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Beyond Wrestling ‘Tournament For Today 2016’ Results – Donovan Dijak vs. Matt Riddle, More

November 7, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Donovan Dijak Donovan Dijak’s

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The storytelling aspect of Beyond Wrestling was in full effect tonight, as there were a LOT of matches on this card. That shortened a lot of the matches and took away from some of the in-ring action. There was also a lot of comedy in a lot of the matches tonight, which also took away from the show. Regardess, Beyond still put on a pretty good show that the crowd really enjoyed and stayed up with despite the length of the card.

Pre-Show Bonus Match: Karen Q defeated Angie Skye in an entertaining back and forth match. Karen did an excellent job in the babyface role, showing a lot of great fire as she made her comeback to score a win with the Boston Crab.

Non-Tournament Match: Chris Hero v. “The Kingpin” Brian Milionas

This stems from the feud Milionas has had with Hero’s regular partner JT Dunn. After defeating Dunn at this venue a couple of months prior, Hero is looking for payback.

This was a battle of the big men. Both are definitely super heavyweights in the world of independent wrestling. Hero spent the match in control and chose to work over the nose of Milonas. Yes, you read that correctly. The nose. He deserves credit for coming up with clever moves to continue to build the heat for Milonas’ comeback.

The story of the finish was that it took a few extra elbows to be able to end the match, but Hero got the win with the Death By Elbow. He took the mic after the match and said that he and Dunn run Beyond, and that while his match may be over, Death By Elbow isn’t done for the night.

WINNER: Chris Hero

Tournament For Today Women’s First Round Match: LuFisto v. Taeler Hendrix

The story of this match was who would be able to grind the other out first. Both women used more striking and power based offense to wear the other out. Then at one point Taeler kicked LuFisto really hard in the face while LuFisto was in a seated position. That looked painful.

Finish saw Alexxis distract LuFisto at ringside, allowing Taeler to kick her twice from behind, and score the pin while Alexxis held LuFisto’s foot. It seemed like they couldn’t find a rhythm and it was a tough match.

WINNER: Taeler Hendrix

Tournament For Today Men’s First Round Match: John Silver v. Donovan Dijak

Silver was at a complete size disadvantage and was using leg kicks to try and chop Dijak down. He was successful for a little while, but eventually, Dijak’s size and power was too much. Silver got in some great offense and a big nearfall with an impressive spinning Blue Thunder Bomb that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Dijak ended up finishing the match in impressive fashion with the Feast Your Eyes, but only after he was on the ropes with a flurry of offense by Silver. I’m really looking forward to Silver’s continued singles push in Beyond as he is a really good, unique talent.

WINNER: Donovan Dijak

Tournament For Today Women’s First Round Match: Alexxis v. Deonna Purrazzo

Alexxis had her fellow Secret City Soldiers in Davey Cash, Kris Pyro & Anthony Stone at ringside with her. This came into play a couple of times with them pushing the rope forward so Alexxis could break a submission, and also causing a distraction so Cash could use a baseball bat to choke Deonna on the ropes. Referee Kevin Quinn was dropping the ball big time on that one.

Alexxis spent the rest of the match getting the heat on Deonna. This led to another distraction that caused a nearfall, but Deonna kicked out. She then got Alexxis in an armbar for the quick submission. Good, quick tournament match from them.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo

Tournament For Today Men’s First Round Match: Jaka v. Jonathan Gresham

This match went the way I expected it in the sense that Gresham was doing his best to keep the match on the mat while Jaka was using a lot of quick, strong strikes to keep Gresham on the mat and away from him. Solid gameplan and terrific work by the two veterans.

Gresham then went after the foot AND toes of Jaka on offense to neutrialize one of his best weapons. From there it was back and forth until Jaka missed a huge spinning back kick and Gresham caught him in the Octopus submission for the win. Really good match. After the match, Jaka got on the mic and put Gresham over, saying they have both changed a lot since the last time they wrestled in 2011.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham

Tournament For Today Women’s First Round Match: Sonya Strong v. Kimber Lee

Sonya jumped Kimber before the match with a suicide dive to the floor, followed by two more in a row after that. A nice change of pace to open a match.

