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Ask 411 Wrestling: Was Wrestlemania III Andre the Giant’s First Pinfall Loss?

March 20, 2023 | Posted by Ryan Byers
WrestleMania 3 Andre the Giant Image Credit: WWE

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Blake sets me up to do some mythbusting:

At this point, we all know that Hulk Hogan wasn’t the first person to slam Andre the Giant, but my question is was he the first person to pin him? I know Andre lost multiple times before Wrestlemania III but I feel like it was all by count out or DQ.

Did the 78,000 fans who paid to get into the Pontiac Silverdome see Andre’s first pinfall loss?

Nope, not even close.

Most of Andre’s pinfall losses came in the 1970s, before he became heavily associated with the WWF/WWWF. They were often matches in other countries where he was a foreign monster brought in to eventually put over the homegrown babyface. In Japan, Strong Kobyashi and Antonio Inoki both gained pinfall victories over the big man. In Iraq, Adnan el-Kaissey brought Andre into the country and proceeded to defeat him. In Mexico, lucha libre champion El Canek not only bodyslammed the Giant but also pinned him as well. There are also stories that, early in Andre’s career when he had not yet travelled out of Europe, he may have been beaten several times because, even though he was taller than average, he had not yet established the larger than life persona that he ultimately would.

Additionally, in Andre the Giant’s obituary in the February 8, 1993 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is mentioned that Harley Race “may have” pinned Andre in at least one fall of a two-out-of-three falls title match when Race was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Finally, though the question asked about pinfalls and not submissions, there is even one recorded instance of the Eighth Wonder of the World submitting, that coming at the hands of Antonio Inoki on June 17, 1986 for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Footage of that match and submission are online, albeit not in a format that I can easily link to here.

Ticking Time Bomb Tazz wants you to shut up, fat boy:

As a kid, I remember “The Franchise” Shane Douglas calling out Ric Flair repeatedly on ECW TV in 1994. The 14 year old mark in me, wanted to believe that one day Flair would answer the challenge. Was this ever a possibility? I remember WCW loaning ECW talent (Cactus Jack, Kevin Sullivan, Arn Anderson, etc). Was there ever a chance of the Nature Boy showing up in the hallowed ECW Arena?

No, there was no realistic chance. Ric Flair has talked about Shane Douglas in recent years on his podcasts “To Be The Man” and “Woooo Nation,” and it’s readily apparent from those comments that this is something Douglas was doing on his own to get attention as opposed to anything that anybody thought would lead to a legitimate angle.

You’re correct that some wrestlers did show up in ECW while under WCW contract, but that had almost nothing to do with co-promotion between the two companies. When you saw a WCW wrestler on an “extreme” VHS tape, it usually had something to do with WCW settling threatened or actual litigation by ECW resulting from a business practice that Paul Heyman felt was unlawful.

Todd has a type:

Hercules Hernandez and Billy Jack Haynes were two of my favorites when I started getting into wrestling during the early Wrestlemania era. I loved their feud in WWE, and their match at WM3 was a highlight (for me) on a very stacked undercard. (Every match at WM3 had a storyline and a purpose.)
Haynes had some personal issues (lots actually) and left the WWF in 1988. Hernandez lasted a bit longer as a mid-card talent, bouncing from manager to manager (Heenan to Slick to DiBiase) and forming a memorable mid-card tag team in Power and Glory with Paul Roma. (P&G, by the way, had one of the best tag-team finishers ever — the Power-Plex — a visually spectacular top-rope superplex and top-rope splash combo).

Anyways, both wrestlers finished their careers with brief stints in WCW, where they were given forgettable gimmicks and were basically hidden beneath masks during their entire WCW tenure. Hernandez was the masked “Super Invader” for WCW in 1992 and even participated in a few TV and PPV events. Haynes was the “Black Blood” in one of Kevin Sullivan’s more forgettable stables during 1991.

Why did WCW waste their talent and notoriety by placing Herc and Haynes in forgettable masked gimmicks, basically using them as curtain-jerkers, and not leveraging their name recognition from WWF? This never made sense to me.

There are pretty simple explanations for both of these.

