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Bobby Fish On a Possible ROH Return, Relationship With Tony Khan

March 23, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Bobby Fish Impact Wrestling Victory Road Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Bobby Fish maintains a lot of love for ROH, and he recently talked about if he’d be interested in appearing there. Fish exited AEW in August of last year and he recently spoke with PWMania about the possibility of appearing for Ring of Honor, where he worked from 2012 through 2017. You can see some highlights below, per Fightful:

On his respect for ROH and if he’d be willing to return there: “Ring of Honor is definitely a place that will always hold some space in my heart and the things that I love about the industry. That’s the place where Kyle and I got to grow as a team. I’d say that was probably the most important part of my maturing process when it came to being a professional wrestler was the time that Kyle and I started doing reDRagon, and that I think really formed who I would become as a performer. That’s where I found my lane. I think Kyle had a similar experience. Ring of Honor, being that place and New Japan, in a way as well.

“Ring of Honor would always be someplace that would interest me. I love the fresh coat of paint that it seems to have been given. I love to see guys like Samoa Joe back there doing the things that he’s doing. Claudio Castagnoli, doing the things that he’s doing. I’ve been a huge fan of Samoa Joe since longer than Samoa Joe would even remember. He was one of the first independent wrestlers. We’ll call it that, non-WWF guys, that I became aware of that really captivated me. I was cutting my teeth as an independent and getting reps for Pro Wrestling Noah. But here, I saw this big Samoan dude way more athletic than he’s supposed to be. He had legitimate martial arts skills. I knew that I had legitimate martial arts skill. And I was trying to figure out how it was to fit into my pro wrestling, and it’s a process. I would tell anybody that would be coming up trying to do something similar to that it doesn’t just happen. You want to kind of get your basis of your pro wrestling, it’s up to you to add your flavor to it, and he flavor I knew all along was that I wanted it to be martial arts. I didn’t know how to integrate that. Joe was one of the first guys that I saw who was finding that balance of integrating martial arts into his pro wrestling.”

On his current relationship with Tony Khan: “I mean, as far as I know, unless he’s told something different. I’ve always had what I would like to consider a good relationship with Tony. Tony is in that company. He’s dare I say spread thin. Like, he’s only one man. He’s got a lot of people pulling at him from different directions. So I will say for myself in that company, I tried for the most part to do my job and kind of flew under the radar. I would request time if it was needed. But I tried not to be a pain in the ass about it. I would hear murmurs about this person or that person being a pain in the ass. I don’t know; sometimes I think the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Maybe that is prevalent in the industry many times, but I’m just not comfortable being that guy. I tried to try to get the time when I could, and if it wasn’t there, it just wasn’t there.”

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