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Alex Shelley Releases Statement on Hard to Kill, Says He Doesn’t Have COVID or Injury

January 16, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

As previously reported, Alex Shelley was pulled from the scheduled main event for tonight’s Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill event since he wasn’t able to travel to Nashville for the event. Impact released a video statement from Shelley today, and he commented on the situation. You can view that clip below.

According to Alex Shelley, he does not have COVID and he’s not injured, but he could not make it to the event “in the interest of safety.” He stated the following:

“There are certain things in life that are just out of our control, and unfortunately, my ability to compete at Hard to Kill has been dropped into that bucket. So, on that note, I owe an apology to Chris Sabin. I owe one to Rich Swann. I owe one to the fans, and I owe a receipt to The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega. I don’t like getting beat up by you, but I’ve accepted that that’s happened multiple times, and I was looking forward to returning the favor. You’ll get that in the mail, you’ll keep the yellow copy. I assure everyone out there, I don’t have COVID. I am not orthopedically injured, but in the interest in safety, my situation is a very complex one. I put that first, as does Impact management, and they are doing the most in terms of precautions to make sure nobody is at risk at Hard to Kill or going forward. However, as a transient figure in pro wrestling, I promise you that no matter what I’ll be back in Impact. You can count on that.”