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Adam Cole Was Proud to See NXT Represented at WrestleMania, Talks Final Fantasy and Resident Evil Remakes

April 29, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Adam Cole discussed the NXT Women’s Championship being defended at WrestleMania and his recent video games activity in a new interview with GameSpot. Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley at the PPV to win the title, and Cole talked about how he was “proud” to see NXT represented at the show. You can check out highlights from the interview below:

On the NXT Women’s Title being defended at WrestleMania: “It made me feel great because I think one of the coolest parts about being in NXT, is getting to see the growth and the development of the brand, whether it be us going live every single week on USA, or getting to be a huge part of the Survivor Series. But getting to see Rhea, and the NXT [Women’s] Championship being defended there was so, so cool. It’s just proof of how far, how much the brand has moved up and grown. And it makes me think, ‘Okay, maybe the next Wrestlemania, my NXT championship will be on the line.’ Made me feel very proud that NXT got showcased in that way on the biggest show of all time.”

On what he’s been spending his time doing during lockdown: “I finished Final Fantasy VII Remake in I think four days. And it took me about 40 hours to beat. I played the crap out of that game. I’ve been excited for Final Fantasy VII Remake since the original Final Fantasy VII came out. That was one of my all time favorite games. It’s probably my favorite game on the PlayStation One. So when I heard they were remaking it in 2015, I’ve been just amped about it ever since. Then for it to finally come out, and just the, again, no spoilers whatsoever, but the story is incredible, and it just makes me want to talk about it to other people. It’s so good, so good.”

On playing Resident Evil 3 Remake: “I love the original Resident Evil 3, I really do, it’s awesome. I was just playing it the other month on PS Vita, it’s a classic. But Carlos is so much cooler in the remake. His character is likeable, you enjoy playing as him. He’s not obnoxious whatsoever, he’s just an awesome, awesome character. I’m a story driven video game person. So to see those kinds of characters unfold in a whole new light–I love what they’ve done. I hope they remake Code: Veronica. I hope they remake Resident Evil 1 again. It’s awesome.”