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Botched!: Bad Refs at HIAC and Ring Warriors, Styles Tripping, More

September 21, 2018 | Posted by Steve Cook
AJ Styles WWE Smackdown 1908

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! It’s been another crazy week in the world of pro wrestling. We’ve got clips from all over the place this week. Hell in a Cell. Ring Warriors. Even CZW makes an appearance! We cover as much as we possibly can.

1. Ring Warriors has different rules for referee counts, apparently.: WGN America has a new weekly wrestling show! Ring Warriors debuted last week, and according to the critics it should be a very good thing for this column. One of the matches featured young gun Desi Derata getting the win over a wily veteran in Santana Garrett. Well, she got the win eventually. The referee wasn’t sure at first.

Desi ended up using a rollup to win, which is a shame because winning with the side slam would have at least established a move for her. Instead, it established that the referee apparently has random seizures at inopportune times. I guess that could be used for a storyline.

2. Not the best transition into a Figure Four attempt I’ve ever seen: You know, Bret Hart was right when he said Ric Flair did the same moves every night. He always set up the Figure Four the same way. It didn’t come out of nowhere. Sometimes Charlotte tries to set up the move out of different positions, and it doesn’t come off so well.

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Big ups to Daniel for the clip there. Charlotte & Becky had a darn solid match, but that moment stuck out to me.

3. Alexa’s Friends Eventually Let Her Take Them Out: The problem with being a ringside second as a heel is that eventually the wrestler you’re seconding will be thrown onto you. It happens at least eight out of ten times. Sure enough, Alexa Bliss ended up taking out her ringside seconds, but Alicia Fox & Mickie James were slow to take the fall.

It looks like Mickie underestimated the force of Alexa’s weight, which is somewhat surprising since she was the one that pointed out Alexa’s biscuit butt to begin with.

4. Foley Counts Three : Remember WrestleMania III, when Andre the Giant got that long two count on Hulk Hogan early in the match after Hulk’s slam attempt failed? I could never really tell via replay whether or not Hogan really got that shoulder up in time or not, which made Andre’s complaint afterwards a valid one to some extent.

There’s no doubt that referee Mick Foley counted three on this one. He shouldn’t have, but he definitely did.

As Corey Graves later pointed out after likely getting yelled at by production for harping on the three count, Foley isn’t a full-time referee. These things happen when you want to bring in the old timers to officiate main events. Gene Kiniski at Starrcade ’83 says hi.

5. A.J.’s Trippin’: A.J. Styles had a long night on Tuesday. Not only did he wrestle Andrade “Cien” Almas on SmackDown Live, he also had to attend to business in the Mixed Match Challenge. He & Charlotte Flair were successful in their match with Naomi & Jimmy Uso, but the whole night caught up with A.J. during their celebration after the match.

Poor guy. Maybe Samoa Joe’s right and he should take time off from being a champion.

Botched Flashback: You thought Rollins’ Buckle Bombs were dangerous…: Sometimes the Internet revives botches from the past & I decide they’re worth mentioning here because they’re new to me. Almost one year ago, back on October 25, 2017, CZW was holding one of their Dojo Wars events. Nate Carter was taking on Kit Osbourne and decided to go for a Buckle Bomb. The results weren’t great.

Yikes. I do have to wonder what kind of stuff the ladies at ringside have seen. They didn’t even respond to it! While looking up this event I noticed that some Dojo Wars events can be viewed via powerslam.tv. This one isn’t, but I’m hoping there are some with Penelope Ford on them. Those will certainly be worth the watch.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] Have a good weekend!

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