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Conrad Thompson Says WWE Wants Another Season of ‘Something Else To Wrestle With’

February 12, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Bruce Prichard’s Something Else to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard WWE

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Conrad Thompson said that WWE is interested in another season of the WWE Network version of Bruce Prichard’s Something Else To Wrestle With series. Here are highlights:

On hosting Starrcast II: “I’ve run businesses for a long time, and you unfortunately get in the habit of trying to focus on what you’re not doing well and what you can do better, and you’re so far in the forest that you can’t see the trees, to use a phrase. But the reality is, when the dust sort of settled, I realized that the overwhelming response was incredibly positive and people were clamoring for another one. So, when I finished the first one, nobody really knew that All Elite Wrestling was going to be a thing. All In really felt like a one off and I just didn’t want to really piggyback a WWE event. And I certainly didn’t want to compete with WrestleCon, there sort of a brand for WrestleMania at this point. I thought, this was hard and I learned a lot of lessons, and it was a miserable weekend for me, and they’re never doing another All In. It’s safe to say I’m never doing this again. And then, All Elite Wrestling happened and here we are, Starrcast 2.”

On how it’s similar to Wrestlecon: “It’s no different than what they do with WrestleCon. They allow all those guys to appear at WrestleCon and this is literally no different. WrestleCon is built around WrestleMania, WrestleCon doesn’t show up in Roanoke, Virginia, it shows up the weekend of WrestleMania in the host city for WrestleMania. Starrcast shows up whenever Cody & The Young Bucks put on a super show. If Cody & The Young Bucks are putting on a PPV and they’re interested in having Starrcast, I’m gonna be there not as their official partner, not as any sort of financial partnership whatsoever, just as someone who sees the opportunity and recognizes, hey, these guys are putting on a big show? Fans are coming, so let’s service them, but let’s maybe take an opportunity to introduce Cody & The Bucks to some lapsed fans, to use a phrase.”

On a new season of Something Else to Wrestle With: “[WWE] definitely wants to do another one. We didn’t even film any episodes last year until late April, early May, so, that’s what we’re looking at again this year. They definitely want to do more stuff with us, and you’ll probably be hearing and reading more about that very soon. But I’m not going to necessarily share yet. When I first signed my contract with WWE last year, there’s an inclusion in there for Starrcast. They know I’m doing Starrcast. The approved Starrcast in the background of Something Else To Wrestle With. I drank out of a Starrcast cup on Something Else To Wrestle With. They know that I’m promoting Starrcast and they’re not opposed to it.”

On who they got to appear at Starrcast II: “With [a few] exceptions, I got everybody I wanted. There will be a lot of star power at Starrcast 2. And I started with, hey, let me make a list of everybody that wasn’t available for the first one, for whatever reason, and let me try to book those guys. I was successful in doing so. Hypothetically, if Undertaker were at Starrcast, that would be a pretty big deal, huh? But realistically, it would be a big deal if, like, Mick Foley was there, or Edge & Christian were there, or Hulk Hogan was there, or Steve Austin was there. There’s so many stars that weren’t available, for whatever reason, at the first Starrcast. I’m swinging for the fences here! And we’ve already cracked the bat on Sting, and Bret Hart, and more to come.”