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Brett Lauderdale On GCW Working With WWE, How Regime Change Helped It

April 2, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Shayna Baszler Bloodsport X Image Credit: GCW

Shayna Baszler is set to appear at Bloodsport X, and GCW’s Brett Lauderdale recently discussed how the regime change in WWE helped that happen. Lauderdale spoke on Under the Ring and noted that they’ve previously spoken with WWE about working together, but that the change in who controls WWE helped make it happen at last. You can see the highlights below, per Fightful:

On whether WWE’s change in regime was involved in the companies working together: “Of course. Even in regards to Bloodsport. This wasn’t the first year that we had discussed stuff with WWE. WWE has had their eyes on Bloodsport for many years. For people who remember, Bloodsport in 2019 in Jersey City at White Eagle Hall, in the balcony, William Regal, Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) and Canyon Ceman were perched up watching the entire show from start to finish. WWE has been aware of us and specifically aware of Bloodsport. There have been light discussions for years. Until there was a change at the very top, they were probably never going to become more than discussions.”

On WWE being more open to such things now: “Now that things have changed, it certainly seems like the WWE may be open to more allowing things that they’ve never allowed in the past. Bloodsport will be a good test to see how far they’re willing to go. It’s a wait and see. Maybe this goes great and it works out for everybody, as I think it will, and it could open up the door for more. I’m excited that we get to be that first bridge and I’m confident we will provide a good experience for the talent and the fans, which is most important.”

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