Regarding Hercules, he was put under a mask in WCW because, during his Power and Glory run in the WWF, he was effectively a glorified job guy. He and Paul Roma were the lowest tier heel tag team in the company, with the possible exception of the Orient Express. In WCW, he was actually somewhat of a pushed act, regularly mixing it up with top babyfaces of the era like Sting and Ron Simmons. Making him don a hood under those circumstances made total sense, because if you bring in a wrestler who has been a jobber in another company and immediately have him go toe-to-toe with your main eventers, the only thing you’re doing is telling fans that your main eventers are on the same level as the other company’s jobbers, making your entire promotion look second rate.

If you don’t acknowledge who Hercules actually is under those circumstances, you’ve put a fresh coat of paint on him and don’t risk hurting the credibility of Sting or the future Faarooq.

Side note: If you’re a Hercules fan and you think he ended his career as the Super Invader in WCW, you might be interested to know that he had one more run in a major promotion after that. In 1993 and early 1994 Herc and Scott Norton ran roughshod over the New Japan Pro Wrestling tag team division under the name the Jurassic Powers. If you’re a big fan of the guy, it’ll be worth hunting down some of those matches.

On the Billy Jack Haynes front, he became Black Blood because . . . well, he wanted to be Black Blood. The gimmick was Haynes’ own idea. In a shoot interview, Kevin Sullivan, who managed Black Blood in WCW, explained that Haynes had heat with then-WCW booker Dusty Rhodes because, when Rhodes was previously booking Championship Wrestling from Florida, Haynes was on the roster but left the territory with no notice. Billy Jack was angling for a job in WCW but knew he would have to do something to get past his history with the American Dream, so he dressed up as Black Blood and snuck into Dusty’s office to surprise him. Rhodes was impressed by the initiative and said Haynes deserved to be hired despite their prior relationship.

Also, much like Hercules, Haynes did have one last post-WCW run of significance in pro wrestling that you can track down if you’re a true fan. After taking a few years off from wrestling, he showed up in the USWA in 1995, where he immediately became a contender for their Heavyweight Title and feuded with guys like Brad Armstrong and Brian “Grandmaster Sexay” Christopher over the belt. There was even a match thanks to the USWA/WWF working agreement in place at the time that saw Haynes and Brian Lee (the fake Undertaker/Chainz of DOA) face the Allied Powers of Lex Luger and Davey Boy Smith.

Brad has the sort of question that I simultaneously love and hate:

WWE Raw’s recent 30th anniversary made me think of another question: What notable wrestlers who performed way back for the WWWF (even if just once) are still around? A few I can quickly come up with: Larry Zbyszko, Bob Backlund, “Superstar” Billy Graham, the Iron Sheik, Jerry Brisco, Ric Flair, and surprisingly even “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. Looks like Hulk Hogan and The Wild Samoans didn’t quite debut with the company in time.

The reason that I said I simultaneously love and hate this sort of question is because I find the answer interesting, but it takes forever and a day to research, particularly when you add the “even just once” tag that Brad did.

So, what did I do to tackle this monster? I went over to TheHistoryofWWE.com and copied and pasted the results of every WWWF show they had on record into a massive Word document and then went by them wrestler-by-wrestler, trying to figure out who was living and who was dead.

If you’re curious as to the amount of data that generated, the first WWWF show recorded in the database took place on January 25, 1963 and the last one on March 27, 1979, so we’re talking about sixteen years of cards. When the results were pasted into my word document, it was 752 pages of single-spaced text in 10-point, Times New Roman font.

Needless to say, this took a while, and I hope you like reading lists of names, because, if I had to spend all this time doing the research, you damn sure have to take all the time reading the results.

Before we get into the names themselves, I will give one final disclaimer. There were a TON of names for which I could not make a determination as to whether they were living or dead. You have to keep in mind that, in the 1960s an 1970s, people were not keeping track of wrestling results as closely as they do in the modern era, let alone tracking wrestlers’ careers. As a result, there are some people for whom data just isn’t available. Also it’s entirely possible that two names within the results that actually belong to the same person, because records don’t always reflect when people adopted new gimmicks or when variations on a name were actually the same person.

With all that being said, I was able to definitely identify ONE HUNDRED AND TWO individuals who wrestled on at least one WWWF show who are still among the living. They’re all listed below. Some of them, like Ivan Putski and Ted DiBiase, are probably names that you’ve heard before. Others are a bit more obscure. There is part of me that would love to write little blurbs about who they are, particularly the lesser known wrestlers, but this answer is already a mile long. If there is a name below that jumps out to you, write in with a question about them, and I’ll be glad to dig up more information.

