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Big E & Kofi Kingston On New Day’s Feud With Imperium, Favorite Royal Rumble Moment

January 29, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
New Day Xavier Woods Kofi Kingston WWE Smackdown Image Credit: WWE

The New Day are currently in a feud with Imperium, and Kofi Kingston & Big E. recently weighed in on the situation. The two were on WWE’s The Bump and talked about Kofi and Xavier Woods’ battles with the stable and their favorite of their own Royal Rumble moments; you can see highlights below (courtesy of Wrestling Inc):

Kingston on Imperium: “I gotta respect Imperium. You see [The New Day] always together, all the time; it’s always all three of us, you know? You go, you see [Imperium] out, they’re eating together, they’re traveling together, they’re working out together, they’re thick as thieves, you know? So I gotta respect that about them. I understand why they would want to go up against guys like us, you know? Because we are what they want to be.”

Big E. on their feud with Imperium: “Imperium, they’re very talented. But they done crossed a line, you know what I mean?”

Big E on the New Day’s best Royal Rumble moment: “I still come back to the basket toss [of Kingston back into the ring]. Because I love that it was your idea Woods, and it was something from your background, something you did as a cheerleader. And it’s something that we got to do together. All the moments we get to do together are my favorites. So that was a lot of fun for the one that we had together.”

Kingston on the moment: “To go over Jinder [Mahal]…they threw me high. So high…it was so high. So like, half of me was just impressed that we succeeded in doing it, and I was just like ‘Oh my god.’ But then just the overall symbolism of the entirety of what happened there just represents that we represent.”