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Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Recall Their WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Win

June 4, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio looked back on their WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships win at the end of WCW’s lifespan during an appearance on WWE’s The Bump. Kidman and Mysterio won the titles on the last day of WCW Nitro after the company was sold to WWE. The titles were only in existence for eight days, having been won by Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo at WCW Greed, and Kidman and Mysterio recalled their very brief run while celebrating Tag Team Week. You can see highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

Mysterio on his secret to success for tag teams: “I’m very easy to get along with inside and outside of the ring. I’m like a little sponge. I absorb every little thing I can from my partners and from my rivals as well. I think that’s the best way. That’s helping me out right now with my son. Overall, we have great chemistry together, and I think we have so much more to deliver. I can’t wait to be able to defend the titles.”

On Kidman being backstage to see him win the titles with Dominik: “Really cool! As a matter of fact, me and Kidman exchanged a couple of words there. I remember asking him, ‘Hey, what did you ever do with that tag team title?’ Because we were tag team champions when the company closed down. He said, ‘Oh, I have it in my office. It’s framed.’ I said, ‘Well, I have the same thing; it’s in my office, and it’s framed.’ To be able to keep those titles, it’s awesome. That’s a trophy that I will cherish forever.”

Kidman on seeing Dominik win his first championship in WWE: “It’s amazing because I’ve basically known Rey for 20-something years, and I’ve known Dominik since he was born. Knowing the type of person and the type of father Rey is, and how he loves his family, it’s such an awesome moment to see Dominik not only come along in this sport but come along as a man. It’s really awesome, and I’m really proud!”

Mysterio on what he and Kidman would have done if they had more time with the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles: “Oh, keep on grinding and having great matches like Kidman and I did. Kidman and I always did. We loved competition back then was at the peak. We were going out there and giving bangers every night. It was really cool to share the ring with Kidman. We had great chemistry.”

Kidman on the cruiserweight division at the end of WCW: “There was so much cruiserweight competition at that time. It was loaded. Even with the cruiserweight title, you just never knew who was going to step up and outshine that night. And that’s what kept all of us on our feet. So, doing it in a tag team way would have been the next big step, and it would have been awesome to keep it going for a couple of years.”