Following the list of the living are the list of individuals that I couldn’t make a determination on, which is much longer. I am publishing that list primarily because I’m curious as to whether anybody out there in comment section land can let me know whether any of them are still around . . . because, again, you are all required to read the entirety of that list. It’s the least you can do for me.

Now, here come the names.

Living: 1) Ivan Putski, 2) Dory Dixon, 3) Greg Valentine, 4) Bob Backlund, 5) Johnny Rodz, 6) Larry Zbyszko, 7) Billy Graham, 8) Tony Garea, 9) Victor Rivera, 10) Ted DiBiase, 11) Iron Sheik, 12) Tatsumi Fujinami, 13) Jimmy Valiant, 14) Bill Watts, 15) Kevin Sullivan, 16) Mil Mascaras, 17) Ken Patera, 18) Yukon Lumberjack Pierre, 19) Haiti Kid, 20) Jose Estrada, 21) Don Muraco, 22) Steve Keirn, 23) Stan Hansen, 24) Bob Boyer (a.k.a. Bobby Bold Eagle), 25) JJ Dillon (a.k.a. Jim Valence), 26) Butcher Vachon, 27) Leilani Kai, 28) Bobby Duncum, 29) Baron Von Raschke, 30) Pete Doherty, 31) Judy Martin, 32) Carlos Colon, 33) Fred Curry, 34) Joyce Grable, 35) Sweet Daddy Siki, 36) Jose Gonzalez, 37) Diamond Lil, 38) Jose Luis Rivera, 39) Louis Cyr, 40) Jerry Brisco, 41) Toni Rose, 42) Earl Maynard, 43) Billy White Wolf (a.k.a. Adnan Al-Kaissie), 44) Davey O’Hannon, (a.k.a. Sonny Love), 45) Vicki Williams, 46) Sonny King, 47) Terry Funk, 48) Dory Funk Jr., 49) Abe Jacobs, 50) Gus Kalas (a.k.a. Gus Karras), 51) Ric Flair, 52) Eddie Mansfield, 53) Hector Guerrero, 54) Thunderbolt Patterson, 55) Susan Green, 56) Tony Atlas, 57) Abdullah the Butcher, 58) Frenchy Lamont, 59) Jim Garvin, 60) Bugsy McGraw, 61) Prince Tonga (a.k.a. Haku), 62) Brian Blair, 63) Debbie Johnson, 64) Black Gordman, 65) Pete Sanchez, 66) Greg Gagne, 67) Twin Devil #1, 68) Twin Devil #2, 69) Al Madril, 70) Yoshino Sato (a.k.a. The Great Kabuki), 71) Lenny Solomon (a.k.a. Jack Armstrong), 72) Sammy Rubin (a.k.a. Ed Summers), 73) Mike McCord (a.k.a. Austin Idol), 74) Bobby Fulton, 75) Al Nelson (a.k.a. Porkchop Cash), 76) Princess Little Dove, 77) Alan Pinfold, 78) Seiji Sakaguchi, 79) Bob Roop, 80) Rita Boucher, 81) Bette Boucher, 82) Robert Fuller, 83) Ron Fuller, 84) Bill Dundee, 85) Mario Mancini, 86) Sandy Parker, 87) Jerry Novak, 88) Jim Dorsey, 89) Omar Atlas, 90) Chuck Wepner, 91) Bill Eadie, 92) Hank James, 93) Irish Mickey Doyle, 94) Sgt. Slaughter, 95) Jim Lancaster, 96) Paul Leduc, 97) Ron Mikolajczyk, 98) Bill Crouch, 99) Brian Mackney, 100) Ron Lee, 101) Ron Pritchard, 102) Halcon Dorado

