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Botched!: Super Elite, Jade, OGK, More

October 15, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
AEW Dynamite 1-6-21 Kenny Omega Good Brothers Young Bucks Image Credit: AEW

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! I’m Steve Cook, and I’m told that some of the loyal 411mania commenters felt that the last edition of this column was too mean-spirited. Which is the complete opposite of how I wish to be, even though I see this sentiment from readers in every comment section of everything I write. I don’t mean to be mean, you guys! I want to be nice! It’s not my fault that people send me out here to do things like review matches in a fair & balanced way, or want me to point out botches from the past couple of weeks.

I want to be nice! I’m a good guy, I swear! It’s just that my bosses want me to be a certain way. They think it gets clicks or whatever. This time, I’m going to be a good Steve Cook. The bosses won’t like it, but maybe finally you readers will. People liking something I write would be a nice change of pace. Let’s see if we can get that done.

1. Sonya DeBotch

Aw hell. I can already see people getting mad at that title. IT WASN’T ME! That’s the title of an e-mail I got from a longtime reader we’ll call Mikey for the purpose of this column.

I was a big fan of Sonya from tough enough onwards, always felt like she had more to offer than what they were doing with her. Then she turned on mandy and started talking more, and I realized sometimes less is more. I know everyone loves her right now (and I’m just speaking professionally, not on her personal life, which no one should have to go through….well, almost no one), but I’m not a big fan of her having a role where she talks a lot and doesn’t wrestle. Anyways, during the draft, when reading off hit rows’ names, she called B Fab “Fab B” and michael cole of all people had to correct her. Don’t know if she botched it, or if it was wrong on the card, could be either, but anyone paying attention would know this isn’t her first mic botch.

See, if I wasn’t being mean this week, I would wonder why SD wasted a third round pick on Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss. BUT I’M BEING A NICE GUY THIS WEEK BY GUM. You can go to 1:05 in the above video to find the “Fab B” miscommunication. I like Sonya, so I’m not getting mad that she didn’t know the name of an NXT wrestler. Getting four wrestlers with one pick is pretty smart though, you have to admit that.

2. Super Elite Bomb Fail?

Oh, you knew we’d have to cover this one with all the attention it got. 3:10 in the video below is where you’ll see the Super Elite setting Luchasaurus up for an assisted sitout powerbomb and completely failing.

Just looked awful, right? Maybe it’s just me being nice, or me reading too much into things for a storyline that’s coming eventually, but I feel like that was done on purpose. I just have this feeling that the endgame of Kenny Omega & Adam Cole being in the same group is Adam Cole either kicking Kenny Omega out of the group or Adam Cole getting tired of the whole thing and kicking Kenny’s ass whether the Bucks like it or not. That’s the kind of botch or “botch” that could be looked to down the road as being something amiss.

But maybe I’m just too nice.

3. Jade’s chairshots

Can we be real for a second here? Jade Cargill doesn’t even look like an actual human being. She’s like something drawn in a comic book. Completely ridiculous. At some point, she’s going to be a megastar in this business. There are growing pains though, and I would be happy enough ignoring them if the Good Doctor Britt Baker didn’t highlight them in order to get over at Mick Foley’s expense in a Twitter war. Since that was a thing that happened, here’s the clip:

Jade had a great response though:

Absolutely! Like I’m going to tell Jade Cargill what she can or can’t do. Come on now.

4. OGK wins, but something seemed lacking

I do the ROH TV reviews around here, and sometimes people actually read them and get mad at me because I notice things. Like the finish of this week’s main event, where things seemed a bit off. The idea of a backpack stunner with a kick to the head seemed nice, but like Steve Austin would say, you gotta tighten that stuff up.

But I feel mean pointing it out. Not like it’s the job of a reviewer to notice anything like that. Obviously not.

5. Raw’s Roster Picture Forgot Somebody

I also feel mean pointing this out. There are a lot of people on these WWE brand rosters. Somebody’s bound to get left out. Fortunately, Twitter is around to notice who gets left out.

I mean, Bianca seems like an easy one to remember. I could be wrong. Again, I’m a nice guy and mean no harm to anyone.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!

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