He grabs Orton by the face and punches him right in the stomach. Show wraps Orton’s arm around the top rope and drops an elbow. Orton kicks, but Show hits a hard right. Whip to Orton, slow, and Show punches the back of the shoulder. Orton fires back but Show whips him into the ropes, Show hits a SPEAR and Orton rolls to the outside quickly. Show leaves the ring and grabs a table as Orton holds his tum tum by the ramp. Show sends the table into the ring then sends Orton in to follow. He pulls him over the apron and chops Orton hard.

Out come Andrade and Garza to attack The Big Show! They send him into the post. Zelina is at the top of the ramp, smiling. Garza and Andrade hold Show up. Orton yells for them to hold him up.

The Viking Raiders run down to attack Garza and Andrade.

We are back, and Show knocks Orton down to escape from a hold. Show with a clothesline. Again. Whip to Orton, he hits the corner, splash in the corner form Show, hits the ropes, but Orton dropkicks the knee! Orton calls for the punt, but Show is up and hits a chokeslam!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Show is up first. He waits for Orton, calls for the end. Fist is clenched. Orton turns. He drops and rolls out of the ring! Show grabs Orton’s head and pulls him into the ring after setting up the table for destruction. He grabs Orton and lays him on the table. Show to the top rope. He bonuces, goes for a splash, and Orton rolls out of the way! Show crashes into the table. Show is able to stand out of it. Orton with an RKO! Cover. 1…2….NO!!! Show kicks out! Orton is surprised. Show is dripping sweat as per usual.

Orton leaves the ring and pulls the skirt up. He grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring. Show is on one knee. He’s up, turns, and Orton hits the gut then the back with the chair. Orton smacks Show’s back with a chair. Show is on the apron. Orton hits him again with the chair, and again across the back. He drops it.

Orton with the rope-assisted DDT. Orton tosses the chair to the outside and wants the RKO. RKO to Show!! Cover for 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Randy Orton
In terms of Orton vs Show, this was one of the much better efforts, and Orton is at his crazy best. Garza and Andrade did jack and shit, making them look weak yet again. Another notch on the belt of Orton, and I think we’re all ok with that, right?
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 14:00

Show isn’t so quick to get up, but is able to get to his knees. Orton notices and runs, is about to punt, and the damned episode just shoots to RAW Talk!

Imma assume he hit that shit.

End Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
Similar to last night's pay-per-view (special event?), the wrestling tonight was relatively good, with everybody more than pulling their weight for the most part. The problem lies with the story-telling and the simplistic approach to said stories. Take Mustafa's return, for instance. It was so lackluster, meant really nothing in the long run, and had no rhyme or reason other than they needed someone to put into that slot. Or Ruby Riott, whose return has lacked any importance or severity, and who we saw, at one point, loathing her former partner, and is now being tormented with insults towards said partner - not even Ruby. Or how about Lashley not even wanting a sniff of the US Title while MVP totes it around magnificently. The less said about Seth's attempt to save the eye for an eye match result the better. All in all, if you're going to watch for the pure sport, tonight was one of the better Raws in between the ropes, but all else failed to land as we continue to trudge in the doldrum that is the WWE writing on Monday Nights.

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