???: Bill Scholl, Frank Pickens, Eugenio Marin, El Capitan, Great Mephisto, George Strickland, TNT Napolitan, Tommy O’Toole, Chico Santana, Pee Wee Lopez, Marcel Sinard, Pete Kovac, George Stafanodious, Red Kelly, Cowboy Reed, Roger Dupree, Miguel Torres, Jack Miller, Bill Napolitan, Pablo Iturbi, Black Bart, Billy Orchid, Billy Fox, Bull Johnson, Chuck Marconi, Bob Gonzalez, Elaine Ellis, Marry Hillis, Dynamite Jack Evans (a.k.a. Mr. X), Pedro Rodriguez, Harry Henzl, Black Orchid, Santiago Acosta, Frank Dorsey, Joe Matte, Ray Zillis, Paul Rhinehart, Willy Bath, Joe Quinones, Jerry Dorsey, Frank Holtz, Diamond Jack, Larry Gagner, Pancho Lopes, Juan Garcia, Lucas Pestano, Tony Simon, Mountain Hosley, Patti Bray, Tiger Sievers, Darling Dagmar, Blackjack Slade, Chris Jelevarou, Don McClarity, Wally Jackson, Little Louie, Jack Savage, Lucas Pestrano, Jamaica Kid, Princess Little Cloud, Doll Paige, Mark Pole, The Great Sabu, Ed Marin, Umberto Mercado, Suzette Ferrara, Tony Manousis, Coconut Willie, El Olympico, Norman Rasp, Jack Mills, Lynn Carter, Frank Malloy, Chris Jenoran, Jose Rodriguez, Dottie Carter, Fred Britto, Great Nero, Ron Cummings, Rocky Cookson, Rocky Carlson, Brenda Scott, Lynn Scott, Honey Girl Smith, Johnny Campos, Umberto Marcado, Dan McClarity, Matt Gilmer, Otto Von Heller, Hillbilly Pete (a.k.a. Hillbilly Kid), Jose Quintero, Fred Marzino, Pinky Larson, Rocky Storm, Frank Mattize, Mike Zeabes, Louis Rodriguez, Dolly Carter, Linda Scott, Frank DeSoosa, Joe Mascara, Vito Gonzales, Jim Conroy, Buddy Bicon, Andy Martin, Wild Red Davis, Chief Little Heart, Sammy Rivera, Rocky Shore, Tony Sepulvalda, Virginia Franklin, Penny Brooks, Paul Adams, George Stoineff (a.k.a. George Wolfe), Benny Lima, Jack Davis, Mighty Mite, Gene Daniel, Wes Hutchinson (a.k.a. Hartford Love), Dottie Clark, Herb/Herbie Starr, Luis Garcia, Ricky Sexton, Ron Fargo, Bob Taylor, Tomas Martin, Farmer Jerome, Jim Montenaro, Ed Castillo, Lee Wong, Hans Schroeder (a.k.a. Undertaker), Johnny Rivera, Pat McGuinness, Frank Garcia, Phil Boyington, Killer Abby, Black Mask, Mike Dundee, Magnificent Chevler, Pepe Perez, Pete Reeves, Joe Cagle, Domingo Robles, Sonny Boy Hayes, Joe Turco, Carlos Cruz, Frank Bastien, Pete Austin, Ted Adams, Danny Williams, Ron Johnson, Johnny Carr, Francisco Flores, Maurice Duval, Paul DeGalles, Jim Hannan, Beautiful Bobby Harmon, Juan Caruso, Honeybear Bauer, Joe Carr, White Venus a.k.a. Peggy Patterson, Joe Sasso, Ernie Lewingston, Chico Gonzalez, Rocky Montana, Homer Marcado, Lynda Carroll, John Schmidt, Esther Cartwell, Bull Pometti, Cowboy Colt, Bobo Johnson, Bill Gannon, Mike Loren, Harry Dunn, Duke Savage, Buster “Guilotine” Gordon, Thomas Marin, Jay Ostermiller, Mark Clayton, Pat Lydia, Brenda Reed, Glen Rucker, Dianny Lynn, Jerry Robertson, Judy Johnson, Dorothy Patterson, Steve Cagle, Barbi Dahl, Charlie Robinson, Ed Valentino, Roberto Gonzalez, Frank Mickoy, Rocky Starr, Ernie Lassiter, Bob Fury, Bobo Murdoch, Vera Kadar, Paul Mauret, Jeff Rhodes (a.k.a. Jeff Johnson), Marge Ramsey, Pee Wee Adams, Louis Lugo, Mike