This was really hard hitting. Sonya, who has typically been a babyface in Beyond, took on the role of heel and worked over Kimber for the majority. They both did a great job. Sonya was in control when Kimber reversed and hit a power bomb with a deep leg pinning combination for the win. Really good.

WINNER: Kimber Lee

Tournament For Today Men’s First Round Match: Chris Dickinson v. Matthew Riddle

Riddle out with Chuck O’Neil to continue their partnership, but once the match was about to start, Riddle told Chuck to head to the back because he could handle business by himself.

This match was a striking clinic. These guys went in there and were throwing really hard. Dickinson with big kicks early, which got a big response from Riddle that saw him get in a rare fired up mood, yelling “that’s how you fucking ground and pound!”

This was short, but explosive and extremely entertaining. The match ended when Riddle ducked a big kick, hit one of his own, followed by a big forearm and a flurry of strikes for the pin. O’Neil came into the ring after to celebrate. They went toward Dickinson, but Jaka hit the ring to save his Team Pazuzu partner.

WINNER: Matthew Riddle

Tournament For Today Women’s First Round Match: Veda Scott v. Jessicka Havok

Havok with a size and strength advantage that ended up being a big part of the story of the match. As Veda began to have a little momentum, Havok would hulk up and cut her off. It made for a weird dynamic given that Veda was the heel, but they made up for it when Havok was on offense because the crowd was very much into it.

Havok was going for a big powerbomb when Veda rolled out of it and scored a huge upset with a roll-up for the pin. The crowd popped big for it, so that dynamic I mentioned wasn’t as weird as I thought.

WINNER: Veda Scott

Tournament For Today Men’s First Round Match: Keith Lee v. Zack Sabre, Jr.

The story was that Zack was having problems overcoming the distinct size difference between them to be able to get in a groove and do his technical thing. It took a lot of doing, but he was eventually able to get his submission attempts in throughout the match.

There was a really impressive spot in the middle where they were grappling and Zack went to the mat and did a neck bridge. Lee jumped right on top and put Zack in a pin, but Zack bridged with Lee on top of him. The crowd went nuts for that one.

From there, it was Sabre constantly going for his usual technical wizardry while Lee would eventually power out of all of it. Sabre was working Lee’s right arm really hard for the duration. Lee with a HUGE, impressive jackhammer for a two count. Lee was attempting to roll out of a roll and ended up getting pinned with a really cool bridging pin for the win. Excellent match.

WINNER: Keith Lee

MAIN EVENT: Da Hit Squad (Monsta Mack & Dan Maff) v. American Destroyers (Donovan Dijak & Mikey Webb)

This is Dijak’s second match of the night and he was selling his neck and shoulder from earlier. The story early on was that Webb and Dijak were having a fun time, but Maff quickly put an end to it by tossing Webb around the ring.

From there, Da Hit Squad dominated the proceedings. They ended up getting the heat on Dijak until the hot tag to Webb. He went off for a little while until things evened out and it became a back and forth match from that point with a lot of double teaming from both teams.

The finish came when Dijak hit a huge boot as Webb hit a sunset flip for the pin. Pretty decent main event that seemed to pick up intensity a little too late into the match.

WINNERS: American Destroyers

After the match, as they were all giving each other props, Da Hit Squad turned and beat down Dijak & Webb. Maff hit Dijak with a Burning Hammer to end the segment and the show to complete their heel turn. Mack got on the mic and said they did this because the fans and the company didn’t give them the respect they deserved.

There was a long intermission as this was actually a double header. Once that ended, the second show started.

Non-Tournament Match: Sami Callahan and Scarlet & Graves (Dave Crist, Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) v. Crusade For Change (Darius Carter, Anthony Gangone, Devin Blaze & Tommy Trainwreck)

Crusade For Change have been on a long winning streak in Beyond and have been complaining for a long time that they don’t get the proper respect they deserve from the company. That has led them to continue their run of open challenges to any opponents. This prompted the return of both Sami Callahan and Scarlet & Graves.

