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Bruce Prichard On Chris Harris’ Failed WWE Run, Rumored Talks With Nathan Jones In 2008

February 28, 2023 | Posted by Bob Colling
Chris Harris James Storm Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

On a recent episode of Something To Wrestle, Bruce Prichard discussed No Way Out 2008. Bruce talked about Chris Harris not working out in the WWE and rumors that WWE talked with Nathan Jones about returning to the company. Some highlights are below.

On Chris Harris not working out in WWE: “[He was] Bob Backlund, take 94. Chris Harris took the record away for the most takes of a pre-tape ever in the history of being on the road and producing, at least in my history. He just couldn’t do it. Just couldn’t do it. We couldn’t get through one. He had trouble with every single one of them. Usually if I get called, ‘Hey Bruce, can you come in and kind of get this going make it work.’ Usually if I get called in, it’s usually bad and usually I can work through it. I reached a point where it’s like, ‘Hey Vince, I need help here because I don’t know what to do on this one.’ Vince came in and after maybe ten, fifteen minutes of working with him realize that yeah this isn’t going to work.

“He just didn’t get it, man. He couldn’t do it. Here’s the other thing that worked against him tremendously was he came from TNA where he was in shape, he was a fiery babyface and looked good. He came in probably forty pounds heavier, but it wasn’t forty pounds of muscle and looked good and hard. He came in flabby looking like crap. He really did it. It was horrible. He was a nice guy nothing against him. But, you know you’re coming in. You know you have this opportunity wouldn’t you get in the best shape of your life? It’s terrible, because his ring work was embarrassing even more embarrassing was his backstage work. He just couldn’t do it.”

On talks to bring Nathan Jones back to the company: “Nathan had a great story, man. He had that look that turned heads in airports. There was no serious discussion to have him come back. It was like ‘Okay, if you want to come back we’ll take a look at you. We’re going to send back down to developmental and we’re not paying to bring you back.’ Because we were on a tour of Australia I believe it was and that’s where he lived and he just didn’t come back. Nathan was a little different. Nathan was in his own all by himself.”

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