Milton, Helen, O’Connell, Toro Maldonado, Sheila Sheppard, Coco Kid, “Dirty” Les Morgan, Fred Valentine, Jim Eskow, Bobby Hyers, Jim Bradmyre, Al Schiller, Bill Torry, Linda Carroll, Irish Jack, Doris Pounds, Butch Cassidy, Tod Gannon, Nick DePaulo, Dick Turner, Frank “Moose” Monroe, Al Perez, Tony Castro, Mike Conrad, Miss Wrestling, Cindy Starr, Peggy Allen, Mario Frattaroli, Charlie Fox, Judy Jackson, Juanita Hernandez, Betty McShane, Bill Williams, Juan Ortiz, Patti Neilson, Cecil February, Gil Gordon, Col. Currie, Tank Adams, Dennis Johnson, Charlie Richards, Paul Richards, Miguel Feliciano, Ron Sanders, Al Coco, Nikita Mulkovitch, Sharon Brown, Sharon Brooks, Larry Tyler, Ron Romero, Chris Scardino, John Meinger, Jack Quinn, Sonny Keene, Gus Pappas, Tom Brandon, Phil Rita, Frank Allman, Ron Lange, Jack Taylor, Jack Cassidy, Little Jackie, Joe Thomas, The Mask, Sharon Joy, Alice Washington, Len Ornstein, Gloria Colon, Stan Lavdas, Susan Sterling, Mike Rivera, Eugene Crespo, Black Menace, Kathy O’Day, Mark Lewin, Mike Santocapito, Mike Madero, Frank “Gypsy” Rodriguez (a.k.a. Frank Romano), Bob Culter, Helen O’Connor, Fifi DuPont, Bob McDonald, Little Tojo, Doris Wilson, Candy Rich, John Daniels, Joe Marcus, Pancho Valdez, Juan Lopez, Helen Norton, Alice Smith, Mary Small, Lionel Hebert, Pat Lawrence, Aldo Fernandez, Rita Starr, Donna Christianly, Jack Murphy, Alice Hart, Johnny Fitzpatrick, Sol El Dix, Miguel Sorrano, Sharon Jay, Dark Shadow, Scott DeFazio, Pedro Goboy, Joe Theuma, Bill Balmer, Lucille Dupree, Jerry Dorsi, Carlos Peredes, Peggy O’Neill, Salah El Din, Joe Locreta, Tom Branden, Alice Young, Mary Held, Ruth Ramsey, Lillian Larimore, Marjorie Malone, Joe LaCrete, Bill Russell, Susan Schaeffer, Fifi Boyers, Marge O’Rourke, Helen Whitman, Pat Stapleton, Gloria White, Cocoa Kid, Vickie Williams, Doris Cummings, Tito Perez, Juanita Lopez, Marie Laveau, Kay Williams, The Devil, Dolly Bader, Sharon Young, Bobby Blaine, Susan O’Day, Joe Crugnali, Tom Reeseman, Iron Mike, Bee Johnson, Linda Edwards, Marie O’Connell, Belle Burton, June Knight, Nino Montana, Mary Winters, Grace Cordovano, Evelyn Pearson, Hoss Tweed, Igor Mulkovitch, Bob Schaeffer, Stan Nunez/Nunas, Bob Dirkus, Sunshine Jackson, Dorothy Moore, Ramos Molina, Tony Contillis, Father Jerome, Paul Tyler, Larry Taylor, Bob Brothers, Jack Sutherland, Helen Wainwright, Gloria Palmer, Jean Robbins, Joe Crespo, Lily Green, Oswald Costa, Tony Nova, Juan Rodriguez, Mike Romano, Paula Kay, Henry DePaula, Johnny Furr, Bassil Battah, Mary Walsh, Jean Wright, Marie Small, Henry Roy, Jeff Rhode, Blue Menace, Steve Bolos, Steve Bolaneci, Vivian St. James, Al Williams, Alice O’Connor/O’Connell, Dr. Emmanuel Beech, Lumberjack Johnny Lee, Mario Frazario, Don Harvey, Mary Little, Sonja Helm, Helen Wolson, Marie Ruth, Helen Emery, Alice Small, Gloria Payne, Roberto Alsura/Alexia, Helen Williams, Al Palmer, Paul Friedman, Vic Rossatini, Doris Collins, Helen Young, Frank Durst, Betty Young, Betty Jenson, Helen Mack, Dottie Moore, Tony DiPaulo, Mary Williams, Jean Holman, Betty Boyer, Gene Ross, Jean/Jane