In typical Crusade fashion, this match was non-stop action that from all involved parties with no tags, rhyme or reason. And in typical Crusade fashion, the crowd ate it up. There were an endless amount of dives to the floor, too. It was wild and there was way too much action to try and call. I’ll say this, though: this was a really exciting opener and everyone involved deserves a lot of credit for working hard and not having it fall apart.

Finish saw a lot of nearfalls before the Carter hit the Codebreaker for the win. Really exciting match.

WINNER: Crusade For Change

Tournament For Today Women’s Semi-Final: Veda Scott v. Deonna Purrazzo

Very good scientific mat work in the early going, with both women working for an armbar. Veda established herself early as the heel. The crowd got into Deonna selling from the bottom, with her occasionally going for submissions as her comeback, only to be stuffed by Veda.

This was a really solid match, with Deonna continuing to establish herself as one of the very best female professional wrestlers on the independents (and anywhere for that matter). Veda also stepped up her game and did a great job .

Finish saw Veda run Deonna into the turnbuckle and roll her up for the win.

WINNER: Veda Scott

Tournament For Today Men’s Semi-Final: Matthew Riddle v. Jonathan Gresham

Not that long of a match, but very intense and really well executed. Both men looked crisp and were great at the up-tempo pace.

Lots of reversals and hard strikes from both men, with Gresham mainly working from under to try and get back in the match.

The finish saw Gresham have the Octopus stretch on Riddle when O’Neal hit the apron to distract the referee. Gresham dropped the hold, which allowed Riddle to recover, get Gresham down and lock in the Bromission for the win.

WINNER: Matthew Riddle

Non-Tournament Match: Solo Darling & Team Sea Stars (Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox) v. Belmont, Davienne & Sammi Lane

Solo and the Sea Stars spent most of the match selling, with the other girls doing a functional job getting the heat on them. Solo and the Sea Stars were able to rally the crowd for a comeback. The finish saw Solo hit a spinning fisherman’s suplex with a cradle on Belmont, but Davienne rolled them over and Belmont got the pin.

WINNERS: Belmont, Davienne & Sammi Lane

Non-Tournament Match: Brian Fury v. Warbeard Hanson

This is being dubbed “Final Time Ever” as Fury is retiring in December. Hanson returns to face his old friend one more time.

Classic storytelling. Neither guy had to kill themselves to get the crowd invested. Hanson worked over Fury to rally the crowd behind the retiring local hero. Hanson got a number of nearfalls on Fury heading into the finish. Fury thought he finally had it when he locked in the Boston Crab, but Hanson got the ropes. Big pop on a falsh finish after Hanson hit Fury with a Fire Thunder Driver. Hanson went for a springboard knee, missed, came out of the corner but Fury rolled him into a Boston Crab for the win. Excellent match.

After the match, Hanson took the mic and put Fury over, telling him very simply that he loves him.

WINNER: Brian Fury

Tournament For Today Women’s Semi-Final: Taeler Hendrix (w/Alexxis) v. Kimber Lee

This was quick. Alexxis distracted the referee. Taeler got a chair and went for a head shot, missed, and Kimber kicked the chair in her face and got the pin. Jordynne Grace also pulled Alexxis off the apron to end the distraction and let the ref make the count.

WINNER: Kimber Lee

Tournament For Today Men’s Semi-Final: Zack Sabre, Jr. v. Donovan Dijak

Dijak did a heavy sell job coming into the ring. Once the bell rang, he went for a quick win because of his injuries, which was great storytelling. He went for Feast Your Eyes but his already injured knee gave out. From there, Sabre went to work for submissions on the knee and the arm.

This was a slow build with Zack doing his best to get the heat on Dijak for his comeback. Sabre did a tremendous job with submission attempts and stiff strikes to wear Dijak down. It was a great display of selling by Dijak until he was finally able to hit a Feast Your Eyes out of nowhere to score the win.