Doyle, Joyce Sharon, Ripper White, Les Savage, Ann Monroe, Helen Warwick, Wanda Hall, Donna Kaye, Bill Molino, Doris Butler, Pat Syracuse, Joe Alfonso, Patti Campbell, Argentina Vincentes, Juanita Starr, Bill Dixon, Danny Sommers, Dale Evans, Bob Richards (a.k.a. Don Ritchie), Al Jeffers, Tiny Brutus, Pat Downs, Mary Collins, Betty Truman, Kevin Victor, Harry Valdez, Mike Muscato, Vicki Brasher, Pete Wingo, Cora Cummings, Jim Alfano, Paulus Pevedes, Jack Richards, Judy Kiniski, Sandy Golden, Lou Perez, Pepper LaBianco, Andre Esvada, Vincente Pommeti, Sandokan, Helen Casey, Joe Noble, Tony Zollo, Pat Burke, White Menace, Ron Code, Terry Jones, Randy Parks, Danny Parks, Dorothy Carson, Rachel Dubois, Miss Suzette, Carlos Crespo, Lucho Zuelo, Mary Shaw, Helen McKay, Jack Conrad, Frenchy Landau, Sal Freeman, Sue Evans, Louie/Louis Tillet, Juan Coto, Fran Cravette, Jack Barr, Frank Bendont, Jack Cotto, Rose Todd, Frank Nelson, Marie Romano, Luis Rodriguez, Bruce Swayze, Joe Hedges, Marie Terrill, Jim Heath, Larry Williams, Larry Pondi, Lou Torres, Al Barr, Ann Novak, Helen Woods, Joy Campbell, Al Butler, Ann Sheridan, Mike DePaula, Frank DePaula, Rita Gomez, Bob Silva, Paula Raye, John DuBois, Elanore Curtis, Joey Adams, Bobby Marshall, Gino Fratarolli, Maria Torres, Ron Martinelli, Kitty Williams, Ted Adonis, Florence Downs, Jose Madero, Doris Kent, Marie Gaines, Ben Ortiz, Chris Balkas, Nellie Gray, Mary Wells, Cathy Wills, Mike Wayne, Paul Rodriguez, Marie Marble, Ann Visucci, Roy Palmer, Steve Staple, Rose Kane, Rujet Woods, Pat McMahon, Sandra Stone, Cano Hernandez, Tom Staton, Guy Flowers, Scott Whitehead, King Kyriakos, Dixie Pinero, Frank Baez, Nick Palas, Juan Valdez, Alice Brady, Andre Zavita, Doris Banner, Sandy White, Walter Rujack, Marie Nelson, Tony Caruso, Linda Klein, Bill Romano, Angelo DePaulo, Dorothy Crane, Joe Grugnale, Mike Feliciano, Chico Torres, Debbie Webb, Jane Daley, Diane Davis, Mary Morris, Jean Murray, Lou Palamouchi, Bill Swift, Wolf Larson, Louise Todd, Billy Fontana, Mike Vega, Carlos Vega, Cowboy Parker (a.k.a. Scott Elmore), El Gran Tolinche, Tony Vee, Le Beouf, Tom/Mike Bronski, Bob Darlin, Helen Booth, Jack Varsky, Ava Swedorff, Vickie Hamm, Carol Casey, Mike Nicolosi, Mike Heime, George Palermo, John Anthony, Don Kodiak, Marie Welsh, Frank Darsow, Rico DePaullo, Helen Winters, Mike Sykes, Debbie Downs, Dwayne Gracie, Mark Shard, Judy Carr, Fran Conway, Eddie DeJesus, Pat Hill, Mary Hill, Toru Maldado, Lisa Raymond, Eddie Ruiz, George Moreno, Peggy Hyland, Sally Kay, Alfredo DeTalo, Joe DeFazio, Pat Sullivan, George Marino, Jose Cadiz, Dennis Albert/Denny Alberts, Esther Campbell, Jim Grabire, Joyce Duncan, Paul Smith, Eva Seedorff, Roberto Figueroa, Helen Philco, Nick Paps, Marie Sullivan, Marc Tendler, Patty White, Eddie Tenalea, Sherry Lane, Bob Dauney, Lyndsey Lyle, Carmen Monge, Celine Fontaine, Jim Kay, Lilly Matthews, George Espada, Marie Boyer, Victor Cancel, Kate O’Reilly, Bill Schaeffer, Kay Casey, Maria DeSilvano, Pat Evans, Barbi Wilson, Mike Thomas

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