WINNER: Donovan Dijak

Non-Tournament Match: Massage NV (Dorian Graves & VSK) & Johnny Cockstrong v. Secret City Soldiers (Anthony Stone, Davey Cash & Kris Pyro) w/ Alexxis

This was a lot of comedy on the part of Massage NV and Cockstrong. Massage NV does spots where they massage their opponents, and Cockstrong uses his groin. And all of it is really embarrassing to watch as a wrestling fan.

This was a match. The finish saw Cash & Pyro hit a top rope flapjack combo on VSK for the pin.

WINNERS: Secret City Soldiers

Non-Tournament Match: Joey Janela v. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

Williams looking particularly fired up for this one as his offense with a little more intense than usual. Williams spent the majority of the match on top until Janela faked an injury, which allowed Penelope Ford at ringside to come in and hit Williams with a cartwheel splash in the corner. From there, Janela got the heat on Hot Sauce.

There were a few nearfalls toward the end. The finish saw Hot Sauce close to a pin when Ford pulled the ref out of the ring. Low blow and a package side slam by Janela for the victory.

WINNER: Joey Janela

Non-Tournament Match: Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak & Orange Cassidy) w/ Swamp Monster v. Team Pazuzu (Mike Draztik, Angel Ortiz & Pinkie Sanchez)

Lots of comedy here. LOTS. From both teams. And when it looked like they were going to get into a tag team match, more comedy broke out. Then some moves would happen and more comedy happened. What can I say? The live crowd really enjoyed it.

The finish saw EYFBO hold Cassidy up in a bridge to let Sanchez hit a double stomp from the top for the pin.

WINNERS: Team Pazuzu

Tournament For Today Women’s Finals: Veda Scott v. Kimber Lee

The match started in the ring and quickly spilled to the floor where they went all through the venue. This included the bar and Mama Colorado’s Kitchen (which is the mother and father of the promoter who run a food table at every show – and it’s delicious, by the way). They also went into the wall, which Da Hit Squad and Tabernak De Team put a hole in a few months ago. Risky stuff.

Good back and forth stuff between them. Their offense looked good and they did a good job building toward the end. The finish saw Kimber Lee win the tournament with a big top rope sit out power bomb. Pretty decent match.

Tournament For Today Men’s Finals: Matthew Riddle (w/ Chuck O’Neal) v. Donovan Dijak

Dijak out selling his injuries from his THREE prior matches really hard. Riddle, on the other hand, looked fresh.

Before the match could start, JT Dunn jumped Dijak and hit him from behind with a huge elbow. Dunn got on the mic and said he got off a plane from Chicago and saw Tweets saying Dijak was in the finals, but since it’s HIS company, he wasn’t letting it happen. Dunn went to wrestle, but the referee said no. So Dunn elbowed the ref. As Dunn was going to go after Dijak again, Mikey Webb hit the ring and speared Dunn and took him out. As the ref was signaling for the bell, Chuck O’Neal jumped on the apron and dropped Dijak’s arm across the top rope to add even more to the odds against Dijak.

Riddle was relentless from that point, which allowed Dijak to do a lot of selling. Rather than speed things up, Riddle did an outstanding job slowing the match down and letting the crowd organically get behind Dijak as he kept trying to fight back.

Dijak hulked up and looked like he had it won with a Feast Your Eyes, but Riddle managed to kick out. A couple of nearfalls for Riddle from that point and he really fired up. He hit a Brostone followed by the Bromission. Dijak refused to tap and passed out, giving Riddle the tournament win and a victory over the Ace of Beyond. This was also Dijak’s first loss in a very long time in Beyond. Riddle remains undefeated in Beyond.

Really good, emotionally compelling main event.

Overall, this was a good show, but was not up to the standard of recent Beyond shows due to the amount of matches, the amount of comedy in them, and the lack of time given to the matches. Beyond is an excellent promotion, but you can’t win them all.

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